What’s your Role, in the Cosmic Universe?

whats your role

When you see life of the great souls, one thing you come across that they have played their role fairly well, in their life. They were not bothered about what was happening in the world, but their concern was to play their role well, and just by playing their role, they change the part of their world.

What’s your role in the cosmic universe?

Here lies the great mystery of life.

When you look at life on earth and see your role, you realize that the only obligation you have on this earth is to play your role well.

You cannot do anything with others lives and what they do with their lives, but you can certainly play your role as best as possible, and if every human being strives to play his or her role well, we can at-least solve our problems, rather waste time on thinking about others.

The purpose of life is to recognize one’s role and give everything to it. People have a tendency to fill their mind with lots of non-sense and the same stuff doesn’t allow them to bring the best out of themselves.

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There is no issue, if you forget the path, learn the lesson out of it and get back on the  path, but the problem arises when you carry the wrong understanding about life and refuse to budge from it.

Life becomes a beautiful ride if you stay on your path and grow and get better with it. Sometimes you may move out of the track, but if you have the learning attitude towards life, you can anytime get back on the track.

All the struggle with life is for the experience. All the life lessons and understanding of life comes from the experience.

Who Will Cry When You Die?

When you check and evaluate your life, you keep  the things that serves you and drop the things that’s not so useful for your life. When you know what serve you to grow, you devote more time to it, so that you can get the best of it, into your life.

The life on the existence follows the process and the more you get aligned with the process, the better growth you can experience with life. You learn the process of life by experience and the experience happens when you take action.

First of all, you start with the outside experiences of life, and as you accumulate the experience, you learn the lessons and understanding out of it. The more you understand life, the more you move inward.

Slowly as your understanding develop, you get one with the process of life.The resistance with life happens only with the lack of understanding. Nothing in life comes to you without your consent. You call for your part of life.

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When you know your role and start working towards it, you realize what kind of dust you carry along with you, to create your life. You create your life, with what you carry inside of you.

When your body, mind, and heart is not present in the moment, you are out of the process of life. It doesn’t matter what kind of work you do, the important thing is your presence at the moment.

When you are completely present in the moment, things starts to change. You create a shift inside yourself, and outside world of yours change too. Don’t worry about the present situations or circumstances of your life. Dive deep into it, and you come out with better understanding and experience of life.

You have no control on the life of others or the outside situations of life. The only control you have is over yourself. When you realize your role and get one with it, slowly you see the shift in your environment, people, situations, and experiences of life.

There is no more fulfillment than knowing one’s path and purpose of life. Once you know your path, you go deeper into it. It’s like diving into the ocean, to search for the jewels.

When you dive into life, you come out with bliss and wisdom. When you move deep into life, you become more open to life, as you know that at every step, the mystery of life is revealed in one or the other form. With the openness to life, all your pre-conceived notion about life gets dropped, and you move into the gaps to discover more of life.

Life is discovered every moment. You have to develop the eyes to see the magic of life. The eyes are developed through experience, understanding, and lessons out of life.

The Book of Understanding: Creating Your Own Path to Freedom

To know your role, doesn’t mean you decide your life. To know the role means to figure out what you are here for. The things of life, in the outside world or within yourself, already exists.

Your job is to discover it. When you discover the new facets of life, you live it, experience it, and move further to discover different facets of life, live it, experience it and learn the lessons out of it.

The more you dive deep into your life, the better understanding you create with life. The life happens within you. The outside world shows you what you carry inside of yourself.

When you start making correction inside, to the things that seem inappropriate and look for the better experience to enhance your life, you improve upon the self to serve the world around you to get better.

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Your every act holds the power to transcend the world around you. The beauty of life lies not in material possession but with the experience of bliss and wisdom. When you feel blissful each moment and have the wisdom of life you are the richest man on earth.

The wisdom is to have the pure awareness in the moment. You don’t need anything out of life, but only the awareness towards your intelligence. With the awareness, whatever you need out of life comes to you. This understanding itself makes you richer and fuller with life.

Your life is shaped by your effort. Your every act gives direction to your life. When you live life out of awareness, you don’t look anything for the future, but your life remains centered in the present moment.

You Are Here: Discovering the Magic of the Present Moment

You can achieve anything in life, if you have given enough of it, in the outside world. Life offers you in equal proportion or at times more than what you have offered to life. If you don’t have something, that means you hold yourself back, when it’s your turn to give to life.

Life provides an opportunity to everyone. We are the one, who hold ourselves back with life. You have to open yourself to life. Only then life can flow through you. Life doesn’t come out of pain, but life only flows through happiness. Life needs positive energy to flow.

You can only create something out of joy and love into your heart. Be your own healer. Heal all your wounds inside. Only with love and joy, you create your world. Every moment of your life has to be followed by love.

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You have to remember all the time, what you are here to create and what you have to offer at the moment. It’s all about remembering once role. Once you know your role, like an actor, you remain more interested playing your role well, rather worrying too much about others.

Life cannot bring something into your life, that you have not offered. If you sow the seeds of love every moment, you know what comes out of it, in the end. Be more kind and generous to the world, with every act, and you see the similar response of the world to you.

You decide, what kind of face you choose to see in the world. The world is a mirror where you see your own face, either you like it or not. The time you start working on yourself and give your best to the role that has been offered to you, you see your best face in the form of the world.

We all have to leave this world one day, and the only opportunity we have to serve the world is at this moment. Give your best to life every moment, learn the lessons of life, look for the experience and develop an understanding out of it.

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Slowly you get one with the process of life.Then you don’t have to do anything, but to flow in the process of life. Life happens through you, and you participate in it. You be one with the existence and participate in life.

When you start with life, you are part of this world, and as you grow and evolve with life, you lose the sense of self and be one with the life itself. Your identity doesn’t remain with the body, thoughts, and emotions, but you rise above it to experience something beyond your present self.

This is the process of life, through which every human-being has to go through. The end result of every human is to possess the divine qualities and experience the enlightenment.

Till then, we can live life out of our own understanding and look to experience life on our own terms and not out of the borrowed knowledge. Live, learn, experience, understand, grow and evolve are the different stages of life, through which every human has to go through.

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