What’s going through your Mind?

What’s going through your Mind

If you think your life is out of your control, look into your mind. If you don’t know, how to look into your mind, learn meditation. Pick the mentor who can teach you to practice meditation, and help you to look into your mind.

Unless you look into your mind, no correction is possible in your life from the root level. The mind is the only surface where life takes place.

When you look into your mind it shows you the true picture of your life. If you want to look into your past and the future, look into your mind. If you are currently fed up with the situations and circumstances of your life, the mind is the way.

Your mind works in a subtle level. You have to connect with your mind to make necessary changes with your life.

It’s your mind that attracts the outside situations and circumstances to you. It also reveals your future life to you. If you are feeling good in the moment, you are going to attract more goodness to your life. If you are not feeling well in the moment, sorry to say but some bad news is on the way.

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This is how our mind is part of the cosmic universe, and it brings all the future events in advance through our feelings and emotions. You have to be sensitive towards life.

Life talks to you through different means, if you bother to listen. If you think there is something wrong in your life, make correction inside, to change your outside world. All the necessary correction requires inside.

If you don’t know how to correct your inner world, at least be an observer of your inner world, and your inner life will correct itself. All you need to do is be aware of your truth. Simply know what pulls you down, and you will figure out the way for yourself. Knowing is important.

Hiding or running away from your life is not the way; rather you have to directly look into the problems of your life. There you will find the way.

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You need time and patience to change the situations and circumstances of your life. It takes time but it’s possible. All it requires is awareness from your side. The awareness in the moment can change the game for you. The solution is always at hands. All it requires is your awareness in the moment.

Your inner life reflects your outside life. Your outside life is not at all a projection of your inner world; rather your inner life is the projection of your outside world.

You have to take time out to observe your inner world. Sometimes even you don’t know, what’s going on in your inner world.

The real obstacles of life exist not outside but inside. You have to remove the obstacles of life from inside, and you will find the smooth path outside.

The mind deceives you every day. The positive mindset is not possible, unless you figure out what is actually going on in your mind.

You need good books, a mentor, or a master to make you aware of yourself.

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If you keep on following the same routine on a daily basis, your life will remain the same. At the same time, if you consciously make an effort to bring subtle changes to your inner world, you will start noticing the changes in the outside world.

Life happens at a subtle level. You have to observe very carefully what pulls you down. You have to see what your mind thinks about all the time. May be you need something and your mind thinks about something else.

Both your mind and desire has to be on the same page before you see your desire to manifest into the reality.

We all have filled ourselves with the things that don’t necessary serve the purpose in our lives. It exists because of the societal taboo. We go on dragging with the things that doesn’t serve the purpose in our lives unless it becomes the cause of our pain and suffering.

Life has to be lived in the moment. The moment has to be the deciding factor, of what is necessary and what’s not. The mind lives into the past or the future, and makes choice and decisions accordingly. This adds more suffering to our lives.

The more you separate yourself from the present reality, the more you suffer and as you become part of the present reality, the more joy you experience in life.

Morning & Evening Meditations

It’s our own subtle thoughts that hold us back in life. If we closely observe our mind, we can figure out what pulls us back, and then it becomes easier to drop those unnecessary things from our lives.

Remember, more you fill yourself, whether in the outside world, or into your mind, you will only add chaos to your life.

Live your life to the full potential but only add things to your life that is essential. Just for the sake of things don’t indulge yourself into anything.

It’s important to look into your mind. It’s also important to figure out the truth of life. The nature of mind is such that you have to fill it with one thing or the other. The mind cannot remain empty. If you consciously fill it with positive things, it will add positive experience to your life. If you allow your mind to fill on its own, it will fill itself with anything.

When you look into your mind, you will realize the non-sense of your mind.

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The nature of the mind needs to be understood in the first place. Either you can put useful things to your mind or you can add waste to your mind. You cannot put your mind empty. You need something to fill into your mind.

Before you think to empty your mind from the waste, it’s necessary you give the positive things to your mind to replace with.

The awareness in the moment serves you to add positive things to your life. This positive thoughts, situations, people nourishes your mind for the good.

It’s necessary to understand that positive things adds energy to the body and mind and rejuvenates your mind, while the negative things simply pull out the energy from your mind.

Among all the mysteries of life, the mind is the biggest mystery that needs to be understood. All the secrets of life reside in our mind. When we bring our awareness back to our mind, the hidden secrets of life are revealed to us.

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