What is the Purpose of My Life?


There are two most important queries of life. What is the purpose of existence? and what’s my role in it?

When I try to understand the existence, I do not reach to any conclusion and feel lost in the vast pool of existence. But when I take my attention from the existence and start focusing on myself, I figure out my purpose in life and the purpose of existence.

We lose our energy and time on the things that are irrelevant to us, be it the people, situations or events of life. But when the same energy and time is utilized on oneself, we come closer to the process of life.

The purpose of mind and the purpose of the existence is one and the same. Both are here to nourish each and other and allow the process of life to flourish on earth.

The purpose of existence cannot be different from the purpose of human’s on earth, and the purpose of each individual can be decided by themselves.

We all are here to explore the life on earth and in the process discover our true self.

Discover Your Authentic Self

The cause of Everything ( Intent ).

The great sage Krishna quoted in Bhagavad-Gita that every desire holds its intention, and without the intention, no desire can hold its ground. That means every desire comes with its intention, and it’s not the action or the cause that derives the fruit of the action, but your intent behind it.

We cannot have anything in life without an intent. An intent is the root cause of everything.

When we look at the situations of life, we see the half-truth. No situation exist without its prior cause and effect.

The 7 Gears Between Cause & Effect

Without cause, there cannot be the effect. On top of that, you just cannot rely on the cause and judge the effect. Even the effect sometimes, doesn’t define the cause. The life moves much deeper beyond the cause and effect.

Say for e.g. two people chose an acting as a profession. Both have the same desires but one has an intent to savor the experiences of life, while the other was interested in outside success. The goals or desires are the same, but the intent changed the path. One enjoyed his profession to savor the experience, while other was busy chasing the success out of his profession. Life is all about your intention. Your life unfolds out of your intentions.

Activities of Mind.

The quality of thoughts and emotions decide the results of the action. When we look at the situation or the things, we see the physical action, but we cannot see the subtle thoughts and emotions behind those actions.

When we look at life, it may seem like we control our life, but in reality, the mind drives our actions from past experiences of life.

The mind holds the capacity to expand. The life cannot be fit into our little mind, so we have to make an effort to open our mind so that we can understand the natural patterns of life, and connect with it.

Understand Life.

The wise one never fights with life, because they understand life and go with the flow. To go with the flow doesn’t mean allow the life to happen to you, as it’s happening at the moment, but to understand what life wants from us and create life out of choice.

Resistance and rigidity are the two setbacks of life, and acceptance and surrender allow the life to flourish from within. All the experiences of life bring us closer to life, be it pleasure or pain.

The people who hold agnostic view thinks life the way it is and there is no way to understand life, but there are many sages who have claimed to understand life out of their experience and have written the long thesis out of their experiences.

When the life is understood by one, how can it be denied for others?

Life is fair to all. We are the one’s who fail to understand the truth of life and see the errors with life.

All the mystery lies within us.

When the wisdom speaks, all the knowledge stands still. Howsoever intelligent the person might seem, when it comes to life he has no answer to it. The realization of the self is beyond any knowledge and when it happens, the wisdom and bliss with life follow. To realize the self is to experience God. The real ecstasy of life comes with God.

When we identify our self as a separate identity from God, our life gets limited. With the self-realization, our identity merges with the identity of the supreme self, and the mind gets in tune with the cosmos to live the higher truth of life.

All the self-realized being, religions, and spiritual path share the same goal, to help others realize the self so that they too can experience the higher bliss and wisdom of life.

The power of Choice.

God has given us the power to choose and will-power to manifest anything for our self on this earth. God is kind enough to not force his will on us and give us enough freedom to create life out of choice.

The problem of life is not that our desires don’t get fulfilled, but even if they fulfilled, it never satisfies our expectations. When we surrender our lives to the grace of God, amazing shift happens inside that takes our experiences of life to the new level. Our life reaches to a new height, the time we connect with our inner world.

The life grows, evolve, and expand from inside. Make your connection stronger with the inner world, so that you can experience life in a true sense and with the time, shed all the illusions from your life.

A New Earth: Awakening to Your Life’s Purpose

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