Walk Step by Step into the Mysteries of Life



The future is unknown, and that’s what makes life more interesting. The one who gets one with this truth, just float with life. The life on the existence serves you in one or the other way. All you need to do is, to develop enough trust on life and on yourself.

You can never know what’s waiting for you into the future, all you can know is the action that you are going to take in the present moment. If you can develop the certainty about your actions, you can be certain with your life.

People are not confident about their actions, and this creates insecurity and fear into their life. When you learn to walk into the life step by step, slowly you develop the confidence to move into the mysterious path of life.

The mystery of life is the unknown path. You have to prepare your mind, body, and heart with the experience to walk into the unknown. Your walking itself serves the purpose, and the mystery reveals itself every moment.

The people who are scared of life, are the ones who afraid to walk either the mysterious path and prefer the secure way to life. More or less both path’s are the same. But only a few have the courage to take the road less traveled.

It’s just that the person who lives conventional life, knows from the experience of others, what can happen into his life, from the experience of others and plan his future accordingly. He has nothing to do with his own experience or what is going on inside of him.

He is more concerned with the security. But in reality, the idea of a secured path only lies in the mind and you can at the most console yourself with the idea of a secure path.

Life always has a strange way to act. You can never find secure path with life. Although the path appears to be secure in the moment, anytime you can expect the twist and turn on the path.

Imagine yourself on the secure path, and live it the entire day. Try to evaluate the life you have lived on the secure path.

Do you think the way you have imagined the things will go exactly, as you have planned?

People just create an illusion into their mind, of security, but there is nothing secured on this earth, except this moment. Life happens with the mind and heart and the basic nature of mind and heart is to keep moving.

Unless you figure out something within you, that is stagnant you can never achieve security with your life.

You cannot hold anything with your mind and heart. You have to keep changing with it. Even if you have desires in your life, you have to keep on expanding with your desires, and not only that your desires don’t manifest exactly the way you have imagined.

Anything you dream or desire with your life, manifest out of many probabilities. All your dreams and desires are connected with others. You alone cannot manifest everything by yourself. You need other people, to serve you to fulfill your desires.

To walk into the mysteries of life step by step is to have a completely open view of life. Plan your actions, but not the outcome out of it. Choose what you wish to give out to life, and create plans for the future for your actions and not the result out of it.

Although the outcome of your efforts, may change the efforts for the future, still your attention always has to be on the action and not the outcome.

Develop the security around your efforts, make a choice with your actions, and get secured with it. The only security on this earth is your efforts.

Don’t be bothered, how life will bring what you wish to have in your life. Life has a strange way to work, and the outcome of life comes out of many probabilities.

The best way to get into the mysteries of life is to have an open mind for everything. You might have a daily schedule to follow. The daily schedule of your action. You don’t need to know everything about your efforts and live more spontaneously with your life. Get into your daily schedule with the open mind and allow the life to happen in those moments.

Say for e.g., you have financial obligations to meet for your family and sustain life on earth, and you also have goals and targets set for each month and for everyday. You also have plans to achieve those goals into your life.

Now forget about the outcome, you are going to receive when you move out to make an effort. Don’t even think your response into the situation, but allow the things to move effortlessly through you.

Allow the life to come out of your confidence. I am not saying you should not plan, all I am saying is, you have to be more spontaneous in the moment trusting life, as the life can offer you the best solution at the moment.

If you already have a planned solution for the situation, and if the things didn’t work out your way, and it happens ninety-nine times out of hundred, then you miss the right response for the situation.

“Plan your efforts, and not the outcome, and be more spontaneous with your efforts, trusting yourself and trusting life.”

When your attention is on the efforts, you create the chain where you are more inclined to give to life, rather take away from it. If you give more to life, life pays you back in its own way. You have to set the intention to give, and with no time you form a chain of actions, where you serve life at every step and grow and expand with life.

