What is Real Freedom ?


This post was most recently updated on October 12th, 2018

When we create a schedule or path of life, we come on the schedule with experiment. By experimenting with life, we grow and understand and evolve. When we grow and understand life better, we make the better choice and take higher path, that results into a better life.

The purpose of life is to grow and evolve and realize the higher self, that can serve us to understand ourself and the process of life better.

When we experience our higher self, we attain the real freedom in life.

Experiment with Life.

The path of life can only be understood out of the experiment. It’s very important to experiment on the path. With the experiment, we can get to the conclusion of what is needed and what needs to be drop from the path. Life itself is a journey, where we choose our own priorities as we go on understanding life better.

The way science experiments with the object to know its source and creation, in a similar way, sages in the past, have experimented on themselves to know the source of human and how the human’s have been formed. All religion and spiritual path guides us towards the source.

We can either follow the path, i.e. already experimented by the enlightened one’s and shared with us, to reach our higher self, or make the choice to experiment with life, and create enough experience to create our own path, that leads us to self-realization.

Once you have created the path for yourself, your path of life itself will lead to the truth, and once the path is known to you, it will be easier for you to serve others to help them to realize their path.

The path is our daily habits and action plans that we take to fulfill the needs of life, and create a better understanding towards life. As the understanding grows, we get better with the path.

Grow & Evolve.

The path of life is everything. It is the highest wisdom of life. We grow and evolve on the path. Our actions on the higher thoughts help us to grow and get better with life.

We only grow out of fresh actions. The same actions bring the similar result. When we experiment with life, we accumulate new experiences, and this allows us to explore more with life.

Improve the Quality of Life.

When we develop the path and work on it each day, we get better with it, out of practice. When we get better, it reflects in our life. Slowly the quality comes in our actions, and whatever we touch gets improved and become better on the path. When the action becomes better, the life becomes better, thus, we add quality to life.

The path gets developed out of constant practice, and constantly reshuffling with the schedule of life, as our understanding grows with life.

Life is more often an experiment. The mind needs to be convinced at every step. As the mind gets convinced with one thing, it shows the better way, to do the same thing. Once we understand things better, we can push ourselves to get better. There is always a chance of improvement at any stage of life.

Fulfill all the Obligations of Life.

All the obligations of life get fulfilled on the life’s path. From the time we are born, until the last moment of life, we have many obligations towards life. When we grow and evolve with life, we create the quality of life, and also serve others to create one for themselves. People learn from what they see, and they try to apply if it brings the positive change in their lives.

The obligation towards life is to take care of our near and dear one’s, fulfill our personal as well as professional responsibility, and realize our true self.

Bliss on the Path.


All the happiness and joy of life flows from within. Sometimes, we have all we need in life, but the thought to achieve more or reach somewhere, leads us to the state of chaos, and then sometimes, it takes the process of lifetime, to reach to the same stage from where we have started.

Bliss is a feeling that fills the heart with joy. The outside world comes out of mind, and we hold the entire world in our mind. When we look for the happiness in the outside world, actually we are searching only within ourselves.

When we are unhappy from inside, we just want to change the feelings, and we look for the option outside. Rather we only accept the state of unhappiness, and look deep into our unhappiness, no sooner we can change our unhappy state into a blissful one.

Real Freedom.

The real freedom is to have the courage to experiment with life, grow and evolve with life, improve the quality of actions and with the actions, the quality of life.

The real freedom comes only out of wisdom, and attaining your higher self. It is not possible to prepare yourself for every situation of life, but you can always work on your body, heart and mind which is always there, to face life. The solution with the problems of life can only come out of understanding.

With life, you just cannot run away from the problems, as problems are part of life. The only way you can prepare yourself against the problem, is to prepare yourself in a way, that when the problem arise, you can look inside, and solution appears to you instantly.

Rather avoiding the problems of life, prepare yourself to look for the solutions of every problem, as thats’s the way of life. Sometimes we look for the right things, in the wrong direction.

Real freedom comes from within. When we know who we are, and what we want out of life, Real freedom arises in life.

Wise one looks pain in the pleasure while fools get caught up in the momentary pleasures, to induce more pain in life. Look for what is Real and authentic, and the only way to differentiate between Real and fake is to look within, and you will always receive the right answer.

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