What is Life?



Life bifurcates at one point, i.e. with your attention. Your attention either remains outward, or it stays inward.

Outward attention allows you to experience life, with the brain, heart, and body, i.e. on the subtle level with the thoughts, imagination, dreams, logic, reasoning, analysis, evaluation, and with all the functions of your brain, and at the level of heart, with different feelings, emotions includes both positive and negative, with fear, insecurity, awe, amazement, excitement, adventure, at the level of stomach, as well as different desires below the navel region, along with the physical efforts.

When the same attention shifts inward, you not only experience life outside in the physical world, but you see how the things manifest within you, in the subtle world, and later transforms itself into the physical reality. When your attention shifts inward, everything becomes alive for you, both within and outside.

All the situations, events, people and different experiences of life, in the outside world, brings different changes within you, at different levels, and you observe and experience all of them, in the present moment.

The journey with the outward attention, serves you to explore outside life, and more and more you move into the outside world, with the real life experience, more you get better with the outside world.

The physical life is possible because of the brain, heart and body, but the life doesn’t ends with the physical reality but in the back end, there is something more lies, that allows the physical as well as subtle process to take place, which is in the form of energy and vibrations.

All the queries of the science and life remains unsolved at the level of brain, because brain is an instrument through which the life takes place, but its not the source of life. The source of life lies beyond the mind, and thus unless you experience life, within you, i.e. beyond the mind, its not possible to reach to the ultimate truth of life, and everything you live with life, remain half truth, as the process of life takes place, from much deeper part of you.

Life within you as well as outside initiates with the space of vibrations, and the higher vibrations gives rise to the moving energy within the body, as well as in the universe.

“Humans have been exactly designed in a way, the cosmic universe has been designed, and thus by knowing oneself, one can know the ultimate truth of life.”

The brain is capable of creating wonders with the outside world and you can have all different types of experiences with life, but when it comes to knowing the ultimate truth, you have to take your attention inward, beyond the point of attention itself, so that you find the space of energy and vibrations, within you, that allows the process of life to take place with the brain, heart, and body.

There is an end to life with the brain, heart, and body, and thus we need something that stays forever, once the body gets a drop, after a point of time. Taking an attention inward, you experience the life of energy and vibrations, which is eternal.

The moving energy or spirit in the body transcends itself from one birth to another, as anything physical dies and decay, after a point of time.

Unless you experience the spirit and soul within the body, the fear of death remains forever, and life remains limited to the brain, heart, and body. The eternal life begins while experiencing the spirit and soul within the body. Then the mind doesn’t identify itself with the limited availability of the body, but see itself as a spirit and soul that can transcend itself, once the physical life gets over.

With the realization of spirit and soul, out of body experience is possible with a conscious state, and thus all the fear of birth and death loses its meaning.

The life with the body, brain, and heart follows the process of evolution, whereby, experimenting with different aspects of life, you gain experience, and more and more you gain experience, more confidently you can experiment with the bigger dimensions of life. The life on the existence only flourished out of experimenting with different aspects of life and gaining experience out of it.

Each person has to decide for himself, what he is looking for life, and more and more he moves into that aspect of life, more that part of life, is revealed to him.

The mind works with the attention. It’s your attention in the moment decides the direction of your life. When you experience life beyond mind, you begin to live at the level of energy and vibrations, and transcends life around you, not with the physical or subtle efforts, but with the higher energy and vibrations.

You attract everything around you, with the energy and vibrations that you radiate from inside. At the level of brain, heart, and body you create an Aura, out of your thoughts, feelings and emotions, but when you transcend the subtle as well as mental state, you directly radiate the powerful vibrations, that transcends everything around you, and attracts the similar kind of people, situations, events, and experiences into your life.

The life begins with the higher vibrations i.e. soul and later moves to the moving energy or spirit in the body. Breathe and sensation is part of the spirit and is attached to the physical body through subtle thread. Spirit also carries the spiritual energy that allows the process of brain, heart and body and also the inflow as well as outflow of breath.

The soul is a constant phenomenon and the role of a soul is to vibrate at a higher frequency within the body. The soul is considered as a part of God. Spirit is a moving energy in the body and holds all the experiences and impressions of life in a subtle form.

When the subtle thread of the spirit gets in contact with the brain, the images, thoughts, logic, reasoning and all different functions of the brain gets alive with it. Its not the physical brain that holds the experiences and impressions, but the brain is just an instrument, to make the experiences and impressions of the spirit gets alive.

Thoughts, imagination, feelings, emotions, fear, insecurity, adventure, anxiety, desires, is possible only when the spirit is attached to the physical body. When the spirit gets detached from the physical body, you don’t experience anything in the physical body, rather you identify yourself with the spirit and soul.

The nature of the spirit is to contrast and expand. When it expands it experiences life through the brain, heart, and body and when it contrast, it seclude itself into the higher space of vibrations to experience the bliss.

Its the sensation that gives you a different experiences of life, and even the spiritual experiences can be noted through sensation. It all depends on an individual what he is looking for life, but when it comes to the truth, there is one place to look for, i.e. inside. Life as a whole can only be known through inner experience.

“Not only the source of the brain, heart and body but also the source of the cosmic universe can be known, with the self-realization.”

You understand different elements of life, with an experiment, and when you move deeper and deeper within yourself and experiment within your inner world, you begin to realize the ultimate truth of life, within.

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