How to Wake up Early to connect with the Natural ways of Life?

How to Wake up Early

How to wake up early to connect with the natural ways of life?

The circle of life is not only happening outside, but the similar circle also takes a round inside. When you see the circle of day and night, you can notice the circle of life. There are big circles and there are small circles of life.

The circle of day and night rotates in a 24-hour circle, while the seasonal rotation takes place in a year. Similarly, there are different natural circles of life that keep the life going. One such circle of life also takes place within every living being. This circle keeps the life going within every living being.

All the different thoughts, feelings and emotions happen because of this circle. You experience the mood swing because of the life circle that is continuously rotating in you.

Your perception and perspective towards outside reality shifts with a different time zone. You cannot experience the same situation or event with the same perspective, in a different time zone, say morning, noon, evening or night. Your perspective towards the outside reality changes with the inner life cycle.

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Waking up early connects you with the natural ways of life. When you wake up early, this life circle, that takes 24 hours to complete the circle in you, complete its circle in a quick time. The morning period quickens the speed of the inner life circle.

Once the 24-hour life circle gets completed in a quick time, you connect with the natural ways of life. The life that is happening in the moment becomes clear to you. The mind dwells on the past or the future when the life circle rotates in you. It’s only when the circle of life gets complete, the mind becomes steady in the present moment.

The past, present, and future of any situation or event of life becomes clear, once the life completes its circle in you.

You may not be able to read the life circle, but when you wake up early, the process of life circle starts and it gets completed in 5 hours. From the time you wake up, it takes at least 5 hours to complete the life circle in you.

Whenever you experience anything in the moment, it carries its past, present, and future. Nothing pops up in your life, all of a sudden.

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When you miss seeing the past, present, and future of any situation you completely miss-judge the situation. It’s only when you see the situation, in its full circle, you can do justice to it, at the moment.

Life is complete at the moment. Life is whole. The moment is not divided but the moment is complete in itself. Every situation or every event or every experience of life carries its full circle. Unless you see the full circle of any situation, event or experience of life, you miss seeing the whole truth.

Your daily life consists of different experience, and when you wake up early, you get enough time to prepare yourself for different experiences of life. Not only the inner life serves you, but you also stay prepared for the coming events.

Life is all about experiences, but we see life only as success and accomplishments.

With life, all that matters, in the end, is, how widely you have experienced, different experiences of life. Nothing else matters in the end.

All your success and accomplishments with life come out of your experience. You learn and unlearn out of different experiences of life. Life follows the process of inside-out. You create, operate and destruct from inside and outside.

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It’s always our inner energy that becomes the cause of our creation, operation or destruction. When we are well prepared in advance, we create more with our lives and operate our world wisely. Even with the destruction part, we adapt the most constructive ways of life.

With life, one thing that serves us the most is our awareness at the moment. The habit of waking early serves us with heightened awareness. The clouds of thoughts and imagination don’t gather in the morning time.

In the morning time, the mind is naturally calm and peaceful. When the mind gathers such calmness and peace in the morning time, it carries the experience throughout the day.

The mind only understands life out of direct experience. You don’t understand life by thinking or imagination, but the understanding of life can only come out of an experience.

The morning time serves you to experience the present moment. When you know, what is the present state of mind; it’s easier to hold the same state of mind, throughout the day. The present state of mind always remains aware of everything that goes around. The morning time is the best time to nourish your mind and experience the present reality.

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The life follows the natural movement, but the natural movement of life can only be understood, when the mind can observe the natural movement of life.

When you wake up early in the morning, you have enough time to sit with yourself and observe life that is happening within you as well as in the outside world.

When your mind is only caught up in the outside reality, you only live with the past life or the life that you are looking for, into the future. The natural ways of life have nothing to do with the past or the future, as its happening all the time in the moment.

In the morning time, the mind holds the capacity to observe life. To see with the mind is a key to connect with the natural ways of life. Thinking or imagination cannot be of much help. It’s only the mind that can see, can directly look into the natural process of life.

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