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personal identity

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Personal identity is developed by the mind, out of different experiences and impressions of life over the time. Everyone holds the personal identity into its mind, as its natural process of the mind. The way mind thinks, and forms imagination, in a similar way, out of all your experiences and impressions of life, it also forms and develops your personal identity.

When you recognize your personal identity, it’s easier to understand yourself and the process of life.

Your personal identity drives you, with every choice and decisions of life, and knowingly or unknowingly you get driven by your personal identity.

To understand your personal identity and drop it forever, takes a whole process. That’s the path of spirituality.

The spiritual path is to discover yourself beyond your personal identity. If you consider yourself the physical body and the image of your mind, and if there is exists something more in you, will you not like to discover?

Your personal identity is a bunch of the past experiences and impressions.

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Whenever you sit alone, try to observe your mind. You will come across the truth of the self.

Your very own personal identity separates you, from the truth of life. If you are in pain, pain is real. If you experience pleasure, pleasure is real.

The time you really notice, when you are happy, or even when you are sad, you are happy both into your heart and in your mind. If someone hit hard, on your legs, with a rod you feel pain. If you can really feel pain in those moments, you will notice that the pain is not limited to your legs, but you also feel pain in your mind.

The part of your mind, i.e. personal identity, also goes in pain and pleasure simultaneously, when any part of your body, mind, and heart experience different thoughts, feelings or emotions.

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That means when you are sad, you are disheartened at the level of the heart, and at the same time, the personal identity that you have created in your mind also gets disheartened, because of its attachment with the body, mind, and heart.

The personal identity is nothing but the illusion of the mind.

The problem is, not that the personal identity gets sad and happy when something goes right or wrong with your life. The problem is, your personal identity exaggerate every thoughts, feelings, and emotion in you, out of a single experience, and creates a whole bunch of illusion into your mind, that separates you from the reality of life.

What attracts you towards the celebrities is the larger than life portrayal, but do you think when it comes to reality, they are anything different than, the way you are or the way you live?

They are very much humans just like you.

“The mega projection of celebrities in the mind of an average man is a fine example of, how mind deceives human, by creating a larger than life portrayal of a person or a situation, out of imagination.”

The Independent Mind

The situation makes you happy and you become happy, and when the situation makes you sad, you become sad.

The happiness you experienced yesterday, but for some reason, your mind keeps you happy for the longer period of time, because you can still relate yourself, with that experience at this moment.

Now you might think that, it’s good to be happy all the time, and it’s good, if you can take the happiness of one situation to the other, but be careful when your personal identity carries happiness of one situation into another, then it also knows, how to spread your pain, to your entire life.

You might have come across people, those who don’t feel good about their childhood or say different experiences of their life. It’s because the identity that they hold inside of themselves, like to spread what they have already experienced in the past, into all the different situations and events of their life.

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They are unknowingly suffering, out of their ignorance, and nobody can help them, to come out of their suffering, except themselves.

The personal identity knows how to expand an idea, into an entire life, and if it’s positive your life is heaven and if its negative, your life is hell.

The solution is, life is possible, even after dropping the identity created by your mind.

Life is beautiful, and all your past, present, and future has its own place, at different stages of your life, but you cannot allow yourself to live in the ignorance, that completely pushes you away from the reality of life.

The role of personal identity is to create dreams, desires, go to the past, create the future, and all these things are happening purely in the mind.

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The mind has its nature and it follows its nature. Personal identity is a subtle part of the mind that needs to attach itself to something for its existence. If it doesn’t relate to anything, it cannot stand on its own. It’s an illusory part of the mind.

The mind creates an illusive personality for its existence; otherwise, the mind cannot stand on itself. The mind doesn’t have its roots, so it attaches itself to different people, situation, events or experiences of life.

You might think that its the mind that thinks into the past or the future or the attention gets shifted of the mind into the past or the future, but that’s not the case.

It’s always personal identity that makes choice, decision and shifts his attention and looks for the references in the past, or thinks for the future. It’s the personal identity that continuously goes on and on, into your mind.

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All your perception and perspective towards life comes in context to your personal identity. Your life depends upon, how you mold your personal identity, but mind you, when you bring the shift to your personal identity, your life still remains at the level of mind.

There is a life possible beyond the personal identity of your mind. You can drop your personal identity, and still live life with grace. When you drop your personal identity, the only thing that remains with the mind is your attention.

Focus, attention, concentration is part of the mind, while awareness, consciousness, wakefulness, is part of the observer in you that exists beyond mind.

The mind knows how to focus, while the observer knows how to see. The mind perceives life through senses, while observer can perceive life both through the mind and senses. When you observe life as an observer, the mind gets drop, and you simply perceive life at the moment.

When you perceives through the mind, you considers the past, and future, but when you directly experience life at the moment, the past and the future gets drop and you simply experience the life at the moment.

The Transforming Power of Your Attention

The personal identity simply keeps you entangle with the repetitive process of life. Most of the time, you repeat the experience of the past into the present moment and, when you think into the future, you only think to expand your past experiences into the future.

You remain with the personal identity created by the experiences of your life, and you never experience life, beyond the self.

The process of evolution serves you to identify your personal identity, but life also has an alternative, whereby, you can consciously choose the path of evolution, and recognize your identity, and rise above it.

The life exists beyond personal identity, where you experience bliss and wisdom. You can experience yourself as pure energy and vibrations. Energy is an experience of bliss, and with the higher vibrations, you experience the ultimate.

All the experiences of life big or small lie within you. You have to look at life, beyond what already exists, and you come face to face with the reality of life.

There are different ways to look beyond your personal identity. Before you move into the experience, you need a clear intent from within. Once your mind is clear, what it wants, it automatically drives you, into the direction of your experience.

“You never receive anything, unless you call for it. It always you, who move towards the experience or attract the experience, either consciously or unconsciously.”

Manifesting: The Secret behind the Law of Attraction 

Life is clear what to bring to you and, only you are confused, with what you want out of life. Once you get clarity inside, life always serves you at every point, with everything that you ask from life.

Physical exercise, attention on breathe, meditation is the simple tools that can serve you to experience life, beyond mind., but before you pick any of the technique, you have to be absolutely clear, what you are looking in life.

You can go on meditating for years, or pick any of the technique; nothing will work unless you develop clarity inside. If you don’t tell your mind, where you wish to go, he always knows from the past experience, where to take you with your life.

The Perfect You

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