Utilize your time Effectively

Utilize your time effectively

This post was most recently updated on May 4th, 2020

Life is like a flowing water. Use it or lose it. All the pain, suffering, regrets and negative emotions exists because you don’t live your life to the fullest.

When you live half hearted life, you start dyeing on everyday basis. When you live your heart out, you start living everyday.

Every moment of life matters to you. Our daily life is made up of time. This time is like an ever flowing river.

Just like time and tide wait for none. More and more you make use of it effectively, more will be your achievement in life.

It’s necessary we understand the psychology of the mind. If you consciously direct it in a positive direction, it will not only move in the positive direction, but it will also attract positive things along the way.

When you truly realize the importance of life, on that day you also realize the importance of time. The usefulness of time exists when you make optimal use of it.

In a day you have limited period of time. In that period, you have to be clear in advance, where you want to spend your time. You have to set your priorities in advance. Once your everyday priorities are clear to you, you can put all other things aside, and focus on the daily priorities of life.

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Our attention gets lose on our priorities because we don’t have a strong reasoning to support our priorities of life. We ourselves don’t value our priorities and don’t give due importance to it. This our attention too shifts from our priorities and deviate into different direction. When we back our priorities with strong reasoning and give required importance to it, it’s not possible for the mind to deviate from our priorities and we can achieve what ever we desire in a short span of time.

We feel it’s because of the distractions it’s hard to achieve our goals, but the truth is the distraction only exists when our attention shifts from our goals. When our mind is focused on our goals, no other thing on this earth holds the power to distract us from our goals.

We live with the baggage in our heads. At times, we run away from the responsibilities of our lives due to immaturity, and the other times we take responsibilities of everything and create mess into our lives.

We have to learn to create balance in our lives. You can’t serve any aspect of life before serving the self. If you play your role well, everything around you gets served.

Awareness: The Key to Living in Balance

If you try to serve everything around you, you will only add mess to your life. Life around you should be served through you. So you should be your first priority in life.

If you closely observe yourself for just one day, you will notice that your mind is more engaged in the thought of others rather than the thoughts of the self.

It’s a complete waste of time. Your concern and your priority has to be you and not others. Your concern has to be about what you wanted to do in your life and not what others are doing in their lives.

We all live in a dilemma on everyday basis. We are always standing on a cross path not knowing in which direction to go. Our life needs clarity. You have to have an absolute clarity with what you want in your life. Unless you are clear with what you truly want, don’t move ahead. Get this thing clear in your head.

Take a rest. Go for a walk. Spend time alone. Clear the mess from your everyday life and allow your life’s truth to show up. Once your mind develops a clarity with your goals, it will be easier to direct your body and energy to it.

When the life is not happening our way, we always find something or someone to blame for. When you will have an encounter with life, you will realize it was you who fell short with your actions and determination. You won’t find anybody else to blame for, except you.

You have to take complete responsibility of your life. Its vital you make efficient use of the time and energy on everyday basis and serve the life around you.

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