What do you Experience on the Spiritual Path?

What do you Experience on the Spiritual Path

If you begin to search for life, there are two queries that burn in you all the time. The first query is, where do you come from, and the second query is, what happens after death.

The first query is all about the path. When you do not know, where you come from, you also do not know your path of life. If you do not know your path of life, you simply wander, without knowing anything, simply assuming and interpreting life with the mind.

The second query, what happens after the death, gives you clarity with the destination. Once your mind is clear with, where do you come from, and where you end up after death, the midway path too becomes clear with it.

By knowing the beginning and the end of life comes the purpose on the path. The present moment becomes important for you if you know your destination.

The experiences on the spiritual path give you clarity about beginning and end of your path. You experience life with the mind. You understand life with the mind. Now, with the mind, there are certain limitations. The way with the physical body you have certain limitations.

The limitations are not a problem with life, but the limitations have to be clear to the mind. The nature of the mind is to wander into different directions. The mind cannot remain stagnant at the moment.

Unless the mind knows the absolute truth of life, it just cannot hold itself in the moment. It just keeps on moving here and there. With the experiences on the spiritual path, the mind realizes its own truth.

The path to Spiritual Growth

When you understand that, life has to happen in a certain way, and there is no other way life can happen, then you feel ease with life.

Unless you are sure about the natural process of life, your mind remains in a state of confusion.

We all know that, if we want something in the future, we have to act in the present moment. We cannot act in the future, but we have to act in the present moment. If we sit and worry about the future problems, it does not bring solutions to the future problems.

The solution is not worrying in the present moment for the future, but taking proper actions, in the present moment to solve the future problems.

The spiritual path brings you closer to the self. The mind keeps you engage with the things, that only adds confusion to life. On the spiritual path, you try to understand your life. You don’t follow your mind, but you raise a query on everything that is happening to you in the present moment and everything that you have gone through in the past.

The right query allows you to look into your life. With the mind, we live in the confusions about almost every aspect of life. No matter what we do or what we live with, the only thing that is primary in every person is doubt and fear.

The mind wants to know, what is life? All the other problems of life are secondary. Every individual mind holds his or her own concept of life. He only sees and experiences life out of his concept.

With life, the chaos is bound to arise because we only see the world with our individual perception and doesn’t even know, either what we see is the truth or some higher truth existential truth exists in the universe.

We simply assume what we know is right, and never even bother to perceive the world from different perspective.

The spiritual path is an inward journey. On the spiritual path, the external life remains the same, but you begin the inward journey towards the truth.

 The Journey Beyond Yourself

The mind is trained only to experience the external reality and doesn’t even know, that there is any other reality exists, other than the external reality.

The spiritual path is to take the mind on the inner journey along with the external life. The external life works as usual, and along with the external life, you begin the search for the truth, with your inner life.

The spiritual path is all about your presence. In the external world, the mind has been trained to do everything. The action is primary in the external world, but as you direct your mind inward, you come to a different way of life, where only with the presence life begins to unfold.

Either you focus on the external world or direct the same attention inward, the mind remains the same. The mind is one, but the mind is stretched inside in a way where you can experience the external reality, and also keep your attention on the inner world.

When it comes to the external reality, what is important for the mind to know is how it can take care of, his daily life. The person comes to life from her mother’s womb. What happens before that can only be assumed by the mind.

For the mind, the life is limited to this life, and anything he wishes to know beyond this life will only add chaos and confusion to his mind.

In the external reality, an action is required for the manifestation, but in the internal reality, all you need is your presence. Just with the inner presence, things begin to unfold.

The Presence Process: A Journey Into Present Moment Awareness

What happens after death?

Now, when you take your attention inward, you can experience conscious death. You can experience the same experience that happens at the time of death.

Now the mind is restricted to know, what happens after death and thus, all he can do is assume things, out of his experience.

For the mind, it is not possible to know anything, before birth and after death, but it can know everything that happens in between.

When the mind is directed inward, it searches for himself, i.e. “I” or personal identity. The more it tries to search for himself, the more it moves deeper but it finds nothing. In the search for his own self, the mind moves beyond his desires, feelings, emotions, and thoughts of the mind.

The mind ignores all the impressions and experiences of life, to experience the self, but finds nothing. The mind also remains an observer to the images of the mind to experience the self.

At last, when the attention of the mind, rise above all the functions of the mind, it doesn’t find the personal identity, but it experiences the nothingness of the mind.

In the no-mind state, for the first time, the mind realizes that no personal identity exists, and it’s only the mind that makes up the identity around the experiences and impressions of life.

Beneath the no-mind, the state lies the life energy or spirit that take care of the functions of life from within. Our understanding of the mind too is very narrow, and unless we direct our attention inward towards our mind, we can never really know our mind.

The sensation too is the important aspect of life that can be known within. All the life’s experience can only be experienced out of the sensation. You experience the sensation in the body when the life energy gets in touch with the physical body. The sensation in the body is not possible without the life energy.

The movement of the life energy reflects in the mind. The nature of the mind is just like a mirror. It reflects everything. If you hold your individual perception towards life, your mind will reflect your perception and the time, you drop all the accumulated experiences and impressions of the external world, the mind becomes the mirror that reflects the movements of life energy inside.

The mind is not limited to the brain, but the mind covers the whole physical body from within. The touch with the body is experienced in the mind. The mind covers not only your brain, but it also covers your feet.

At the time of ultimate spiritual experience, the life energy along with the mind towards its source. When the life energy and the mind becomes one with the source, the only thing that remains in those moments is an experience.

No ego or personal identity or even mind remains to experience, but everything becomes one in you, at the time of ultimate experience.

Even the internal world is understood with the mind, but the moment comes at the time of highest spiritual experience when even mind moves into the source. Beyond this experience, nothing remains for the mind to experience. No experience is possible beyond this experience.

Either internal or external life can only be experienced with the mind but when the mind too moves to the source, you come to an end of, experiences with life. Nothing can be known, beyond the source of life energy and the mind.

You have the sacred space in the physical brain, from where the life energy and the mind come and enter the body. At the time of the spiritual experience, the mind and life energy moves back to the source and becomes one with it.

Even at the time of physical death, it’s the life energy and the mind along with the source, leaves the body and the physical body registers mortal death. The process remains the same, but unless you have consciously experienced the process before death, the death remains the scary experience for the mind.

The mind always fears the unknown. The death too is an experience, but unknown to the mind. With the mind, the death too can be experience.

Spiritual Experiences

The mind too is divided into two parts. One part of the mind is the surface reality, where all the experiences and impressions of the subtle and physical world remain stored, while the other part of the mind is pure consciousness, which is the pure state of mind, and part of the cosmic intelligence.

All the experiences and impressions, be it of the physical or subtle world separates you from the pure state of mind. The pure state of mind is just an observer of life, on the surface of which both the external and internal world takes place.

Awareness and consciousness are just another words, used for the pure state of mind. The spiritual path is all about your inner journey. On the inner journey, all the truth of life that can be known by the person is revealed.

The best way to initiate the inner journey is to become the observer of life. To observe both the external and internal life. To participate as and when required and once your work gets over, again you simply switch to the mode of an observer.

The spiritual path is not of doing, but observing the unfoldment of life. The life unfolds on its own if we learn how to stay present with life.

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