What is the Purpose of Life and Why do we all Exist?

the purpose of life

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Sooner or later, the phase comes in our lives, where we try to look for the purpose of our lives, or look for the reasons behind our existence. This question is common to all and pinches in everyone’s life when you come face to face with the absurdity of life.

The point is, does this question has any relevance or does any answer exist for this question, or it’s again a thing of the mind?

Out of the personal experience, I would like to share this truth with you all that yes, the question is absolutely relevant and we all can have our reasons for our existence and live a purposeful life.

We all try to find meaning in words, while the truth of life exists in the absolute space of emptiness. The truth exists in the nothingness, and not in the chaotic thing of the mind.

We all live with our own ideologies, while life has its own way to function. Our understanding keeps us limited to the happening of the outside events, while the natural process of life works inside out.

How to Find God in a Noisy World

You have to dig deeper beyond the mind, to experience the truth of the self. Unless you start living from the emptiness of the mind, life will always remain chaotic and without purpose for you.

The purpose of life comes with the understanding of life. You have to consciously make effort to understand the self and the life that is happening in you. Once you figure out, who you are and the formation of life in you, the reason of your existence, too is revealed to you.

To the above question there is no direct answer, rather you have to go through the experience, to receive the answer for the self. The answer lies in an experience. You have to go through the process, to experience the truth for yourself.

It’s just like a piece of cloth, looks in a three-piece suit, and thinks of the magic behind it. All the piece of cloth requires is to go through the process, and it too can experience himself as the same three-piece suit and know the magic of it.

We all are aware of the expanding universe, and how life grows on this earth in different forms, but we are not connected with its source. We are not familiar with its seed.

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Well, of course, if there is a huge tree with its branches, there has to be a seed, out of which the whole tree and its branches have been formed. Everything that exists in the universe is in a form of trees and its branches, and the seed of it exists in itself.

You too hold the seed in you, out of which your mind and body have been formed. When you consciously take your attention inward and look for the seed of life in you, slowly you come closer to the truth of life. It’s only with the realization of the seed, the purpose of your life and the reason for your existence are revealed to you.

You also realize the natural process of life, and how life functions in the universe. You can only free yourself from the pain and suffering by realizing the seed of life in you.

Life flows inside out. The life as a whole comes out of nothing. Even the truth of life gets clear when you connect with the nothingness of life. You have to move inward and connect with the nothingness of the mind.

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Only when your mind is experiencing the absolute peace, you will find the perfect order with your different aspects of life.

When you start living life inside out, life doesn’t appear the way it appears to you, in the moment. Your perception towards life change, as you come closer to the natural process of life. If your mind remains caught up in the things of the outside world, you simply repeat the same circle of life, without knowing the truth of it.

Life is all about our perception. If we are unaware of our perception it goes on changing every moment. We conclude life, with what we see and understand in the moment. It’s very hard to digest this truth, but by looking at the outside situation and analyzing in our mind, we can never reach to the truth of it.

You have to drop the thing of the mind and experience life beyond it. Only then you realize, how the mind sees, analyze, comprehend and come to the conclusions of things, which is no less than the false notion of life, that works into our minds.

The Zen Understanding of Mind and Consciousness

Whenever you see any situation, event or experience in your life either, outside or within your head, you never see the complete situation, rather you only see the part of it. Every situation holds its past as well as its future. Unless you see the past, present, and future of any situation, you always miss seeing the whole truth of life. This keeps you separate from the truth of life.

The roots of our ideologies exist in the outside world. We create our lives based on it and thus call for all the pain and suffering. The ideologies that are based on the outside information simply separate us from the natural process of life.

It’s only when we consciously choose to live inside out, we come closer to the natural ways of life. When your life flows inside out, you don’t look for the outside information to take you forward, rather for everything you look for the inner wisdom. You follow the internal steps to move forward with life.

When your attention remains outside, your mind already carries the beliefs of everything that you experience, with the day-to-day life. Everything that happens in your day-to-day life is pre-defined. You want the life to happen in your pre-defined ways, and if it doesn’t take place that way, you suffer.

You never make an effort to change your perspective towards life, but you do everything to cling to the things of the past. Your own ideologies get thrashed by life, with each passing day, but rather looking for the different ways to approach life, all you do is blame life.

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The biggest failure we experience in our lives is with our own expectations. We all have huge expectations from every aspect of life, without even understanding an inch, of how the process of life takes place.

The mind goes on forming different desires, out of its natural habit, but we never spend time to understand the truth behind the mind, but at the same time, we always had our reasoning to blame life that is happening outside.

The purpose of our life exists in us, including all the solutions to the problems of our life. All it requires from our end is to connect with our inner world, and move deeper and deeper into it, till we realize the seed of life within. Once we start living life inside out, the purpose to our daily life comes on its own, and by walking on the path, we also realize the reason of our existence.

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