What is an Ultimate Knowing & an Ultimate Freedom?


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Ultimate knowing is to have all the answers of life, in the moment. Knowing is wisdom. Wisdom is not something, that you find outside, but its something that exists inside. Whatever the problems you have, with your life, the solution is not somewhere outside, you have to search for, but it already exists inside.

The time it takes the solution to appear on the surface, for each one is different and it depends on the individual’s connection with himself and how well the person, knows himself from within.

Ultimate freedom with life, is not to escape from life, but to understand all the different aspects of life, to the point where no thing in this world bothers you, rather once you know the rules of the game, you love playing the game, without thinking about success or failure or winning or losing with the game.

Soul-realization is the only way to have ultimate knowing and ultimate freedom from life. We not only have body, but we have mind, heart, and sensation that allows our life to happen. We all are familiar with the mind, heart and body concept.

The mind has thoughts, images, pictures, imagination, logic, reasoning. The mind can analyze, evaluate, contemplate, make choice, decide, while the heart knows how to feel, create emotions, intuition too a part of the heart, although for the intuition the signal you receive at the level of heart, comes from the mind. Sensation again, we all are familiar with. Mind and heart utilize the physical body to get its work done, with the help of sensation.

Now, in the midst of these, if I ask you, who are you? then again the confusion arises.

You are absolutely separate from the mind, heart, sensation, and body, and this can be realized, when you move inside, to search for your identity. You don’t find anything. You simply move deeper and deeper and you reach the point, from where, there is no way, to move beyond, and which is, the experience of the seer.

So ultimately the sages, claims that we are the seer in the body. The spirit can be seen through the seer, and the seer can be seen through spirit, but there is a way to move beyond spirit, but nothing exists beyond the seer.

The seer is termed with different names by different religion and spiritual organization. Some call it soul, ruah, observer and by many different names.

The spirit is the subtle body, made up of subtle thread that allows the functions of mind, heart, and body. The sensation is part of the subtle body, and the subtle body is attached to the physical body through sensation. Breathe too, is part of the subtle body, and thus science can never reveal, what allows the process of breath to take place inside the body.

Unless you realize the seer or soul and spirit in the body, you can never experience the ultimate knowing and ultimate freedom with life. The spirit has to let loose from the physical body to experience the ultimate truth. All the path of religion and spirituality leads to the realization of spirit and soul in the body, and as many souls that exist on earth, equal amount of path is possible for the self-realization.

It’s not necessary that an individual should choose one or the other path, to realize the soul, but each one can choose his or her own path, to experience the ultimate. Remember path is only important to reach to the destination. Once you reach to the destination, you don’t have to remember the path, but all the path is left behind, once the person attains the ultimate truth.

Yes, sometimes it happens, that the sages or highly evolved souls, share the spiritual or religious path for others so that it becomes easier for other souls, to realized their truth within.

“God, religion or spirituality is not the path of escape from life, but to realize the ultimate truth. Once you understand the truth, you come back stronger to life, and give more to life, to serve others, & help them to reach, to their ultimate.”

Soul-realization allows you to live life more intelligently and your every move gets closer to the natural laws of life. You live life by being one with the life on existence. You don’t live to fulfill the needs of the future, but your only concern remains for the moment. If the need of the moment is served, you simply get relaxed into the soul-consciousness.

Our approach towards life is to look for everything outside. Whatever you see and experience outside in the form of situation, events, impressions or let say experience, the process of it, initiates from inside. Nothing exists outside, out of the blue, but the blueprint exists, inside all of us. Try to imagine the existence, whereby, one by one every human begins to disappear from earth, and you are the only one who exists.

Now nothing exists on earth except you. You are the first person who exists on earth. No building, no cars, no house, no property. You have to begin the journey all over again. You have to look for the food and create your own space, where you can live. Now, you have to build everything from the scratch.

If you are assigned the task to build the world, how would you like to go about it, and what reference will you take?

You will only follow your inner instinct, right. This is how the world come into existence. Each one who walks down this earth followed their inner instinct, and created this whole world, from the religion to spirituality, to personal and professional life. Nothing was readily available to human when he first walks down this earth, but everything on the existence is built by humans, except nature. Now, if the world exists from inside than even the ultimate truth of life, should happen to be, inside. The god, religion and natural principles of life, too can be found out inside. Yes, everything exists inside of us, if we bother to look within.

If you think that the problem of life exists outside, then you also break that illusion, once you look within, because not only the solution but the problems of life, too exists only inside of you.

Negative thinking is nothing but the incorrect way of thinking and you can never overcome the negative thinking unless you understand the process of your mind.

Is it difficult to understand that, the process of mind and heart exists inside, and we have to look inside, to understand them, rather searching outside into no man’s land?

“When you raise query with life, answers or solution doesn’t come from the lower realm, but it comes from the higher realms. Try to understand this. All the question lies below, while all the answers or the solutions of life, has to come from the higher world.”

Now, when you raise the query about anything with your life, remember you may not receive the answer or the solution in the moment, but as soon as you raise the query or ask the solution, you have to let lose yourself. You have to surrender yourself to the existence, so that your inner energy rise high, to bring the solution to you.

For some, it may take a minute or two, for some it may take day or two, or if the problem is bigger, you have to raise the query, and leave the problem to the existence and wait for the solution to appear. To wait, doesn’t mean you put everything aside, and only wait for the solution, but you carry on with your life, and you receive the solution at a right time.

Life on the existence supports you, only then you can create, innovate and explore with different components of the existence. If anything that you feel is standing against you, it’s only because there is some blockage inside of you. If the spiritual energy flows freely inside of you, you can see the ever flow of life, outside.

To know the ultimate truth and to attain the ultimate freedom with life, try to connect inside and initiate the process of life, inside out. It may take some time, for the mind, heart, and body to get in-tune with the fresh process, but once the system gets in-tune with it, you will initiate the process of life, that will take you to the experience of ultimate truth of life. That’s the only purpose of life, one day you have to serve. So sooner or later, you have to get into the journey of life, that reveals the inner world, so why not now?

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