What is Illusion & What is Reality?


Reality is an experience. Not what you experience, but an experience itself. No attachment to the individual or personal identity, but an experience in itself. When an individual or personal identity comes in, you expand a single experience, onto your own, and make up a story out of it.

The reality is just an experience, while the illusion is the story the mind create out of it. Say, you have met your favorite Hollywood or Bollywood star, the experience happens in the moment, and last for five or ten minutes, but if somebody, asks you to describe the experience, then the way your mind, describes the illusion around the experience, is an illusion.

Life and reality are all about experience, and illusion is the extra addition from the mind, heart, and body. The mind likes to live in the illusory world, and if you are not aware or conscious of your mind, or about yourself, you too get carried away into the illusion of your mind.

You may create the entire life, into your mind out of it. This is how, you develop impressions of people, situation, and events into your mind.

The experience of anything is always existential, and it has nothing to do with the illusory thought process of the mind, or feelings or emotions of the heart. When you experience life, you always indulge yourself, in it, completely.

It’s only when you think too much or feel for a long time, and then begin to describe your experience to the world, out of the long thinking or feeling, you create the illusion for yourself.

The biggest illusion on the existence is nothing but your own individual personality, your identification with it, and the story your mind creates around it.

Breaking Free from the Pull of Past and Future

Before getting into the situation or experience or event of life, you already know whats going to happen, at that moment, then you are into the illusion of your mind. Life never repeats itself even with the most common experience of life.

It’s always fresh at the moment. It’s made up of fresh energy. Life is not what your mind, heart, and sensation tells you, it only gives you a little glimpse of the experience in the moment, but when you get lost, into a single experience, and don’t leave the experience behind, but carry it along with you, wherever you go, and even in the future, wait for the similar experience to occur, then you live into the illusory part of your mind.

Life and reality is an experience. In the situation, you feel good or bad, but it was momentary. Further, you can stretch the same experience, the way you want to.

Either you can consider it, the pleasurable experience, and think again and again about it, and create more pleasures out of it, or you can consider your experience to be painful, and you can create more pain for yourself, by thinking and feeling about it.

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There is also a different approach to life, to live a life closer to reality, i.e. to drop all the experiences of life, and keep on moving forward with life, and remain open to life, for the fresh experience.

Reality is ever flowing. You cannot get stuck with anything. Every moment is different from another. No moment repeats itself.

Remember when the mind begins to think, the thinking can only happen to the past experience or even if you think for the future, you look for the assistance from the past experience.

The nature of the mind is not only to imagine, think, or create logical or rational queries, but the mind knows how to expand. It can expand the small idea into your whole universe, which could be positive or negative depends on you.

How to Change Your Mind for Good in 21 Days

There are two ways to experience life.

Either you simply experience life, without considering it the expansion of it, by the mind. Say for e.g., you went into a concert of Madonna, Lata Mangeshkar, U2 or anyone you love. You loved the concert and you enjoyed the concert thoroughly, but when you came back, what you did, you have dropped the concert behind.

The concert didn’t come all the way to your home, rather you left the concert behind, then and there itself. You have enjoyed the concert, but once the concert was over, you have left behind the memories of the concert, behind from your mind. Now its over.

Now you move forward with life, for another experience. Either in your personal or professional life. Now other experiences of life, are waiting for you. If you can live life, this way, you live in a reality.

You only look for the experience in the moment. The mind will still carry stories, out of an experience, but you remain untouched, out of your awareness, with the story of the mind.

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Another way to experience life is the way where almost all the people, of this world, is living. They carry the experience of concert, to their personal and professional life, and then they remember the same experience, for five or ten years or even for the lifetime.

In a year, hardly they experience something, i.e. memorable and so the craving remains for the mind and heart to keep up the good thing.

They cannot make an experience, out of the simplest thing, so that they don’t have to hold onto good experience, as they know, moving forward, they can have many more such experiences, into their life.

If all the experiences of life, is like a concert, then there is no problem, you at least feel good inside, but many experiences of life, are horrifying, and when we get into the habit of, holding into the good experience, mind get accustomed, to hold onto the bad experiences of life, as well, and than we torture ourself, from the illusory story created by the mind, out of a single painful experience.

This is what each and every person, has to understand that happiness and sorrow are momentary, but your mind and heart expand the experience, out of its nature.

The Mind

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