What are your Top Priorities in Life?

What are your Top Priorities in Life?

This post was most recently updated on May 3rd, 2020

I was going through one of warren buffet’s interaction, where a student asked him about his success mantra. He says, “List down your 25 priorities that you are suppose to do in your lifetime.” Pick the top 5 and give all your energy to it.

What about the other 20, the student asks?

Forget about them.

Life needs clarity. Unless you are clear with the priorities in life, it’s not possible for you to direct your energy towards it. The priorities set a path for you. In a day you experience so many things. You come across things that change the direction of your life. Sometimes you are moving in a right direction and sometimes you are taking left. You really don’t know what you want out of your life.

You have to have priorities in life. The things that are not in your priority list should be dropped from your mind.

Our lives are no less than an art. We are the sculptor of our lives. The way the sculptor moulds and cuts the unwanted part of the statue and come up with the beautiful art piece out of it. The same principle can be applied to our lives.

We need to know, what we want from our lives. The things that are not important should be dropped from our lives and the things which are really important should be nourished in our lives.

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You create an artful life by living each day with utmost perfection. Each day you make conscious choice and decisions with your life, and consciously direct your life towards your goals.

The top priorities allow you to see what you really want in life. Once you are clear in your head what you truly want, you can direct all your energy to it.

The most important thing in life is to clear your head. Once your mind is clear with all the non-sense, the important thoughts slowly emerge into your mind. The priorities keep you on the path. The mind doesn’t get distracted with other things.

When you are at home, you are present at home, when you are at office, you are present at office. The priority in life allows you to clear your energy. When your mind is clear with where you have to direct your energy, you can give all that you have in the moment, without wandering into the past or the future.

Life happens at the level of the mind. It’s the information that drives your life. When you set your priorities right, you consciously feed your mind with the things that you want. You make sure to not allow your mind to deviate on unnecessary things other than your priorities.

Even your priorities should follow an order. In the moment you only give your energy to task at hand. You take your attention away from all the other things that doesn’t serve you in the moment. This allows you to develop razor sharp focus.

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The energy that is well saved is well utilized. Our daily activities of life depend on the energy. Most of our energies our wasted on unnecessary things. The time we note down the things that is important to us, we make utmost use of the energy present in the moment.

In life, it’s not only important of what we choose, but it’s also important of what we leave. What we pick and what we leave holds significance in our lives. Both hold the power to change our lives for the good or worse.

The life happens in motion. At the same time this motion should happen in line. Also this motion should flow in the direction of our choice. If we want something but at the same time, life is moving in some different direction, than we know what to expect from life.

Life gives you what you want, provided you stick to it till the end.

The life follows the principle of cause and effect. When you set the priorities for yourself, you set the intention for yourself. You tell life what you really want. Then you start pouring energy into it by your actions. With the time, you start experiencing the manifestation of it.

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The life is magic, but that magic is experience when we are ready to make an effort in the first place.

The mind is highly volatile. It switches its direction in no time. You have to be careful with your mind. It can shift at anytime. Whatever you hear, whatever you see, holds the power to change your direction.

When you set your priorities in the first place, and consciously direct your mind, it doesn’t get engaged into the sight scene and walk on the path of your goals. The sight scene is good, when you are clear with your goals in your head. But if the things are not clear to your mind, it’s easier for the mind to get caught up into every sight scene.

It’s just like; one person knows what he wants in his life. In life exists everything. Like in the restaurant exists all sorts of dishes. But we only choose what we like. Rest of them is good, but it’s not important for us. You only pick things that you like to fill your stomach. Rests of the things are not essential for you.

Here is another person, who doesn’t know what he wants in life. He will order everything. He will take a bit of everything and will not be able to enjoy anything. At the end, if you ask him, what he had, he will say everything and nothing.

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You need to know what you really want in your life. Once your mind is clear with your things, your interest should only follow on those things. Your mind should become dis-interested in all other things, except the things that you want to make it a part of your life. This will not only allow you to enjoy the things that you like, but you will also have good chance to explore the things at hands.

The priorities in life allow us to enjoy all the small moments of life, as the mind is focused in the moment. The mind doesn’t get engaged into everything rather it learns the art of enjoying the things at hands.

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