What is the Right Query to the Mind?



Right query to the mind, is to bring the attention of the mind back to yourself. The mind can answer to your query if you can bring your attention back to yourself. The right query to the mind is when you pull your energy from outside and bring it to yourself.

You expand and contracts with life with the mind. With life, it’s always your mind that expands and contracts. If you have lot other things hovering in your mind, your mind tend to deviate every moment. But if you allow your mind to rest in itself, slowly it reveals all the mysteries of life.

The mind is magic. All the solutions of life emerge from the mind. You need to know how to make use of your mind. Either get used by your mind or use your mind. With every part of life, there is one rule applies. That is before you make use of something you need to understand that thing and before you get the understanding of something, you need to spend the time to observe that thing.

The mind is no different. Before you understand the mechanism of the mind, it’s important that you spend a good amount of time with it.

The mind is just like a wild horse. If you don’t know how to control the horse, it may result in your mortal death, but if you know, how to control the horse, you can cover the miles on it. The mind can become your friend or foe, it all depends on you.

The mind has the solution even for the simplest query. Unconsciously you make use of your mind. Most of the time, you are unconscious of your mind. If you remain aware of your mind, you can receive the solution for any query of life. Your mind is part of the cosmic universe and knows everything that exists in the universe.

The mind is a source of everything. The source of the mind is the life energy. When you raise the query to the mind, life energy flows in the body, at a certain level. When the same life energy reaches to a higher level, your mind reveals the solution for the query. It’s all about the inner movement of life energy. But to connect with the life energy, you have to go through the mind.

The mystery of life can be understood from a single day of your life. To understand the ocean, you don’t have to go through the whole ocean but a single drop of the ocean is enough.

The reality of life is the awareness that is present at the time of experience. In a day, you go through many experiences of life. The only experience that serves fruitful is the one that has been experienced with complete awareness in the moment.

Do you perceive your day as twenty-four hours or you only consider ten to twelve hours of your professional life and rest of the time, you fill with useless stuff?

See your life, as a circle of twenty-four hours, and make the most out of every moment. The single day is enough to understand life if rightly used. You don’t have to understand all at once, and it never happens that way. Even the understanding towards life grows like the way children grow with time.

Life is all about your efforts. You are the problem and you are the solution to life. You are the cause and effect of everything that happens to you.

You are not only your body, mind and emotions but the creator of it. You are the one who creates, your mind, body and emotions. When you give power to your mind and emotions to direct you, then you lose power over yourself and slowly even the outside situation and people get hold of you. To claim the power over life, understand your mind. Each one is gifted with ample of time, to bring the shift to his life.

The time you grow and evolve with life, you understand, whatever you have accumulated over the time with life, was no more than garbage, and then again you put all the effort to remove all the garbage.

It’s not that the unpleasant experiences of life, but even the pleasant memory is also a garbage. Your subtle body works round the clock to accumulate different experiences and expressions of life. If you don’t leave the garbage, because it’s pleasant, it gives rise to unpleasant garbage.

Unpleasant experience in itself is not unpleasant. Experience is always a plain experience, but it’s your own attachment with the experience, adds color to the experiences of life. If your past experiences were not pleasant with the person, you tend to add the same color to the present experience.

You don’t even remember that life is fresh every moment. The life never repeats itself. It’s only the past experiences and impressions, that you never drop from your life, pops up at the moment.

All the past experiences of life remain stored in you, in the form of impressions. You need to learn the way to experience life fresh every moment. The past regrets don’t serve in the present moment.

In the present moment, life is always fresh. Life energy always flows fresh in the moment. It’s just that you don’t know how to make the use of life energy and you repeat the same process of life, out of the past.

Life has to be lived moment by moment. When you stay in the moment, you learn to raise the right query for the mind, and the mind has a way with everything. The life energy is flowing all the time. You just cannot get stuck with life. When you remain stuck at one point, it’s always your choice. The choice may be unconscious, but it’s your choice.

If you learn to let go, with life, it’s easier to move forward with any situation, event or people. If you learn the art of moving forward, all the solutions of life will keep coming to the surface.

The mind knows the way to heaven or hell. You have to choose the way with the mind.

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