View Life, as Fresh as, a New Born Child.


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You came into life, when life already exists and so does Buddha, Christ and Krishna.

Did they achieve, or attained perfection outside or within themselves?

If they have already attained perfection outside, than for what the world is After, and if they haven’t attained the perfection, than towards which perfection, we all are driving towards life?

With life, the outside world with the body, mind and heart is a continuous process and it goes on evolving with the space and time. The human as an individual has a liberty to rise above the process of body, mind and heart and experience the life beyond the physical reality.

Once you experience the life beyond mind, the mind stops to raise any query about your existence and the life on earth, & you understand the basic functions of life, and you drive your life accordingly.

The perfection happens inside, beyond the state of personal identification with the mind, body and heart. With the perfect state, anything you do, makes the things and life better, as you come out of the natural process or natural laws of life.

“The whole idea of life that needs to be understood from within, is that, life is, was and always perfect with all its different shades and colors, & all the adjustment has to be made inside.”

From the start to the end of the day, no matter what kind of situation you are into, keep your attention on your perception, and not on spending energy on changing the outside situation or people. This will lessen your efforts, and you develop better understanding towards different situations and events of life.

The failure in life is to keep rolling in the outside world, for meaning, purpose, goal and attainment with life. But the more you move in the outside world, the more failure you experience. Its not necessary either you have, what you attain in the outside world. What’s really important is, how long that happiness can sustain in your life.

“Working on your body, mind and heart is the biggest experiment, you can ever do with your life, and no person has failed while working on himself.”

Although, he may have received a little, but this little might have enough to bring all the satisfaction and contentment with life. Imagine the person who has an understanding to work on himself, that means to sharpen his axe, before chopping the woods, cannot be fit enough, to fulfill his outside needs and desire’s of life.

The more you grow and expand from inside, the more it reflects in the outside world. Your thoughts, ideas, images, feelings, emotions and efforts depends upon, the way you perceive the world.

“If you perceive the world with all the bright colors, its natural for you to carry the colorful images for life inside, and bring it in the outside world.”

This is not applicable only for the highly intellect souls, but anyone who begins to experiment with his life, start to see the beauty of life in all the different situations, and experiences of life.

When you are deeply connected from within, it’s easier to connect with the dots of life, and create the most beautiful picture of life, out of it. The problems in life arise, when your inner dots of life are less in order. All the planning, scheduling and mind-mapping with life, is to bring the inner dots together, so that you can visualize the perfect picture of life, and work your way out, for the future.

All the achievements with the outside life remains imperfect, if you haven’t achieved the perfection inside, during the entire process of life. All the happening of events, situations, and experiences of life can work in two ways. Either you make the best use of them, to get the perfection inside, while learning and understanding different aspects of life, or you live life in a way, where it can take you far away from your original source, looking for fulfillment, in the little desire’s of life.

The life remains fresh every moment and each moment gives you the scope of getting better and improve upon life. With life everything serve for your inner growth, to bring you closer to the source. Be it your desire’s, relationships, wealth, creativity or anything that you come up  in the outside world.

When you realize your source, out of understanding and experience, you come from the perfect state in to this moment, and no matter whatsoever the outside situation seems like, you use your higher intelligence, to bring the best out of it.

Your outside efforts and the result out of it, reflects your inner state. When you give the best of your inner ability, you get the best in the outside world, and once you know the art to get the things done in a right way, than you don’t crave for anything in this world, but if the need be arise in the moment, you utilize all your crafts and skills and practice it to the point, to get what you want out of life.

Once you start living from the source, nothing binds you, of this life. When nothing binds you, either your work or relationships, its easier to give everything to life without attachment, and use the result of it, for the good of others.

“When your perspective is to see the best out of life every moment, you carry certain kind of joy every moment, & with this joy the change starts to happen, and the things begins to move.”

With the inner clarity, no matter how the outside complexity seems like, but you can still connect the right dots inside, and bring the best solution to the situation of life. The struggle with life increases, when your efforts only remains to clear the things from outside, and you allow the inner world, to remain untouched.

Well its true, unless you can connect with your inner world, the best way, is to keep on finding the solution outside, but as soon as you see, the life gets better with your outside effort, you can experiment connecting with your inner world, to take a leap, both in the inside as well as outside world.

With the inner transcendence, you can make impossible, possible and you can do things that you have never imagined or expected from yourself. Not only that, but once you learn to move from inside out, anything or everything that you achieve comes out of understanding.

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  1. Yes, because the child has no past. The child hasn’t developed his knowledge yet. He doesn’t have to carry the past experience to view the world. He is innocent but intelligent. ; )

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