What is Mind, Life Energy, and Soul?

Mind, Life energy and soul

The life is not limited to the physical reality including the physical body. Everything that exists physical carries its subtle form inside. The mind, life energy, and soul are the subtle form of the physical body.

The truth of physical reality can be known by exploring the subtle reality. The life is lived and understood from the subtle world. We live in the physical world but we also have the subtle world that allows us to experience life.

We live life with the intelligence of the mind but never try to really know our mind. It may happen that we never even realize that mind can be known, or there is something else lies in the body beyond the intelligence of the mind.

When the life energy is unlocked inside, it allows the mind to experience the soul. The mind as a witness experience the soul.

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When you perceive from outside, physical body, mind, life energy(spirit) and soul follows an order. Everything exists in you.

Do you know yourself beyond the physical body?

If you don’t know yourself beyond the body, its difficult to understand the subtle aspect of life.

The thing is unless you understand the process of life, life is always happening to you because you don’t what life actually is.

Life never remains in our control unless we understand the process of life. When you understand the process of life, you stay close to the process of life.

All our problems, and confusions and illusions that we carry in our head exists only because we stay from the actual process of life.

Everything that happens inside, be it the inflow and outflow of breath, sensations, feelings, emotions, thoughts, dreams, desires, sleep, movement of energy, everything can be known with the attention on the mind. The attention of the mind that allows you to experience life, the same mind can help you to realize your true self.

The realization of the soul is the ultimate experience of life. Sometimes one life is not enough to experience the soul for the body and mind, and thus the person follows the multiple life-cycles to experience the truth of life.

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All the life’s impressions and experiences are part of your mind. When your attention is outside, the mind constantly thinks about the world. Thus rather developing understanding of the impressions and experiences that already exists inside, you accumulate more and more experiences and impressions from outside.

With the practice of meditation, you can shift your attention beyond the subtle experiences and impressions of life and experience the beautiful no-mind state. From this state of mind, you can consciously drive your life out of your choice.

The realization of the soul helps the mind to be free from his own repetitive nature and once the attention of the mind moves beyond the experiences and impressions, it experiences the subtle reality at the level of energy and vibrations.

With the inner cleansing process, once the mind gets absolutely empty, the soul reflects in the mirror of the mind.

The ego or personal identity is developed with the experiences and impressions of the mind. More and more you accumulate the experiences of life, the bigger the ego gets developed in the mind.

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The ego exists only till you can hold onto your past experiences and impressions. The time you learn to drop all the past experiences and impressions from the mind, slowly your ego tends to lose its identity in the mind. The identity or the ego gets developed and perished in the mind.

The attention of the mind can be directed outside or inside. The mind is a bridge between the physical and subtle reality.

The functions of the physical senses are possible because of the mind. You see, taste, smell, feel, listen, everything is possible because of the mind. It’s the mind that makes use of the physical senses to experience the physical reality.

When the mind experiences the soul, no experience of life remains for the mind to experience. An empty space of the soul is the source of the mind. The source of life energy and the mind is the same. 

The experience of the soul purifies the mind and the body. With the realization of the soul, all the illusions of mind get shattered.

For the ego or personal identity, it seems like life is happening because of it, but with the realization of the soul, you realize the truth of life. The life happens not because of the mind, but it’s the life energy that works through the mind and body, to manifest the physical reality.

With the realization of the soul, the ego understands that he is not the driver of life and some higher power exists above him.

Do You Know Yourself?

Our different identity exists because of the ego or personal identity of the mind, but the soul is the same in everyone. Even the mind without impressions and experience is same for everyone. It’s only the experiences and impressions that create the ego in the mind, that separates us all.

Even after the realization of the soul, it takes a while for the body, and mind to digest the experience. The experience of the soul shakes the whole foundation of the mind. The mind only knows to associate with the ego of the mind. With the realization of the soul, it comes across the higher power  beyond the identity of the mind.

Before the realization of the soul, the ego or personal identity remains the centre point for an individual. Everything that he experiences depends on the identity of the mind. When the soul is realized, and the identity gets shattered, it takes a while for the mind to shift its centre point to the soul. With the realization of the soul, life is lived keeping the soul in mind and not the identity of the mind.

The soul is part of the cosmic universe and followed its process. The time you realize the soul, you follow the path of the soul.

In the process of self-realization, you create the path for yourself. You follow the same path after the realization of the soul, serving the life at the moment. The most important thing in life is to serve the life at the moment. If the life in the moment is taken care of, life in the future is taken care of, by itself.

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  1. Transcending mind needs the awareness. Whenever we are aware of body and mind, we transcend them.
    Your post explained so well. Realization is the key. You live your life when things are realised.

    Keep posting ; )
    Jade the Mystic

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