We Build Our World



We attract, what we are, and what we are really looking with life. The one who is looking for God, attract the people, who loves god, and who loves to merge themselves into a god.

The one who is looking for better understanding towards life, will create a circle of his own, around those people. The person who wants material success will surround himself, with the similar kind of people, and the person who makes a choice to have fun in life will only look attract fun and pleasure in his life.

See what you want in life, and look at your thoughts, emotions, and actions, which exactly direct you towards your intentions of life.

Either, follow the Herd or Create your own World.

We can build our own world, and we all have enough power to do so. Either we can make a choice, to follow the outside world, or we can look deep within, and move out to create our own world. Creating your own world makes you self-dependent, and the time you choose to create your own world, you develop one of the highest quality of a supreme lord, of creation.

When we move out to create our own world, we don’t live in the past, but follow our own intuition, to create the world, out of our imagination. Our imagination expands, once we make an effort to bring it into the reality, and thus, we grow with our own world.

It is easy to follow, and do the things that others do, but when we follow our intuition, it connects us to our higher self, to bring more creativity and innovation with life, and we create something, that is not only useful to us but also can serve life on earth in the longer run.

Creativity and innovation can lift the energy of the world.

Doing the repetitive things, without any awareness of it, doesn’t bring any change into life. When we create something new, we create the future. In last two decades, we can see, how the technology has brought the revolution around the world.

We can live either our old routines, or lift our self up, to contribute to the world. You only contribute when you can foresee the future and you can only look into the future, if you work on yourself to get better.

For creation, look more within than the outside world. Don’t try to do things, with what already exist, but follow your heart, and everytime you will find something fresh from inside.

Making a Choice, Makes all the Difference.

Every day we have a choice with our life. With choice, we move out to create our world. If we have made a powerful choice, before the start of the day, we direct all our thoughts, emotions, and energy into that one direction.

In all, people’s life, move around five choices.

The first choice is to create life, where we are more interested in fun and pleasure’s of life, and we direct all our energy, to make it a part of our life. So once we make this thing, part of our life, it starts consuming our innermost energy and leave us empty from inside. The funfilled desire, consume our energy from inside. We don’t fill ourselves up, but we lose what we have.

The second choice we make is to accumulate things in the material world. We all have basic needs to fulfill, but the time, we are lost in the idea of having more than becoming more, than we begin to lose the inner flowing energy in accumulating things, that can lead us nowhere with this life.

It is necessary to fulfill the needs of life, but then one should know, how to look beyond the basic needs, and look for the things that add more meaning to life and takes us higher from the basic understanding of life.

The third choice we make is to follow our dreams and desire’s, by following the instinct. This gives us the material success and meaning to life, but after a point, we start questioning our existence. Once the dreams are fulfilled and success is achieved, we come to the same stage, where we feel absolutely empty from inside, because now, we don’t have anything to achieve and nowhere to move with life.

It’s easier to get lost in the success of life , if we don’t really bother to move with life, out of understanding. Life is not limited to success and achievement and there is always more to know about life both from externally and inside.

The fourth choice, people make is to create life, out of imagination. Here the person rise above the level of the heart and develops his imagination to an extent, where the body and emotions, is convinced, to make it anything the mind dreams, a part of reality.

The imagination connects the person with the manifestation part of life. Life is not limited to imagination, creation and manifestation, but understanding the natural laws of life that governs it. You can create and manifest as much as you want with your life, but if you don’t know the way, to get out of the process, than again you remain caught up at different levels of life.

The fifth and the highest choice, the person has, is to create, manifest, understand the process and detach himself from all his creation, and look for that highest self. The highest self is realized, when we look for the source of life, beyond the usual functions of body, heart and mind. The body, heart and mind doesn’t function on its own, but carry the source in it. Once the source is realized within, it becomes easier to understand the whole process of life that take place, internal world and external reality.

Needs an Extra push each day, to Create.

We all have the necessary talent to express our self to the world, but we are too engross in the small activities of mind, that we miss figuring out the real talent, that lies in the dormant state within. It needs an extra push to realize our dream and make it a reality.

If we have imagined something in mind, it needs an extra push for its manifestation and expansion into this world. Whatever you choose to create in your life, work on it everyday, so that you can see the result of it, in the near future.

It takes little Time.

Most of the time, we give up on things because we expect result too early with little efforts, and if we can’t see the result, we get back to the usual habits.

It’s like you have trained your mind, body and emotions for a while to get the hands on the things, and before you get an understanding of it, you gave up on things, so the energy you have accumulated over the time for the manifestation, slowly dries up, and you get back to your usual old habits. Everything takes time, for manifestation.

Remember before the things gets manifested in the outside world, it’s you who needs time, to get adjusted to the situation,and once you understand the situation completely in your mind, in no time, you see the things, as a part of your reality.

Be with the things, little longer, so that your mind, body, and emotions can understand it completely, and then you don’t have to make further efforts, but your inner world, will carry you towards the manifestation, of your dreams.

You Give More to the World.

When I make a choice to create my own world, with the sincere and dedicated efforts, holding onto the patience and perseverance, I contribute to the existence, and to the world. When you give more, contentment sets in, and this helps you to get detached from all the success and failures of life and you play the game of life, by flying high from inside.

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