What Stops you from Realizing the Source?



When I say you, it includes me. You are no different than me. Here you include both the general and individuals. The source is the creator of life as a whole and the life in you. The source of life resides within all of us and can be realized if we really wanted to know him.

Before you understand the source and move on the path of realizing the source, I want you to understand, how you are formed internally, so that it become easier for you to realize the source, without much struggle on the path.

The form of the source in you is emptiness. It’s an absolute darkness. You might look for the light within, but that’s only the external description of the source. When you realize the source for the first time, the realization doesn’t happen in your presence, but it happens in your absence. When you are ready to lose yourself completely, for the first time, you realize the source.

The emptiness or darkness of the source is not the darkness that you are familiar with the external reality, but this emptiness or darkness is different than what you experience in the external reality. In reality, there is no emptiness or darkness in the outside world, but it’s only your inner projection that you project on your external life.

This emptiness or darkness is the source of life. All the good that you have ever experienced in your life, imagine the highest possibilities of those experiences. That is the experience of the source.

When you come down from the source, you realize the spiritual web in the body. The spiritual web is part of the source. It comes from the source and moves back to the source. The spiritual web is the life’s energy that allows the functions of mind, brain, heart and body.

The form of the spiritual web is just like the subtle thread. You might have seen the spider’s web. The thread of the spider’s web is so subtle, but when the web gets formed out of those threads, it gets so strong, that nothing can surpass those webs. The same applies to the spiritual web in the body. The spiritual web works into the body, according to the desires of the mind.

All the natural functions of mind, brain, heart and body are carried out by the spiritual web or spirit. All the different process, of your mind, brain, heart, stomach and body is carried out by the spirit.

If you eat food, it gets digested and it seems that everything is happening out of the process of the physical brain, heart, and body, but that’s not the case. It’s the work of the spiritual web in the body. Whatever the mind imagines, the role of the spirit is, to move in that direction. The spirit simply follows the mind, along with its natural functions with the mind, brain, heart and body. The mind, brain, heart and body are served by the spirit.

From the pure emptiness of the source comes the spirit and after the spirit, you realize the awareness field. The awareness field is known as the mind. The mind is only part of the awareness field in human’s experience. The form and shape of the

Awareness field is like the subtle clothing that covers the whole physical body from head to toe. Awareness field in you is part of the cosmic order of the universe. The awareness field or mind is part of the process of life. The awareness field too is part of the source and can merge into the source, in a deeper spiritual experience.

The awareness field is where both the external and internal life takes place. Your individual, personal or narrative identity develops on the awareness field, out of your experiences and impressions of life.

Your narrative identity shifts from moment to moment. You cannot hold the particular identity of yours, for the long-time. As soon as your momentary experience changes, your identity shifts with an experience.

That’s the only reason, it becomes hard for the people to describe themselves. Your individual identity is not something that exists in your mind, but it’s just like the passing situation, with whom you choose to associate with.

Your identity is nothing more than the memories of the past. With each memory of the present moment, your identity shifts. When you get into the process of observing your mind, you will never find yourself in your mind. You just don’t exist in the mind. Your physical body exists, but you don’t exist in your mind, more than the memory.

Your identity is no more than the memory of your mind, and the time you learn to consciously look into your memories of the past, the first time you realize that nowhere you exist in your mind.

If you really wanted to know who you are, then you are the awareness field. Your identity not as a person, but as an existential truth is the awareness field. All the experiences of life happen to you, but you are separate from everything that happens to you. With the realization of the source, you develop the power to wash away all of your past experiences of life and can stand absolutely detached from it.

You are pure awareness field in the body. The awareness field is plain white clothing where the life happens. On this awareness field, looking at your physical appearance, in the mirror you develop your own personality in your mind and carry it, wherever you go.

When you realize the awareness field in your body and everything that happens on the awareness field, all your ideas in relation to your personal identity gets simply drop.You can only carry the illusive personality in your mind until you realize the truth behind it, but the time you realize the truth, you just cannot hold the illusive self of yours, in the mind.

You can only carry the illusive personality in your mind until you realize the truth behind it, but the time you realize the truth, you just cannot hold the illusive self of yours, in the mind.

The awareness field or the mind in you is very much alive and whatever you put in your mind, all of your life energy begins to shift in that direction. If you can develop a higher level of awareness in the moment, you can direct the mind both internally and externally out of your choice.

When your attention with the mind remains on the internal movement of the spirit or the source, you move towards the source, and when your attention shifts on the external activities of life, the spirit enters into the physical body along with the mind, to complete the process of life.

After the realization of the source, you develop enough power to make the stronger choice with your life. You can move towards the source, by directing the mind and spirit to the source or you can move towards the external life, by directing your energy and mind outward, but in both the cases, you remain absolutely aware with what kind of choices you make with your life.

The sensation that you experience in the body is part of the spirit and the awareness field. The awareness field is the subtle clothing and doesn’t hold the sensation, but it’s the spirit when getting in touch with the awareness field, carries both the positive and negative current and allows you to experience the sensation in the body.

The spirit works through the awareness field and main nerves of the physical body to carry out the functions of life.

The spirit and the awareness field are connected with the physical body, through the main nerves of the physical body and do the work of nourishment for the body through this nerves system. This main nerve is connected with the spirit and the awareness field, at the navel region.

Even at the time of near-death experience or out-of-body experience, the spirit and the awareness field never leaves the body, but from the navel region, enters into the source and resides in the source, before they get back in the body.

Its lack of understanding about the internal process of life, that keeps you separate from the source. The time you develop the desire in you, to move towards the source, all your energy slowly begin to shift inward and the path develops in the mind, to take you towards the source.

A mind is a magical tool that can take you anywhere you want with life. Anything you put in your mind, with the natural flow, directs you in a specific direction. Trust yourself enough and move in the direction of the source, and with no time, you realize the source of life for you.

Your mind is part of the cosmic order of the universe, and thus anything that exists in the universe is known by your mind.


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