Wait for the Right time

wait for the right time

We all are in a hurry to accomplish things. We all want to accomplish everything at this moment. Sometimes it becomes impossible to wait in life. The art of patience is a talent that we need to cultivate consciously.

We all know only one way, and that way is to chase everything in life. Simply chasing life at all fronts disconnects you from the very core process of life.To wait is a key to life. Sometimes, just waiting allows the life to unfold on its own. You don’t need effort, but holding yourself for some time allows you to see the path of life.

What is the right time?

The right time is when you are with the flow of life. When you don’t need effort to accomplish things, but it happens on its own. You simply flow with life and accomplish your desires. You follow your intuition and not your mind. This doesn’t mean you don’t act, but your action remains in alignment with the ways of life.

When you are with the flow of life, life seems effortless.

Many times when we try to push things harder, we tend to tear things apart. We feel stuck. We don’t find the ways to move forward. At the same time if we live with the sense of surrender, right things manifest at the right time.

When we learn the art of holding ourselves back and allow the life to happen, we simply become one with the process of life. We allow the life to unfold.

Life follows a circle of action, rest, action. Its the resting period that allows the things to flourish in a natural way.

When you flow with the natural process of life, you not only accomplish things, but you also enjoy the process of life. Its not necessary to always run after life. Sometimes the view simply by observing life gives you a clear perspective towards life.

Waiting period allows you to understand the process of life. You become the observer of life. You don’t follow the ways of the mind; rather you follow the ways of life.

Watch and Wait: relaxing and waking up – instinct and intuition

The mind is all about reaction. You react. There is a cause from outside and you give the effect. Your response doesn’t take life forward; rather you simply react to what exists at the moment. Reactions simply take you into the repetitive circle of life, while the response out of a complete understanding of the situation, serve you to take your life forward.

Come out of your mind to experience the life at the moment.

You have to be watchful on your path. You have to be aware at every moment. No moment should go by without you being aware of it. Act but stay aware of your action. Wait and at the same time, stay aware of your waiting period.

You not only wait, rather you consciously wait and observe everything that goes around you.

When you consciously wait, you also allow the consciousness to grow in you. Your mind expands. You open yourself to life.

There is a time to run, and then there is also a time to relax. You need to know the difference between the both.

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The action is required but at the same time, you also need time to relax, so that you can reflect back at life. It’s the moment of relaxation that allows you to analyze your past and look into your future. In the moment of relaxation, you can clear your perspective towards life.

Our daily life comes with its signs and omens. When you learn the art of holding yourself at the moment, you also learn to read the signs of life. This sign serves you to take your life forward.

There is no way you can remain caught up in the chaos of life, rather life itself serves you to move forward.

You have to bring trust to life. There is one thing that is worth trusting and i.e., the life itself. When you trust life, you live with the sense of surrender. You do your part, and then allow the life to do the rest.

When you wait for the right time, you create enough energy in you to get the things done. To complete the task you need action, but to take action and make it successful you have to have enough energy to get it through.

Wait and See: Finding Peace in God’s Pauses and Plans

We create a chain of life’s experience through our daily living. If you wish to experience the high-quality living, you have to make equivalent choices and decisions into your life. Life attracts life. Life is throbbing in you every moment. You attract the similar energy that you carry inside, all the time.

Life is no fluke or chance; rather it works at the level of energy.

Sometimes we get desperate with life. We don’t use our understanding to assess the situation; rather we perceive life out of ego. Ego makes you stuck into the situation.

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There are things that are in our control and at the same time, there are also things on which we have no control. When we learn to assess these situations in our lives, it becomes lot easier to focus on the things, on which we have control and make most out of it.

Biased perspective makes us blind us to the truth. It’s the perspective that allows you to experience life.

It’s our perspective that motivates us through to the success, and it’s our perspective that leads us to our downfall. When your perspective is closer to the truth, sooner or later you experience the success in life, but when you only view life out of your biased perspective, you create a mess in your life.

The period of conscious waiting allows you to clear your perspective towards life. When you learn to wait, you also learn the art of being one with life. With the flow of life, everything in life is possible.

When God Says Wait

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