What is Awareness?


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Awareness is to stay present with whatever going on, inside as well as in the outside world. When you remain present in the moment, the energy begins to rise higher. You save energy which is unnecessarily wasted on the things, that takes you nowhere.

Unless you are aware with your day to day events of life, you are simply accumulating layer upon layer to deem your awareness. The life’s situations and events of life seem big when your awareness remains dim in the moment. All the fear and insecurity with life arise out of unawareness.

With unawareness, you are simply carried away by the thoughts, words, situations, or events of life, and forget what you are actually looking for, with life. Awareness in the moment, allows you to see the bigger picture of life, and you don’t allow yourself to get carried away by petty things.

You face different types of situations with your life, but when you stay aware in the moment, you don’t get caught up in those situations, and stay as a detached observer, in those moments.

Awareness is neither focus nor attention, but simple presence in the moment. The life follows a cycle, whereby, the mind creates a different quality of images and thoughts, out of the impressions and experiences that have been acquired over the time, and the process of life initiates out of it. This process of life is an ever-going process unless you consciously choose to come out of it.

For the complete sound man with all its active senses, the process of mind begins with imagination. The eyes make the world possible for him.

The outside life with the mind, is like, walking on a path, where sometimes we move into the circle, and at some stage, if we show courage, we move out of the circle, to proceed further on the never ending path, to again get caught up in the circle.

“With the mind focused outside, we are always on a never ending path of life, because mind never ceases to exist, unless you consciously choose to come out of it.”

Unless you divert the attention of the same mind inside, you are always on a never-ending path. You can achieve all the glory of life, but you can never reach to the source of life, that can only be realized, with the attention diverted inside.

The attention that is directed inside, brings you back, to the place, from where you have initiated the process of life. When you explore the inner world, you not only break the life-cycle, but you also put an end, to all the path of life. With mind, you expand yourself outside, and with the same mind, you realize the source of life, inside.

Only the single image, impression, experience, thought or idea can create all together a life’s path for you, that can take you far away from yourself if you are least bother about yourself. One thought or idea is enough, to allow your entire life to revolve around it.

Just imagine the life of a person, who begins a career with a company, and gets retired with the same company. His mind throughout his life gets completely filled with that one job, and with that one company. He might have stretched himself all along, on the same path, throughout his entire life, without realizing any other possibility, can even possible for him.

The same thing happens to millions of people, to every corner of the world, if people stop themselves, to rise above what they already hold into their mind. The life exists beyond your own beliefs, and sets of patterns, that you hold so tight, that you refuse to let go yourself, even if asks for your entire life.

With the mind, i.e. completely focused outside, can never realize the true purpose of life, and will always remain lost, in accomplishing the mundane desire’s that may have acquired, out of the impressions or experience from the past.

Once you realize the source of life within, and the natural process of life, you choose your own path of life, and expand yourself in all the directions, without getting away from the inner source.

“To remain aware in the present moment, is to get one with the process of life. If the thought comes, you are aware of the thoughts. If your mind captures the impressions and experiences, it doesn’t go unnoticed, if your awareness remains intact in the moment.”

When you are unaware of your life, you want to get rid of, out of all the unpleasant thoughts, feelings and emotions, but in awareness, you experience all of them, as a witness. It may not be the pleasant experience, for anyone, but unless you experience each of your ongoing thoughts, feelings and emotions, you cannot rise above them.

By running away from it, you can never find the solution. Only by accepting them and facing them, you allow them to let go forever, from your life. Only then you can experience the real wisdom and bliss into your life.

Awareness in the moment, in your inner world, allows you to look into all the different situations, events, and experiences of life, and for some reason if the correction is required from your side, you are more than willing to do it, if you are aware in the moment, and it becomes easier to accept those situations or experience, if you cannot make any changes to it. This is where the fruit of wisdom lies.

To face life both within and outside with its original nature is possible, only when you are aware in the moment. Unawareness in the moment, only tells you to run away from all the things, that gives you an unpleasant experience, even for the moment.

With unawareness, you always remain lost on the life’s path, no matter what position or designation you reach. Only with awareness, you come back to the source of life.

Awareness is the only way to realize oneself and to know life. What is God or Allah, in real sense can only be realized, when your awareness realizes the complete process of your inner world. The God or Allah can only be realized inside if you complete the internal process of life.

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  1. because mind never cease to exist, unless you consciously choose to come out of it.

    Yes! When you do nothing (meditate), mind tell you “why do you waste your time? do something. Move. Let’s have some cake or walk around.”

    Mind is tricky. If we just watch it, it will be tired on us. : )

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