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rhythm of life

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The life has its rhythm. You have to understand the rhythm of life and sail through it.

The only problem you face in the existence is the query raised by your own mind. Query not out of curiosity or choice, but out of self-doubt and fear. When you can rise above the unwanted query of your mind, you can get yourself in tune with the rhythm of life and sail with it.

The ego in all of us is so stubborn that it can destroy itself to its core, but refuse to leave his own idea of life. Unless the ego is dropped from our life, no truth of life can be revealed from within.

Life has its many facets and as you grow and evolve with life, life itself reveals to you in many ways. Everyone face the difficulty in accepting and surrendering oneself to life.

It’s hard to understand the whole truth with our little mind. To understand life higher intelligence is needed. But this intelligence is only possible if you are ready to surrender and accept life from the innermost core.

The higher intelligence does exist in all of us. You can awaken it in you and experience the same life from a fresh perspective.

The Book of Wisdom

Life is effortless. It only becomes challenging when you become rigid and live out of ignorance. It may take some time to understand life, but if you consider your little mind to be the only truth, then you can never get closer to the ultimate reality of life.

God doesn’t fulfill our every thought, otherwise, the life on earth will turn into a mess, but he certainly gives us what we really need in life, provided we put our honest efforts to it. Everyone receives more than he deserves, and that’s the natural law of existence. Everyone carries an idea for life, and if your idea is to struggle with life, then your wishes to get fulfilled.

When the actions of life are against the laws of nature, the life seems hard and everything seems like an extra added effort. But at the same time, if you spend time in observing life and follow the process of life, you flow with the rhythm of life.

Life is a continuous process, so never plan to retire from life. Always think and plan ahead of your time.

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Whatever you see outside, comes out of you. Try to understand yourself more to understand the events of life. Life happens within twenty-four hours of the day. In twenty-four hour circle, you live your past, present and future. If you can understand twenty-four hours of your life, the life of existence will be revealed to you.

Understand & Connect with Life.

When you understand life, out of your intelligence, your actions instantly connect with the laws of life. The reason of failure is only because you act against the law of nature. If you follow the right path, it may take some time, but your steps will always take you forward in life.

With the mind, the man craves for different experiences of life and never seems satisfied with himself, while with the realization of the soul, he looks only for the essential.

Knowing Myself

This is the beauty of the soul. All the wisdom and bliss of life lies in the soul.

Sometimes we relate understanding with the information or knowledge. Information or knowledge is always borrowed while understanding is a part of an experience. This is the reason, why many rich people are less educated but they understand life well, to make the fortune for themselves.

The Higher Truth is revealed as you Grow & Evolve.

The first step, on an unknown path, gives you an experience. Once you get the experience your understanding grows about the path and you can move on the path with the stronger conviction. Later on, the same unknown path seems like a known path to you.

When you try to understand everything at one go, you miss the point of life and you fall short of life. Trust life and trust the existence. Remember the time of the day you are born and this day of your life. How life took you so far?

How it unfolded one day at a time.

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If you have fear for anything in life, ask yourself, are you experiencing it for the first time or the same situation occurred before and how did you deal with it in the past?

There is always some help or assistance, round the corner. Life serves everyone in its own way, but you are the one who fail to notice it, as you live with your own ideas for every situation of life. When you drop your own idea of life, the truth appears on the surface.

Life does Improve & get better with Time.

Hold this idea for life. Life does improve and get better with time. No matter where you are and what’s your situation of your life reveals to you, it will certainly get better with time.

The mind has two folded nature. It can serve you as a servant or can act as a master. The mind knows no other way to work. The power of choice and will to execute your choice makes you the master of your mind, while considering yourself as a victim, and feeling self-pity for oneself, allows the mind to take control of your life.

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When you hold the idea for growth, you ask the mind to direct in that direction. The idea of growth becomes the part of your experience.

Trying to get the things in a hurry, people are lost in the external reality, while the life has its own way to show up. The new-born child cannot turn into an adulthood, but he has to grow through the process of life.

Trying to get the things in a hurry, people are lost in the process of life, while the life has its own way to show itself. The new-born child cannot turn into an adulthood, but he has to go and grow through the process of life.

Living Tao: Timeless Principles for Everyday Enlightenment

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  1. Hi! This blog is great, you are doing good work here. I especially liked the quote : “Life is a continuous process, so never plan to retire with life. Always think and plan ahead of your time.”

    I think that is so true – when people stop looking forward towards the future, they go downhill. Every time I have had my attention stuck on something in the past, or I had some huge problem in the present, I wasn’t as happy as I could have been. Putting my attention in the future has lead to less problems and more productivity for me.

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