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You might have heard or read several times,  to be yourself, but what is the real definition of being truly yourself?

When every part of your life, comes out of your being, at that time, you become yourself. Your every thought, feelings, and actions come out of you. Your every expression reflects you, only then you stand as yourself.

There is a joy in being oneself. You stand alone. That doesn’t mean you are separate, but you represent yourself. It’s just like, on the Independence Day, the different state of the country, represent themselves, not to be better than others, but represent who they are. Life is such that more real and more authentic you are, more truth of life is revealed to you.

Life is lived out of understanding. If that understanding is borrowed, you create a mess out of your life and that is happening to everyone around the globe. For everything, you depend on others. People don’t use their understanding of anything. For everything, they look for the second opinion.

Each one wants to be happy and each one wants to fulfill their dreams, but by following others, or with the borrowed understanding. Remember the thing that is borrowed, cannot take you too far, and you have to drop it somewhere.

With life, you have to have your own rules and your own terms and conditions. You should know, where to stretch yourself, and where to draw the line.

Once you live from inside out, you expect nothing from others. Absolutely nothing. You never feel you do anything for others; you never even imagine others to pay you back, in any which way. When you do things, that you feel right, not because of its return in the scriptures or the rules that have been set by the wisest one’s, but it comes deep down from your heart, then you begin to move on the path of being yourself. To be yourself is to live your being. To live from the core. To live from the source of life. When you experience yourself beyond the usual experiences of your mind, you find yourself not less than God, who is here to express himself in all the different ways.

When you experience yourself beyond the usual experiences of your mind, you find yourself not less than God, who is here to express himself in all the different ways possible.

If you begin to direct all your energy inward, to know who you are, you get on the path of becoming God. Again, God is not something that sits in the church, temple, mosque or somewhere beyond the sky, but here I am talking about absolutely different God, that lies in your deepest experience.

Life wants you to show up, who you are. Every individual deep down inside carries his intrinsic nature. He knows what he wants out of life. It’s not necessary that you have to have all the answers of life, at the moment, but when you express your true self, even at the time of confusion, you can accept yourself, the way you are.

No problems of life stay forever. Sooner or later it has to perish. The point is, how you can hold yourself in those moments, and accept yourself in the midst of all the chaos and confusions of life. When you come out, as yourself life begins to flow through you. We all are in a way, hold God within us and that God wants to express himself in a huge way. If you don’t listen to him, you listen to others.

Either you live your way, or you live the way others want you to live. There is no third way to live life, period.

Every moment, with every choice and with every decision, what you have in your mind?

Either that choice is, out of your heart, or you think how others will perceive you, after making that choice?

Every individual is deceived in the perception. Life itself is perception and no perception can be better than the perception of oneself. Whatever you understand has to be the truth of your life. Only then even if it’s false, can be corrected at some point. But when you simply get deceived by the perception, there is no space remains, for you to correct yourself.

Life is full of joy and happiness when you allow yourself to be who you are. We all are nature and natural process flows through us. If we mess around the natural process, we suffer; we go through stress, pain and much more. It’s all our creation. Everything that takes place in you is your creation. You either alter, what’s going on inside, or you live with it, it’s your choice.

Everyone holds its music to play. When you play your music, you allow others to present their true authentic self to you. It spreads. Authenticity spreads.

Life is all energy and it multiplies and spreads. Energy doesn’t have the color of its own, but it waits for you to add, whatever you want to it. Whatever color you choose to give to your energy, it attracts the similar energy into your life.

The highest experience of life is experienced by being yourself. The true joy of life can be experienced, by being yourself. It’s good to learn from others, as and when required, and should be well tried and tested in one’s own life before you come to any conclusion out of it. With life only, personal experiences count. Unless you experience for yourself, it cannot be useful to you, at least in your life, no matter how best it serves the whole world.

The path of life comes out of the experience. Every individual has to go through his own trials and errors, before he comes across, something worthwhile to live for. Before you move beyond yourself with life, you have to bring every aspect of life to yourself. Every part of life should come out of your understanding. You have to prepare yourself to go through all the trials and errors, and ready to pay the price for it.

You learn out of the process of life and improve by picking the right lessons from it. You only grow from your mistakes. The more choice and decisions you make, more failure you experience, and more you fail, more life lessons you can pick out of it.

Life is not ready made but made to order. We are the ones, who have to design our lives. No one else can know what we want out of our lives. Things are happening inside of us and thus, we have to learn, how to direct our life, at every step.

It’s just like you are the driver of the car, and you have to reach a certain destination. Once the destination is clear to you, you know how to change the direction at every step. The same applies to life. If you know, you are responsible for every aspect of your life, you sit and decide, what you want and then direct your life’s energy in the desired direction. This doesn’t mean you don’t experience the hurdles. Hurdles do come, but once the destination is clear, all the hurdles of the path can be overcome.

The path of life is smoothly traveled if you are not attached to the path. Once the destination is clear, you can take any path that feels good to you. If you already have a particular path in your mind, then that path becomes the cause of your misery.

The idea of becoming this or that is just making a choice with different paths. We all have a destination to reach, but we all are so attached to different paths, that we forget to see the path, that is waiting for us.

If you drop all the idea about yourself and simply remain open to life, it becomes easier for you to connect with yourself. The path of life is going to come from within. You will never achieve anything which is real and authentic outside. All the real achievement with life is going to happen inside. So, more and more your life’s expression, will come from inside, more and more you will come closer to your true authentic self.

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