What is a Spiritual Experience?

spiritual experience

What is God?

At the highest experience, we all are vibrations and the term that we name as God is the supreme vibrations of all. The form of God is formless and as the soul in a human body, is not seen by physical eyes, so to experience the supreme; a person has to have a spiritual experience.

As we rise higher in the spiritual experience and starts vibrating on a higher frequency, we begin to realize, the supreme in our very own form, i.e. the form of vibrations.

In the spiritual experience, you realize yourself beyond your physical and mental form and experience yourself as pure vibrations.

The time, you realize yourself as vibrations, you can also realize the frequencies, that vibrates at higher vibrations on this very earth and on a higher plane, above this earth.

To connect with God or to realize God, it’s not possible to realize at the level of mind, but you have to rise above the frequency of your mind.

Your identity is not just limited to the identity of your mind, and you too have something within you, that can shift itself, beyond the level of the mind, and move to the higher plane.

Physical Transformation

To have a spiritual experience, one has to rise higher on the intellectual level, with his understanding about pleasures of life, all the fear of the body & the existence, our emotional bondage, our different thought patterns of our mind, & complete mechanism of our body.

Once we understand this, through knowledge, or devotion, or physical efforts, we rise higher in our meditation. A physical transformation, happens, where the mind, recognize the emotional body with the senses.

At the time of spiritual experience, the emotional body with its senses gets shrugs, & rise above to make itself free from all the bondage of the existence. This state is the state of Enlightenment.

I Am: A Journey To Spiritual Enlightenment

The meditation is the only way.

We can prepare our self on the physical, emotional & intellectual level, but real experience is possible with meditation. It’s easier to understand our inner self, in meditation.

Our breath, our feelings & emotions, the way we think about, our self, & the world. Our fear, our pleasures, things close to our heart, our thoughts about ourselves, & the world around us. The image we carry for our self. We can understand all these things while diving deeper in meditation.

How to vibrate at a higher level with the Thoughts

As we have seen Supreme vibrates at a higher level, & the soul in the human body can be realized beyond the level of mind, body & emotions.

We can go beyond, our body, mind & emotions, if we have a higher level of thoughts. To raise the level of thoughts, it’s possible to place supreme, or the God in our thoughts, every now & then, if it’s possible. Our good actions lift our thoughts. Heart speaks the language of the soul, & serves the person to lift, on a spiritual level, if we follow our heart more often.

Every experience is a spiritual experience, so enjoy every part of Life.

Living with the Himalayan Masters: Spiritual Experiences of Swami Rama

This information is shared to let you know about the spiritual experience. But I want to add something to it. That is, you can only have the most beautiful relationship with the supreme if you have honestly enjoyed your life, & you are deeply satisfied, with yourself, in this life.

If it’s possible, make all your experience, sacred & fill your heart, as much as possible. Don’t have any regrets, & trust life. It may not be as easy, as it’s said. But always remember, Gods presence is everywhere, may be at lower vibrations. Life is all about vibrations, at a level from lower to higher. So enjoy where ever you are, & accept life, with all your heart, & choose higher thoughts more often, so that, very soon, we can get closer to God.

Spiritual Disciplines Handbook: Practices That Transform Us

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