Understanding comes, by Experimenting with Life


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Understanding towards life is required to get out of the problems of our life, or if we wish to have something but we cannot find the right way.

In such situations, it’s very important to be open to experiment with life. When you experiment, you gain a certain experience out of it. Out of the experience, again you experiment to enhance your experience. This is life.

With experiment you get experience and experience is nothing but understanding towards life. This understanding encourages you to experiment more with life. If you start exploring any one part of your life, then you can explore all the aspects of your life.

If you carry a pre-conceived idea for life or follow the footsteps of others, you cannot experiment with your life. You remain the same. The things within you change when you try something of your own.

By experimenting with the different aspects of your life, you see what works and what doesn’t work into your life.

No two person holds the same path for life. The path in the east is called dharma or the religion. The religion is nothing but the daily path of your life. The religion is a path towards the realization of god, and no realization of god to anyone ever happened, until they realized the part of god within them.

When you live your day, look into it, check and evaluate and see where your daily habits lead you to, and, is it the path that can give you the glimpse of your higher self, or you are still struggling to meet up your needs of life.

It’s very important to fulfill the needs of life and to achieve much more than that. But that should not be the end of life. You have to prepare yourself to experiment with life, and explore your professional life, your personal life, the things that you do on a daily basis.

This can happen when you carry an intend to grow and evolve with life. When you have a deep desire to become better with life every day. Then you don’t take anything for granted. You make sure whatever you touch gets better than yesterday.

For this, you experiment with your life every day. The experiment with life, on a daily basis, allows you to keep the curiosity alive within you. You are enthusiastic and passionate about life every day, as you know, that something fresh is going to happen today, out of your experiment.

“When you already decide the result of your action, you close the door for yourself, but when you experiment, you remain open with life. You know the situation can go either way, and you are not frightened but you enjoy that thrill in your life.”

Life is a path, where every moment you have signboards, that directs you to move in all the four directions. You can choose either of them. The choice is yours. If you carry the idea for life, that your future is already written, then that idea has no relevance with the truth of life.

When you stand on the cross road, you can opt for any path you like, and then anything that happens on the path is your responsibility and you don’t have anyone else to blame for. No god, no teacher, no friends, no family, no society, only you.

Every moment you stand on the cross road and decides your life. No one intervenes. It may happen that out of your own fear, you may choose the path of security, or you look for the little pleasures on the path. But anything you choose, or it’s you who are responsible for it.

Things don’t come to you, you are the one who covers the path, to get into the situation or come across the people, you may like or you don’t like. If you get away from the responsibility over your path, you cannot transcend your future path for the better, rather you get stuck at the same place, with the same people and the same situation for the lifetime, and then you may cry to god, to come and pull you out of the situation.

You decide everything about your life, and then you want someone else to pull you out of your problems.

The person who knows, how to experiment with his life, does everything to improve his life, and he is so clear in his mind that anything he does brings the good to him and even the life can go either way, both the way will serve the purpose of his life.

We all want to live the truth. We all live the truth, as per our own understanding and remember that truth is not available, at a lower level. You have to rise higher to match the truth of your life.

You know what you are capable of, but when you don’t live your truth, you betray yourself. It’s hard to live the truth. It’s painful. It asks for sacrifices. But the person who knows, that everything has its price on earth, is never afraid to pay the price, on the contrary, he feels lucky to be chosen to live the truth of his life.

To experiment with your life is to push your body, mind, and heart for the better. This is the process of evolution, where you transcends your inner self, to bring the beauty of within, out on this earth.

Life happens inside out, and if you look for the satisfaction outside, you are bound to get caught up in the illusions of the world.

Whatever you see outside comes from within. Whatever you see outside, already exists and have come out of someone else’s thought process. Now it’s your turn to dive deep within yourself, and to bring your truth on this earth, so that when you leave, you don’t have to come back, to repeat the process of life.

The people who repeat the process of life without understanding goes through birth and death, but the one who has deeper realization of himself and the happening of events on this earth, doesn’t get into the repetition, but live the most authentic life and understands the complete process of life, at one go so that he can attain a complete freedom, from the repetitive process of life.

Each one of us is here to explore life, but when we are not ready to push ourselves further than the road routine, we cannot explore the mysteries of life. Life is a mystery only for the mind, but when you dive deeper into yourself, you get the chance to explore your metaphysical world of thoughts, emotions, and energy.

You can move further, to get into the zone of absolute silence, where you don’t find anything, nor even the thoughts of your mind. This is the space within you, i.e. beyond mind.

This space needs to be explored. You can explore your inner life if you are open to life and ready to experiment with yourself. When you move within, you start to observe yourself.

Out of our old lifestyle, we have a tendency to explore the life outside, and we don’t know that there is also a life, that exists within us, that needs to be explored, to know the truth about life. When you are open to experiment, you receive the signs from within, to which path is more suitable for your growth and development.

Your intentions decide your life. Before you begin your day, decides prior what do you wish to have out of the day, and how do you wish to proceed with your life.

Have a clear picture in your mind, and even you might have many things that you may experiment today with your life, keep the track of the experiment and try to enjoy the process of it, rather get attach with the result out of it.

The process of life itself gives you the greatest joy and satisfaction. When you live thoroughly by giving everything to life, even life doesn’t hold back from you, as you only attract what you carry within yourself.

It may sound strange to change your routine on a daily basis, but that’s how you break the patterns of your mind.

The mind likes to get comfortable in one position and then he doesn’t like to leave that position. But when you choose higher life or you experiment with your life, to get better, than it’s always good to leave the comfort of the mind behind, to reach a higher level.

As you hold the intention to expand and get better with your life, the life too serves you by bringing the similar situations, people, experiences, thoughts, and idea’s for you to correspond.

So to connect with the truth of life, always choose the higher path and never be afraid to experiment with life. If you think big steps are huge, take tiny steps but always hold an intent to move forward and only to look back to have a huge smile for the past.

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