What is your Anchor in Life?

Anchor in Life

Your anchor belongs to you. It comes from within. It comes out of your daily experiences of life. You learn and grow wise with the experiences of life. No matter what’s happening in the outside world, you know what you are supposed to do at the moment when you follow your anchor.

With the anchor, you choose your actions and the result follows. You choose your cause and the effect follows.

Create your daily life around your anchor and you don’t have to ever look back in your life. To follow your anchor is a spiritual process. Your life unfolds on your own terms. You don’t follow the outside ways of life; rather you follow what exists within.

How you kick of your day and what actions you take, allows you to set your life in motion.

Success is never accidental rather you plan and execute every step that leads you to your success. It’s a whole process that an individual goes through to achieve desired results in his life.

The Success Principles

You build your life day in day out. Every day you do something to take your life forward.

Do you experience the set-back?

Yes, you do, but then you figure out the ways to overcome all the setbacks and make most out of your life.

Every situation comes with many probabilities. If you don’t take conscious control of your life, it will always unfold in its own way, and you will stay far away from your dreams.

When you develop your life around your anchor, your life belongs to you. You learn to face the unforeseen situations and setbacks in life.

Your daily routine could be your anchor. No matter how your life unfolds, you follow your daily routine. You always know, what you need to do at any moment of time.

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Following your anchor allows you to move forward and upward in your life.

Your anchor comes out of you and thus belongs to you. When you follow your anchor, you also understand the unfoldment of life through various perceptions.

Life is always simple and uncertain. The problem is, it’s difficult to accept life with its complexities. We all want life to be perfect, but life as a whole doesn’t work that way. Somewhere around the corner, complexities are always waiting for you. The time you learn and adopt the complexities of life and find your way out of it, you come in terms with life.

With life you don’t have to follow your way, rather you have to understand the ways of life. When your life shapes around your anchor, you can observe the different situations and events happening around you with clarity.

Confusion prevails when your head is not clear. When you follow your anchor, you always have a path to follow. At no point your mind fills up with confusion, rather you always have a clarity in the midst of all the chaos and confusion of life.

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Your anchor connects you with the cause of life. The mind is habituated to live in the effect. Before delivering the action, it thinks of the result. When you only think of the result, it’s hard to find the ways to move forward, but when you think of the action, the mind is well equipped to show you the steps one by one to take your life forward.

Life follows the principle of cause and effect. You only experience something out of the cause. Without cause, there is no effect.

Our daily life comes with its own surprises. You have to stay prepared to face those surprises and bring the best out of it. Life as a whole is unpredictable. You need something that doesn’t change with time.

Your anchor is a stagnant entity, while everything around it changes. When you have a constant phenomenon in your life, it’s easier to detect the things that change around it.

Life needs acceptance. Not everything is in your hands. You only have control over what you do, and everything else remains out of your control. When you follow your anchor in life, your tolerance level increase towards the things around you. You don’t lose your patience; rather you allow the things to unfold in a natural way.

Your daily life comes down to your daily habits. It’s your daily habits that carve your life. When your mind and energy revolves around your daily habits, you make most out of your day and life.

The powerful Daily Habits

Your everyday life is a small miniature of your life as a whole. What you give in today, you receive tomorrow. Sometimes you have to hassle through different facets of life. Good things don’t come too easy, rather you have to go through the process for it. The good thing to understand about the process is, it takes time and ask for patience.

The mind is volatile. The anchor in our life serves the mind to focus in a right direction. Your life comes out of the energy. If you don’t take care of your energy and give direction to it, your life can slip into different directions.

Your anchor in life keeps you in a right direction. You don’t lose your track in life.

Your anchor in life keeps you determine to do things. You don’t give up rather you fight for, all that you want in life. With life, the problem is not a problem but to give up in tough times is a problem. If you can hold yourself in tough times, little longer, you can come out stronger than before.

This is the magic of life. No matter what you want, hold yourself little longer, and you will have it in your life or you will find different ways to have it.

The anchor in life keeps you with your goals and keeps you on the path towards your goals. Outside situation may distract you from the actual truth, but when you are with your anchor, you can bring yourself back to the actual truth of life.

Anchored in the Storm

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