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process of life

Life is all about the process. Whether you are stuck in life, or you need something out of life, trust the process and align yourself with the process. It’s the process that makes the things happen for you.

If you follow the right process, the result is bound to come. All you need to do is, stick with the process of life.

Anything that you see or experience in your life comes out of the process. It’s the process that manifests life on earth.

Life is not about luck or fate; rather it’s all about following the right process. Whatever you wish to manifest in your life, align yourself with the process, and allow the things to manifest on its own.

Life always gives you what you want out of life, provided you stick to the process. There is no magic band in life; rather everyone has to make the necessary effort, to manifest the life of his dream.

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If you are struggling with life, or don’t find the way to move forward, trust life and trust the process of life and align yourself with it. You have to be ready to put necessary effort. Whatever you sow, you reap. You don’t receive anything that you have not given to life.

Life follows the process of cause and effect, and it happens at the level of energy and vibrations. Whatever you give you receive. Our understanding only remains limited to the actions, but life takes place at a much deeper level.

Patience is one of the keys to life. The action is required, but along with action you also need patience, so that you allow the things to happen. The action is required so that you add your share of work, at the same time; you also need patience, so that life can add his side of work, and the process of life can be completed.

Life manifests but out of the process. When the time is right things manifest on its own. It’s just like a birth of a child. The child takes its time, to come out of the womb. When the child completes its stipulated time in the womb, the child grows healthy. The same applies to the manifestation of things. When the things manifest at its time, the fruits are sweeter.

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When you try to pull out the fruits before the stipulated time, you know the fruits taste bitter.

Life is simple. Whatever you want out of life, understand the process and align yourself with the process and stick with it. If you are part of the process, things have to manifest. Life follows a process. If your mind holds some different assumption about life, then you dissociate yourself with the process of life.

You have to consciously spend time in understanding the process of life and then life manifests on its own.

The mind likes to play around the process, but that will not help you anyway. You have to follow the process and stick to the process.

Whenever you struggle in life, it’s only because of your dissociation with life. When you are aligned with life, you simply flow with life, and always know that you are heading in a right direction.

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You require trust with life. Life exists to support you, but before you expect something from life, you have to make necessary efforts. Life exists to give you everything, but before you receive it, you have to show that you are worth it.

When you follow the process, you grow and evolve with life. Your intelligence grows, and you see more at the moment. The clarity of life comes by seeing life at the moment. Life unfolds moment by moment. When you take that first step towards your desire, you activate other steps, to take you to your desires.

Many fail to achieve what they want in life because they give up in the middle. Either they don’t start, or if they do, they don’t stretch till the end. Life wants you to hold till the end. You have to hold yourself, till you achieve what you really want in life.

You have to complete the process. Unless you complete the process, it’s not possible to experience the life of your choice.

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No matter where you feel stuck in life, take those active steps towards the freedom and you will see the pathway to move forward. No situations of life are that complicated. You can have the solution for any problem of your life.

You have to develop control over your life. The situations, events and people in your life may not be in your control, but you can certainly control your choices and decisions in life. It’s your choice and decisions that attracts the similar situations, events and people in your life.

You can always influence the outside situations and people, by making better choices in your day to day life.

At any moment of your life, you have the choice to rewrite the script of your life.

Chicken Soup for the Soul

In life, if somebody who gives up it’s you, and not somebody else. The life that exists as a whole always wants you to win. You have to prepare yourself for all the adverse situations and circumstances of life. You just can’t take any moment of your life for granted.

Life only slips back from your hands, if you show negligence and take everything around you for granted. When you truly value everything around you, you always make necessary effort to keep your blessings alive.

The wrong path appears lucrative in the short run, but the price you pay for it, sometimes costs you your whole life. You should always be careful with the choices and decisions you make in your life and the consequence you face for it. Only make choices, considering the consequence out of it.

We get into the things, without considering the consequence of it, and regret later. Life doesn’t give you the chance to repent later, and thus the wise ones, take their footsteps with thorough understanding.

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