Transforming the self, to transform the world

Transforming the self, to transform the world

You have to transform the self to transform the world around you. When you observe life around you, not everything happens as you wish for. You want something else and the world around you goes into altogether in a different direction.

Sometimes we want the things to change. We want the people, situations, and circumstances around us to change.

But the question is how?

Here is the solution.

You can change or transform the world around you, by changing yourself. You have to work. Everything should start from you. You have to show dedication. You have to create a path and walk on that path. Sooner or later you will see the results.

It takes time and effort, but you can change the most drastic situations of your life. All it requires is time, efforts and patience.

Life changes with you.

The point is, are you willing to strive for the world around you?

Life is all about taking responsibility. Responsibility of not only of ourselves, but everything that happens around us. You can’t get into everything and change everything. All you can do is, start changing yourself and keep pushing yourself for the better and you will change the world around you.

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Too many things are happening at a time. If your mind is not stable and your focus is not on your goal, it’s easier to get distracted into too many things and get carried away by the present situations.

Life is all but energy. There is Lower energy and higher energy. When you show determination and dedication to change the self, you change your internal energy. When your internal energy change, the external energy too has to resonate with it. Low energy cannot radiate with the high energy.

Everything that you see is a play of energy. All the changes is required at the level of energy. When your energy shifts at a higher level, things too tend to shift at a higher level.

All the confusions and chaos only exists at a lower level. When the clean energy flows within you, you experience life altogether from a clear perspective.

Unless your perspective is clear towards life, every situation will add confusion to your life. You have to consciously work on the self to bring that necessary shift to your life.

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Life wants commitment and focus from you. It’s easier to deviate from the path. When you deviate from the path, your focus too gets away from your goal, and once your focus shifts from the goal, you miss to attain what you have desired.

When you deeply commit yourself to something and stay with it for the longer period of time, you can create anything that you desire in life.

Focus is the key to life. Our attention moves here and there, but at the end you need to know what you want in your life. When you are clear with your goal, it’s easy to make it a part of your life.

No matter how much we deny, our lives get impacted by the world around us. When we take the things in our hands and consciously work to change ourselves, we no longer get affected by the outside energies; rather we develop the power to change the world around us.

You must be willing to change the world, by changing the self. Just mere wish is not enough Hard core effort is required.

Life moves from lower truth to higher truth. More and more your understanding grows towards life, more you come closer to the truth of life. This truth liberates you from the illusions of life.

Happiness Unlimited

In the ignorance, we wish to change the world, but with the true knowledge, we strive to change the self.

Everything on earth follows its nature. Whether its humans, animals, plants, trees or anything that exists in the universe. It’s necessary you understand the nature of things and adjust yourself accordingly.

We all have a role to play in this universe. Anything that exists in the universe comes with its role. The sun, moon, stars, planets and everything that exists in the universe comes with its role.

When you realize your role, you pull your energy from all other things, and utilize the energy to uplift the self. When you know your role, you also develop an eye to differentiate between the truth and illusion.

It’s the illusion that makes the situations worse for the mind, and it’s the truth that liberates the mind from all the false and shows us the way of life.

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