Understand the flow of Cosmic Energy Inside and become One with it

Understand the flow of Cosmic Energy Inside and become One with it

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The energy flows within you, in its purest form. It is transparent. It doesn’t have any color of its own.

You with your experiences and impressions, and thoughts and imagination, and with the feelings and emotions, utilize your inner flowing energy to manifest life.

If you understand the inner flowing energy, you become more careful, with what kind of thoughts, you add to your energy, or what kind of feelings and emotions, you add to it.

Every day brings along with it, certain obligations towards life. Few things go your way, and with others, you have to work out, simply out of obligations.

No matter, what the outside situation appear to be, if you add negative thoughts or emotions to your action, you simply spoil the inner flow of energy inside.

The mind assumes, that it’s the thoughts and imagination and the will-power of the mind, that makes the life happens, but at the back-end process, the energy is constantly flowing within you, to make the life possible, both within the brain, heart, and body and in the outside world.

When you experience life, from within, you realize that life doesn’t flow with the brain, but it’s the energy, that passes through the brain, heart, and body, and makes life possible in the outside world.

The cosmic energy inside is ever-flowing. Sometimes the flow is strong and sometimes the flow is weak.

In the morning time, the inner flow of energy is high, and any action taken in the morning time, allow you to experience the best result, out of your actions.

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As the day, progresses, the cosmic flow within the body, begin to slow down, for some time, and as sunsets, the flow within, again to rise up, within the body.

It’s very important to understand the flow of cosmic or prana energy inside and align yourself with it. Unless you realize the upward and downward movement of the cosmic energy, you can never schedule your task correctly.

Your cosmic energy doesn’t know, what kind of use, you will make out of it. People misunderstood God and its creation hugely and thus creates hell for them. God or creator has created you, in his own image and not in the physical form. The essence of you and the Creator is one.

You are pure consciousness and the creator too, is pure consciousness and that can only be realized, once you realize yourself, as pure consciousness within the body. With the pure consciousness, you can read the movements of cosmic energy, be flowing inside, and arrange and rearrange your outside life, with it.

The creator has designed the process for you and placed the part of him, in you, through which you can understand the creator and his creation. The creator has nothing to do, with what you do, at the level of mind, and he has left everything up to you.

The way you make use of your brain, heart and body, any consequence out of it, has to be faced by you. God or creator never interferes with your action or its consequence. Everything happens out of the process.

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The cosmic energy that flows within, once understood, can help you to make the right choice with the task, in the outside world, by studying the cosmic energy inside.

If you know, you need more energy for a particular task or action, you will simply assign that task, at the time, when the flow of cosmic energy is high and when you know that, for some tasks, you don’t need higher level of involvement, those tasks, you assign, at a time, when the flow of energy is lesser.

The cosmic energy that flows within is like waves. The waves sometimes rise high and sometimes flow at a low level. If you learn to read the inner flow, you align all of your outside life, according to it. The majority of the world is lost in creation, and never try to bother about the process of creation.

The most important aspect of life is not the creation, but the creator in you and the process of creation. Once you realize the flow of cosmic energy inside, along with its source, you understand the creator of the universe, and its cosmic order.

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The life has nothing to do, with pushing yourself, along the boundaries; rather it’s all about understanding the process of life and making yourself one with it.

If things are not flowing smoothly within you and if you try to make anything, in the outside world, you will certainly create a mess out of it.

All your thoughts and imagination and your feelings and emotions move in alignment when your cosmic energy flows smoothly and swiftly inside.

If there is a huge chaos, going on, in your inner world, you cannot expect a better life, in the outside world. Your outside reality is the result, of your inner cosmic energy, and then if you relate yourself with your creation or manifestation part of life, that again, makes you sadder with life.

Your cosmic energy creates your life. If your energy is locked inside, at any level, be it physical, emotional or mental level, you can never fully express yourself to life but your energy will remain, locked at different levels within the body.

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All your stress, pain, and suffering are not because of, what’s happening outside, but because of the blockages of cosmic energy inside, at different levels. You have to observe yourself and see what holds you back.

Begin to unlock yourself from inside, and you will experience new life outside. Don’t simply drag with life, but create life, out of love, joy, bliss, and wisdom. The cosmic energy can be put to use for anything, and when your actions reflect the cosmic energy of the universe, you can manifest any of your desire.

There are three levels, where the person has to unlock himself. At a physical level, with any form of exercise, be it physical exercise, aerobics, running, walking or yoga, so that physically he becomes fit, to express himself.

At an emotional level, by engaging himself in the activity, that brings a good amount of love and joy to him, and at the mental level, with the right knowledge, that can serve him, to observe, analyze, evaluate, understand and contemplate different aspects of his life.

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Joy and bliss with life, is tremendous, if you know, how to rightly access the cosmic aspect of life, inside. At the level of mind, heart, and body, life is much repetition, and you never touch the dimensions of life, that can give you true freedom of expression and fulfillment.

You always remain limited with life. You can never see life, beyond the identity of your mind, and your life simply revolves around it.

Understanding the flow of cosmic energy helps you to realize when to move and when to stop. When it’s the right time to act, and when you have to pull yourself back from life.

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With the Understanding of the cosmic energy, you don’t have to push yourself with life but simply float with the inner flowing energy. When the flow is high, you engage yourself with life, when the flow is low, you direct yourself, to the different tasks.

No task is difficult or impossible with the cosmic energy, provided you know how to make good use of it. Rather struggling with life, at the level of brain, heart, and body, look for the source of life, within.

With the source, you don’t struggle, but you simply become one with the process of life and flow with it. It all depends on you, how you wish to go with your life. If you wish to struggle, it’s your choice, and if you want to align yourself with the source of life, and be one with the process of it than that too is your choice.

Here the seeking is in relation to your inner cosmic energy and its source, i.e. consciousness. If you seek the source of life, all your struggles with life end and all remains are the love, joy, bliss, and wisdom of life to follow.

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