Unlock the Mystery of life, Within



The fear existence in the stomach. Try to live from the heart, & all the fear of the stomach will vanish. When the emotional fear creeps in, rise higher at the level of intellect, and all the fear of the heart will melt.

At the level of intellect, when we live to express, there is a fear of acceptance, & once accepted by the world, there is a need of sustenance, of the self-image.

Lack of Understanding is the root cause of all fear. When we don’t understand something, our nerves system through the senses, pull the muscles of the brain to create stress, anxiety or fear in the body. This can be overcome; once we start understanding things and not getting scared or run away from it.

When we rise higher from the intellect, & see the world beyond the expression from the soul or third eye, our fear dissolves at the level of intellect.

Say for e.g., there is a haunted house, near our residence, where nobody refuses to set in, as some mysterious activities get noticed in the past. The place has become a haunted house since then, & nobody dared to enter the place.

Now, even thinking about the place creates fear, when we pass from that house, so how can we overcome this fear. Maybe at night, it seems difficult to enter the house; but we can explore during day time. If it’s difficult for a single person, we can take a help from others, or form a group, to get in, & see the reality by ourselves.

When we face our fear, and enter into the house, we slowly train our system, to get into the unknown, and overcome on everything i.e. mysterious in life.

The haunted house is just a metaphor, about the real incidents or the situations of life. We run away without understanding the real facts of life, keeping the track record of past. If we gather some courage or take help of others to face our fear, we can see the real fact of our fear; and can overcome them forever in our life.

Everything lies within our physical body. All the mystery & puzzles of life are solved within. We don’t have to move an inch to understand the world. The whole world happens within us. If we can solve the puzzle from within, the outside world seems the simplest thing to understand.

Remember, most of the time, we are lost in solving the puzzle of the world. We only think about the whole world, rather than our self all the time, and spend our time and sometimes our whole life, in solving the confusions of the world.

This can be Figure out, by following our daily activities, and you will know that you don’t live even half an hour thinking about yourself, but wondering your thoughts about others, & achieve nothing out of it.

Everything happens within our physical body, through senses, emotions and thoughts. Fear is just a thought and an emotion, that can be overcome internally, and once we understand it internally, it’s easier to move out in the world, and face the fear, and sometimes it will seem irrelevant, to give it the name of fear.

See how our mind creates things by itself.

Imagine a person’s image into your mind, with whom you don’t get along, and you are not on talking terms. Sit with that person, for at least 60 minutes, in your mind, and look at the situation, from all the sides, that get you to the point, where today you can’t even face that person.

Don’t think, but sit with that person, in your mind. Hold that person’s image, in your mind. Slowly you will observe that your energy is moving upward, and the time will come, where you reach to the level of your heart. Give yourself some time. Close your eyes, and be there.

When the energy will reach to your heart, you will feel the love in your heart for the same person. It’s a natural process, & doesn’t need your involvement. If you get involved in the process with your thought, you will stop the process, and you have to begin again. Just stay there, with an image into your mind.

Always remember, that our relationship gets spoiled only with our loved ones. There was a time when the relationship was beautiful and all there was love into the relationship, but we choose to see the same relationship, from a lower perspective, and this is how we spoil our relationship and our world.

All the chaos happens inside and not outside. We spoil our relationship not outside, but inside our self, by talking negatively about others, and when the person comes in front of us, we blast altogether, all the hatred or anger, we feel, for that person.

The point here is all the fear of this world, hatred, anger is felt inside, and once we can correct our relationship with the person in the inside world, it’s easier to face the same in the outside world. We only grow, if we live our life out of understanding. The path remains the same in life, it’s just that we have to change and grow in our approach, and the way we see life.

Most of the time, we are caught up in the outside world, and making and accumulating things, so we miss the opportunity, to understand our self, and the roots of all the things, on this earth.

When we understand the roots, all our fear, hatred, anger from our world gets vanished, and we see the same world with better perspective.

The majority of the world live in the known, & negate the unknown. Unknown always creates fear, as our whole system hasn’t experienced the experience. People are frightened of death, not because of death, or they don’t want to die, but because they have associated fear with the word death, and they carry on the legacy, out of their unaware state of mind, without knowing what lies ahead, after one leave’s his body.

Sometimes accepting what we know, and what we don’t know, helps us to solve the biggest mysteries of life. But if we go on claiming things that we don’t know, we negate the possibility of knowing the truth, & if at all the Truth comes to us to reveal itself, out of our ignorance, we will refuse to accept that truth in life.

We all are carrying a divine being, within our self, who knows all the mystery of the world, and can solve any puzzle of our life.

The thing we understand as mystery or fear is only our ignorance, and we can only see the light if we move towards the light. Sometimes, we can’t see the path ahead, but the wise person, walks on whatever he knows, trusting the further path ahead, will be revealed to him, once he clears the path, he has already seen.

Life reveals its truth at every step, but we are afraid to trust life more often. We all come from the source, and everything belongs to one. When we see the world this way, we can connect our self to the roots of all things, and it will help us to understand everything from its base.

We all as a human have our beginning and an end. We all are born as a child, in a physical form, but before physical form, we still had our roots. As one human has its roots within self and realized as a soul; the entire human has its roots in them, and the base remains the same in all of us. All this roots i.e. soul has to connect at some level, at his base, and this base we know as God.

So when we all are from the same origin, and the only purpose we have is to go back to our origin, & if our mind can grasp this highest truth, we can understand the mystery of life as our mind can see everything from its roots.

To understand the mystery of life, we have to go within. We can solve all the problems by our self if we try to search the answers of life, within us. The more we move away from our self, the more we see the complications in our world, the more we understand our self, and dive deep into our self, all the mysteries of life, gets revealed to us, and the whole world, seems like in a perfect order & in a perfect state.

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