When your attention is on giving, you are less concern about the receiving part and giving comes easier for to you, than to ask from life. When you give, it’s bound to come back out of the natural process of life. It’s pretty much easy to grow and expand with life by giving and not receiving.

The natural tendency of the mind and heart is to have everything all at once. But this is not the natural process of life. The life follows its process and everything follows its law. Until you connect with the right process of life, you may not receive the desired outcome for your action.

Your attention and intention should be towards the understanding towards the process of life, and not the effect of it. Once you know the process of life, you can align all your steps of life, according to the process and receive the outcome from it.

When you are relax and allow the things to happen, then you develop the understanding towards life. Allowing the things to happen, doesn’t mean you don’t act. You take actions, but your interest doesn’t lie in the act, but you act because the life wants you to act.

Everyone wants to hurry up with life, out of fear and insecurity. Trust with life comes not out of achievement but out of understanding. If you have achieved your desire for life, do you think, you attain security?

Security with life can only come out of understanding.

Understanding that, life is there to serve you, and everything has a right time to show up in life. This doesn’t mean you should not make efforts. You should make efforts, but your efforts have to be to understand life and out of understanding.

To walk into the mysteries of life, doesn’t mean you don’t develop the understanding of it. To understand life, you have to plunge into the unknown path, so that more mysteries of life is revealed to you.

This may sound strange, but people follow the same road routine, to be secured with life, but unfortunately, they neither get secured nor their understanding develops with life. The life seems complete waste, as they land up at the same place at the end of life.

The unknown path is to have a better understanding about life. You move step by step on the mysterious path, and with every step, more understanding is revealed to you.

The unknown path or mysteries of life is not something where you walk into the forest, but it’s the way you deal with your everyday situations of life. It’s all about your attitude towards life. Are you more open to life, and follow life rather you want the life to work out your way.

If you want the people and situation of your life to work your way, then you ask the life on the existence works your way.You don’t have any control over the life of others, except yourself.

Without understanding, you don’t have control over the life of yours, as your life has come out, as much of an unconsciousness dream and a repetitive process, where you land up at the same place every morning and move out to reach nowhere.

Take one step at a time into the unknown, so that you can develop better understanding towards life, and create the life out of understanding. The life out of understanding is very much based on the laws of life and on this path, you can never fall back with life.

You only have control over your efforts, and creativity to your efforts can only come if you don’t carry any response in the moment, and stay spontaneous with life.


  1. Understanding should be the only discipline. Whenever you understand, the solutions will show up itself. There is no need to find out any how-to book if you understand.

    Thank you for sharing this., 😀

  2. Understanding should not be, and can never be, an end in itself. If we understand why something is happening, such as rain coming in through an open window, then understanding would express itself with action – closing the window. Life is a mystery (and I believe I am a mystic), but mysteries are only things we do not yet understand. The unknown today may not be unknown tomorrow. Simplicity in expressing spirituality is necessary, not only for ourselves but for anyone whom we share our thoughts with. We are spiritual energies expressing ourselves in human form, in social communities, where we share, not only our understanding but also the responsibility to care for and serve the community we call home. We surely have a sacred duty to do more than witness everyday life. We must share it, even if we know it is an illusion. It has a purpose that we may not yet understand.

  3. I spent 60+ years trying to figure out and UNDERSTAND my life. I could take U to the recovery room, I could show U the light that came on as I read step 3 that said “Turn Ur life and will over to the care of a loving God as U understand Him.”

    I thought: “I can never understand God. If I could, I’d be God. He is and I’m not.”

    So I decided to stop trying to understand.

    It was as if I stepped thru a gate that had been locked. That decision set me free in ways that I did not know (understand) I had been bound.

    I discovered that MY UNDERSTANDING was not the important thing. I became able to Trust (God) in ways that had been beyond me.

    In the coming months, I found out it was MY EGO that had been driving my QUEST to understand.

    GOD and my EGO are not compatible. I find that strange, because they are roommates. They both live inside of me.


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