When you Doubt Yourself, You Doubt the Whole World



Remove the seed of doubt from within, and this earth & the people on this earth will seem like a heaven. When you doubt yourself, you doubt the whole world. We all know that not the whole world is bad, but few people on this earth sometimes choose to play small, sometimes, they are lagging behind in their process of evolution.

When we doubt anybody, we don’t doubt them, but we doubt ourselves. When we are sure about our self, and our contribution to life, be it the relationships, personal or professional life, trust moves in with the utmost surety and deeper contentment in our heart.

The seed of the doubt grows deep within our mind, and once we start working on it, and remove it from within, we can change the most drastic situations of our life, be it in our personal or professional world.

When a seed of doubt is removed, trust moves in.

Before you doubt, bring trust into the people. We all are human beings, & we all tend to make mistakes. Before we look into others, we have to look deep into our heart, & see, if we are clean enough to look into the heart of others. If we are good enough, we will always have enough courage, to give a fair chance to our loved ones to correct their mistakes, and bring back more love & trust into our relationships.

Everything happens for a reason, & holds some lesson for us.

Every individual in our life comes to show us the mirror, of what we are, and what we need to do, to improve our life.

When we see the world, from this perspective, we shift our focus, completely on our self, and not focusing on others, we will look more deep within our self, to see, if we are the ones who have made the mistake, or did something, that we shouldn’t have done, and the thought we carry about another person, is just a reflection of our own character than his or her.

When we analyse our life, on the basis of personal evaluation, we can figure out in some corner of the heart, we have committed something, that allows the doubt to creep in, and before we put our fingers on others, we have to clean our self, so that we can give more love and trust into our relationship.

Sometimes our mind creates unnecessary doubt on our abilities, and although we possess necessary talents, to flourish in the world, but somehow getting caught up in the clouds of our thoughts, we lose our focus, on what is happening right in our life, and doubt more on our abilities.


The similar things happen, when we go to work. It’s difficult to comprehend absolute positivity in our life, and we think more backward and not forward, or rather we say, we think more about losing and not winning.

If we think about winning, we may create hopeful thoughts, & courage in our heart to win, and the possibility may occur, that we can change, the most uneven game or the situation of our life, in our favour, but, if we think about losing, more than winning, we lose all the possibilities in our life, to get something out of the situation.

When we rise higher with our understanding, we can sense that the world is more happening inside and not outside. The outside world is always perfect and is in the evolving stage, and so is our inner stage, that is no less than perfect, but that doesn’t leave us with the possibility to grow & evolve with our understanding of our inner self.

When we correct our inner world, we can very much control our success, our personal relationships as well as our professional success in the outside world.

The inner mess creates outer stress in the world. Everything has to be sorted out in the inner world, to get the better perfection in the outer world.

The more we grow & evolve in the inside & the outside world, the more divine quality and the inner power, we show in the outer world.

The process of evolution stands for revealing the divinity in the outside world. The more we grow, the better we understand the world, we see our self-closer to the law of the existence, & we try to bring all our action by the law of existence.


Nature has its own role to play in creating the universe. It takes its own time and has its own rule to follow. We as a part of the nature can only do to follow our highest nature, so that we can uplift our nature, to match the nature outside.

We as a human evolve with nature, although we have a limited time in a physical body to grow and evolve. The time we understand the process of nature and sync our life with it, we get into the timeless & space less zone. The space that Buddha has described as nothingness, where nature reveals us the real purpose of life, and we give our body, mind and emotions to serve the purpose of the existence.

The whole existence is evolving and getting better for the existence. Be it the food supply or water, or the things we needed for the existence. The life is a continuous process, and as nature grow and evolves, when we grow in our life, & serve others to make their life better, we simultaneously support the nature to bring the better life for everyone.


Jesus Christ talked about heaven on earth. It’s very much possible, when even half of the population on this earth, will reach to the enlightenment stage, & will contribute to the growth of the other fellow beings, for their growth & speed-en their evolution process.

It’s a known fact that one rotten apple spoils the whole basket. SO if we allow the people who don’t understand much to be at the same place, we give them the opportunity to make our path harder, and our task difficult. On the contrary, by serving others, we serve our self, to make the better future for our self and for everyone.

But this can only happen if we trust our self and our ability and plunge ahead in our life, with all the confidence. If we walk with confidence, we instill trust and faith in our loved ones and all the people who come in contact with us. If our inner circle gets better, automatically it will speed-en our success rate with every action we take.

Sometimes it’s good to have a far vision for life. Far vision helps us to keep on moving on the path, without getting stuck with lesser problems and not looking for success or outer result, our focus is more diverted, on the quality of work we produce, within our life.

Life asks us to move on with faith, and have all the love and joy on the path, without getting stuck anywhere. The problem comes to the people, who choose to get stuck, and stop moving on his path.


If you keep walking on the path, you will always figure out some or the other path, to take you forward, as it’s the law of nature, but if you think life, as a future retirement plan, then either you will run fast, to catch up the train, or you will postpone your happiness & joy for the future.

It’s better to create the perspective about life that is ever going. The best example for it is the life of Gautama Buddha.

After getting Enlightenment, & knowing the all-pervasive truth of the existence and the highest wisdom of this earth, he served the humanity for another 42 years, to show them the path of Enlightenment. This proves that life is a never-ending process, and better we understand this fact of life, & try to savor everything that comes on our path, & feel delighted with every step, we can make most for our self, and can have some offerings to the world.

“Always stick to your Joy with life. Don’t leave your Joy for anything. Give your life, but not your Joy. This is the essence of Life.”


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