What is the Difference between Ego, Respect and Self-Respect?

What is the Difference between Ego, Respect and Self-Respect?

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Ego is part of your individual identity. Ego just means you are on a higher side of life. Nobody can take your place. Every other person should play down to you. At times you are ready to forego your ego. When you come across people, whom you genuinely respect.

To a point, you are ready to lose your ego and put the other person in a higher position. The masters, Guru, teachers, parents, and elders. This too happens to a certain point. After a point, if somebody crosses the line, you are back to your ego.

But ego is the most difficult thing to handle. The ego cannot see himself down in any case. The ego cannot put himself down if there is another person. It has to hold his tail upward.

The most confused word in today’s time is self respect and Ego. People come out of their ego, and give it the name of self-respect. These are the same people who have no clue about either the self or the respect.

To have a self-respect you need to know the self. The self is not the individual identity of your mind, rather the self is the one that exists the same like in everyone. The self in you and the self in me cannot be different. The experience of the self in you and the self in me is the same.

It’s just like eating a Domino Z pizza. It tastes the same for everyone. Delicious.

When the self-remains the same in everyone, what kind of self-respect you are looking for.

The Search: Finding Your Inner Power, Your Potential

That means your self is different from others, and you want that self to be respected.

Who is this self, that you want to be respected?

This self is the individual identity of the mind, that has been formed out of the memories gathered out of the daily experiences and impressions of life.

You want this identity to be respected. But this identity itself is the ego. When you talk about self-respect, you only want your ego to be respected. You want to put yourself on the higher side than others.

Respect is a natural phenomenon. When you know your true authentic self, you respect yourself. When you respect yourself and see the self in everyone, you also respect people around you. Not because they are respectable, but you see the same self that exists in you, in others too. So the respect comes naturally.

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You understand the process of life. When you realize the self in you, you also realize the same process of life in every living being. Life functions the same way in every individual. It only differs at the level of ego, i.e. individual identity.

The experience of the self is not the same as the individual identity. The experience of the self-lies beyond the individual identity. When you are ready to lose your ego, and look for the deeper truth within, you come across the self which is different from the identity that you carry in your mind.

The self-doesn’t carry the memories or identity or an image that is carried by your individual identity. The self-exists in you without its presence.

The self is the truth in you. When you experience the self, you cannot live with the false identity that you have developed over the time. The self-connects you with the moment.

With the self, the identity doesn’t remain the center point, rather the individual identity is replaced by the life itself. For the self, what counts is the life that exists in the moment. The self-wants the life to move forward without getting stuck in the moment.

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With life what matters is understanding the individual identity and its ego. Once you understand the individual identity and its behavior in day-to-day life, you take your journey towards the self.

Life flows inside out. You express what you carry inside. When you are filled with respect for yourself, you can offer the same to everyone around you. The self-doesn’t know how to live with bifurcation. The self-serve everyone without biased.

With the self, the focus only remains on oneself. Others thoughts, feelings, and actions don’t count for you. You focus on yourself and make all the correction that is needed with the self.

The Mind: a beautiful servant, a dangerous master 

All the expectations lie not with others but with the self. This allows you to keep your attention inward and not on whats happening in the outside world.

People drive crazy themselves out of their own interpretations about life and with the events happening around them. The majority of us live with our deep down beliefs, which we are not ready to question at any cost. We are not ready to look at life from any other perspective than our own.

Our life is biased to our illusions, beliefs, and perspective that we carry towards life although it’s false.

The individual identity lives with the mind, while the self-opens his heart for everyone, as everyone, appears just like the self to him.

The journey to the self is in the upward direction and only be taken from inward. The self-doesn’t get caught up in the chaos of the mind, rather only focus to serve the life of the moment. The journey to the self is the reverse journey where you move back to the source.

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When the mind remains caught up in serving the identity of the mind, it looks for the things like respect or doing things that help him to expand the identity of the mind. When the mind moves towards the truth, it drops all the things of the mind and only looks for the things that are essential in the moment.

Forget about your ego, and forget about the self-respect, rather look for the ways to realize the self. Once the self is realized within, respect for the self and respect for the life around you will come naturally to you.

Life will be more joyful and you will experience the deeper reality of life with the self which otherwise remains hidden from you when you remain entangled with the identity of the mind.

Ego Is the Enemy

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