How to access Pure Consciousness?

How to access Pure Consciousness?

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All the life’s solution is available with pure consciousness. Be it God, Religion, spirituality, life, existence, natural principles of life, science, technology, you put anything into consciousness, and the solution for your query or problem pops up.

The query has to be relevant to the existence. Many times, scientists go on asking stupid queries, that pops up into their mind, and consider themselves, smart enough to reach the solution someday. Not all the queries of the mind, are relevant either its related to god, religion, spirituality, life, science or existence.

Life is an experience, and anything important that you come across in life is always through experience. God is realized out of inner experience. Religion too is established out of inner spiritual experiences.

Life is only and only understood by experience, and there is no other way to understand life.

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Mind creates the query and when you reach the higher state of mind, you receive the answer to your query. Life responds to everyone, provided you are open to receive from life. The query of existential truth is different than the query for physical manifestation.

Say, for e.g., if you ask yourself ” Who am I? ” and on the other hand, you ask yourself, ” How can I solve this problem of my life?” you will receive the answer for both the queries, but in different ways.

For the first query, you will have the first-hand experience or you have to become, beyond your personal identity, to know the answer to your first query. On the other hand, when you look for the solution for your second query, you will be guided to the solution, in the form of images, and you will have the solution, but nothing will be changed in your present identity.

With the spiritual query, you grow, evolve and transcend yourself to come closer to the truth. With the queries related to the physical world, you simply have the solution for the present situation of life.

No matter where you are and, howsoever bigger your problem is, the highest possible wisdom and bliss of life, is always available to you, and you don’t have to go too far, but look within, as it exists in you.

“You are not just the body, heart and brain, but you have the spirit in the body, that exists in you, and proof of it, is the sensation and the incoming and outgoing flow of your breath.”

The Seat of the Soul: An Inspiring Vision of Humanity’s Spiritual Destiny

Spirit is a subtle thread into the body, that carries the sensation and experience life through body, and mind. Spirit carries the life’s energy and the process of incoming and outgoing flow of breath comes out of the same.

The subtle thread of the spirit passes through the mind, and body and allow the process of life to take place. When the spirit gets unlocked from the bottom of the spine, you experience pure consciousness. Pure consciousness is a pure state of mind.

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The thought process of the mind is possible because of the subtle thread of the spirit. Imagination too is possible because of the spirit.

The subtle thread of the spirit is so tied to the physical body, that you feel the sensation from the top of the head to the bottom of your feet. The time you unlock the spirit in the body, out of the natural process, you experience the consciousness beyond the mind and body.

The life seems too complex to understand, at the level of mind. With mind, your perception remains limited to your understanding, but with consciousness, your perception gets one with the cosmic universe.

With consciousness, you look through the nature of life. Nature of life follows certain principles and everything that exists, whether in the physical or subtle world, comes out of that principles. With consciousness, you see through life. Everything appears to you with clarity.

Life begins with the vibrations, turns into an energy, and later initiate the process of mind and body and further manifestation of physical life comes out of it. With consciousness, you look into the complete process of life, in everything.

The god can be known through consciousness. The nature of consciousness and the nature of God is one and the same. God is not the father figure, sitting at the top, but it exists in each one of us, in the form of consciousness. God too, is consciousness and vibrates at the highest frequency possible.

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It may seem strange, but when you experience yourself as consciousness, your personal identity too gets washed off, and you rise above the level of mind.

This shows that God exists not only in each one of us, but with the experience of consciousness, you too can become God. God is the highest possibility, that is ever possible. Everything comes out of it, and merge back into it. The experience of consciousness gives you the experience of the source.

Your consciousness at the moment depends on the depth of your attention in the moment. The point of attention is consciousness. If you have more layers of thoughts, into your mind, lesser your awareness in the moment. In meditation you can clear different layers of the mind, to have a clear visibility through life.

This is the only reason, why meditation, physical exercise, or breathing technique is so popular, as it serves to clear the layers of the mind. Awareness is when your attention focused outside, while consciousness is to bring your attention back to the point of attention itself.

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