Whatever You Know, Amplify, to Get to the Next Level


This post was most recently updated on April 19th, 2018

We can only walk on the thoughts that cross our mind. Sometimes we refuse to act on them out of fear, play small with our life, but most of the time, we choose and live with the thoughts that come to our mind. The best way to live life is to amplify, our action plans, & push our self beyond our limits, with our daily activities of life.

You don’t have to move beyond your daily living. All you need to do, is bring your awareness to your daily life, and see how you can uplift your life. Small change, leads to the great result.

Try to get better with everything, and remember one thing, its not what exists outside that counts, but how you look at things. Its all depends on you. The life is all about arranging and rearranging things. If you learn to arrange and rearrange the stuff of your life’s well, you job is done.

When we meditate, we can go deeper within our self, to realize the higher truth, so that we can present our self-better in the outside world.

When we express our self at our work, we should figure out all the ways to push our self, to understand the things better, and give our best to our work, and always keep in mind to try something new and create something new with our work.

When we get into the relationship, plan ahead, how you can make the moments special for your loved ones, and every time you come across, you take it as an opportunity, to make their life better.

Amplify where ever you are, & whatever you do, and no sooner if you have a desire to make it big in life, very soon you have larger than life for yourself.

Always choose higher thoughts to live upon, so that you can grow higher and higher in life. Every day we get an opportunity to be bigger than our self, but every time we miss the opportunity out of fear, or for lesser courage, than we can see the result of our desire’s in our life.

Sometimes, we have to take a plunge into the abyss, & dive into the unknown world, to create something better out of our life.

When we are stuck, it’s better to move on the path. When we are joyful, it’s better to be careful with our actions, and when we are sad, it’s always worth an extra effort, to pull us out of the situation.

Please do the opposite, when nothing seems to go their way, they simply sit, and when everything seems right, they get flowed into their happiness, and out of emotions, they take the decision, that no longer serves the real purpose of life.


Imagine a child, who wants to be an Olympic champion in swimming. He started at an early age. But how can he get better with life, and closer to his dreams?

“First of all he has to figure out his desire of the heart.

Then he has to convince himself, that this is the only path, he has for his life.

Once he is convinced, he has to take that first step towards his path.

The time he will take his first step on the path, he will not be able to see the entire path, but when he will take that first step, the entire path will be designed for him, to take him to the Olympic Gold Medal.

As he will understand his path, he will make the certain changes that work better, and will amplify those changes, so that he can get better result.

This is how, the life gets designed for all of us.”

Now, what was the first step that boy took? He got a thought. Now, that single thought had designed a destiny for him. A single thought has defined how greater or smaller, he will play with his life.

If you choose to see your whole life, look at that single thought, for which you work day in & day out, & your daily commitment, towards that one thought.

A single thought becomes a life for us, provided we make a firm decision towards it. It should belong to our heart, and we are ready to give everything to it.


A single thought or an idea is a seed for the whole tree. Choose your seed well, to design your tree. If the seed is not from your heart, strive hard each day, to figure out the seed of your heart, unless you get it.

This is the only way you can make the most out of your life. On this earth, what counts is the life of your heart.

When we start to work on a single thought, our whole body, mind & emotions expands and work towards that single thought, to make it a part of our world.

There is nothing on this earth that lacks. All the resources, needed are available on this earth. All it asks is our commitment & dedication towards life. If we are ready to give everything to life, life will not hold anything from us.

Many people get stuck in the road routine, & feel there is no new thing happening in their life.

We have to get this thing deep into our mind & heart that life will not come to us; we have to go to life. We have to move out in the world to create life. We have to put all the efforts that are needed, & utilize all the options that are available to us, or comes to our mind.

Once we are done with our efforts, life shows up, by itself.

The time we are born, we are on the bus that ends up in heaven. Never allow your mind to have an idea of relaxation or retirement. Yes, we can rest from time to time, to refresh & rejuvenate our self. But as we feel fresh, we should get back on the path, & move out to create something new & fresh to serve the world.

If we all think this way, we can create the better world for our self, & leave it for the future generations to come.

Life’s mantra has to be to keep on walking till the end. This makes us more alert & keeps the life interesting.

When we have an idea that we have to go long, our thoughts gets still, and our heart feels contentment. It’s the idea of retirement, or to get the things done in a quick time, tears us apart from inside, and give us unnecessary run.

We can manifest anything and everything in one lifetime if we have a real desire and commitment to work towards it.

Until you get that one thought, of your heart, don’t sit and wait for that thought come to you. Give everything to whatever you know, and grow with it, even if it doesn’t hold your interest. If you grow with it, surely and certainly an opportunity will be presented to you.

Life wants to see, how far we can go for our dreams. Many people give themselves in the middle, but few of them, strive to the end.

The time you make a choice, & devote yourself completely, you leave no choice for the life and the existence, to offer you what you have desired.

Life is not a matter of a chance, but we can choose our life, at every step. We can choose our response, in every situation of our life, & the direction of our life can change at any moment of our life if we keep the fire burning inside.

There is always an initial effort needed to get on the path. But once we get on the path, life flows through us and take us where we are destined to be.


There is a very thin line between this shore and that shore of life. Few people take the plunge, to walk on the other side, and rest of them, choose to stay in their comfort zone, into their mind, body and emotions.

You create, you manage & you destroy your life. You have to choose your part well. Whatever our life has presented to us, in the end, we cannot escape from life, by putting the blame on others, for our destiny.

Even God has refrained himself from the blame game, by giving us the choice to choose our life. We have the power to choose our destiny, and the entire path can lead us towards our Goal if we have a deep faith & inner courage to sustain our self, in the hard times.

When you live the higher thoughts, you realize that your role in designing the life is not more than making a choice. Once you choose, it’s the responsibility of the life, itself to take you, to your choice. This is how the life is designed for all of us.

Life is already written, out of our choice, but we have to play the role to make a choice. If we choose to play small, the life cannot itself make it big for us.

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