Transcend your No-Mind State, into Bliss and Wisdom


The no-mind state is when you don’t have any thoughts on your mind. It can be achieved through different ways. Many times, when you have all you wish to have with your life, you reach to the no-mind state.

You already have everything that you need out of life, but still, you don’t have the sense of fulfillment. The mind is empty but along with it, heart too is empty from inside.

Out of your lifetime efforts, you have achieved everything, but still, for the little happiness, you have to search outside. Your life’s decision still depends on others.You are not self-sufficient with your life. The no-mind state is an end to the path of existence, and from this state, the new world begins of the higher reality.

The higher reality or pure consciousness is full of bliss and wisdom. When your inner energy transcends the body, heart, and mind and rises higher above the no-mind state, you experience bliss and wisdom.

Nothing lacks in this state, but something adds to your life to share with others. You are overfilled with joy and happiness and you cannot contain it with yourself, but to share with others.

Whenever you acquire anything from outside, you hesitate to give, because it’s not natural, you have acquired. When you acquire something from inside, you are more willing to share with the world. This doesn’t mean, that what you achieve from inside, ask for the less labor than what you have attained in the outside world.

The effort is the same or actually more, but anything which is natural expands out of its nature, while the artificial things remain stagnant to its place.

That is why, in all the inspirational talks, you hear about the positive thinking, as positive thinking is nothing but the natural energy which expands, if you direct them in a right direction, and the same rule applies to negative thoughts or negative energy.

“Anything which is natural expands out of natural law, and the thing which is artificial remains stagnant.”

Mindfulness, Bliss, and Beyond: A Meditator’s Handbook

When you see the outside world, you see the physical manifestation of life as a stagnant entity and the subtle world of thoughts, emotions, and energy which allows the manifestation of a physical world, constantly flowing. The direction of your subtle world depends upon you. Just with your intent, you can direct it in any direction.

When you reach to the no-mind state, and no thought remains, but still you miss the blissful experience, then one thing still remains for you to transcendence, i.e. your no-mind state. Patience is the key to transcending your no-mind state. The scariest things in the world is an emptiness. People get scared in the empty house, empty place and anything that seems hollow.

The enlightened being or the mystic is the one, who knows how to transcend the emptiness into the bliss and wisdom. The no-mind state is emptiness. Nothing remains in you. You are absolutely empty inside. This ain’t “Nothingness”, that has been described in Buddha’s literature.

Nothingness is full of wisdom and bliss. You are flowing with the pure joy and ecstasy from within. In this state, you have nowhere to go and nothing to achieve, as what you are looking for outside, is overflowing from within. If you walk, or your steps move forward with life, it’s only to share what you have received.

The life on earth understands the language of love and bliss. Wisdom too serves, if it comes with the bliss. No knowledge without love or bliss can serve you in life. The knowledge, that triggers joy, happiness, love, and bliss into your heart is the only useful knowledge, and rest are merely empty words.

The feelings and emotions are created from the thoughts and images of the mind. When your mind reaches to the no-mind state, your heart too remains hollow, without any feelings and emotions. The life is made up of heart.

“The mind creates life, but the life becomes alive with the heart. The heart is the bridge between the life of the outside world and your mind.”

EMOTIONS: Freedom from Anger, Jealousy & Fear

Wisdom is an understanding. On this earth, all you can do is understand. Either outside or within you. Things already exist. All the creation and innovation is the mixture of inside as well as outside world. From the inner world, you receive thoughts and emotions, while in the outside world, you get the substance to create things.

Look at any innovation or creativity. Innovation and creativity more or less are the same. Say for e.g. Air-craft. Aircraft was an idea of Wright Brothers. The idea took the shape in the physical form, when the physical component was used from outside, and then aligned with the natural laws of life. An idea from inside, and the components from outside, aligned with the natural laws of existence to create an aircraft.

The same applies to creativity. You have an imagination in your mind to portray. You take paint and brush and put all your imagination on the paper. The imagination of the subtle world comes alive with the paint, brush, and paper from the outside world. In creativity, your subtle world is prominent, while in innovation the substance of the outside world is more prominent.

The purpose behind the creativity and innovation is to bring your inner imagination and idea outside, by the culmination of both the physical as well as the subtle world.

Things already exist in your subtle world of mind and heart and the components are available outside to give it a physical form. The things take a time to manifest, as it takes time for you to understand the natural laws that unite the subtle as well as the physical world.

Once you bring your subtle as well as a physical world together, following the natural laws of existence, you manifest things on earth, to which the world termed as creativity or innovation.

The mystic or the enlightened one’s knows the natural laws of life to transcend their body, mind, and heart into pure consciousness. No straight path is available for anyone. Everyone has to go through his trial and error. The trial and errors are different experiences of life. Each one has to go through his own share of experiments or practices.

You cannot understand something without an experience. It may happen that few people understand things from one or two experience, while others may take several experiences of life, to understand things. But you cannot expect life to happen to you without experience.

You have to walk an unknown path. To hold yourself in the no-mind state is also not an easy thing. First of all, you go through enough experiences of life to understand the futility of life, to achieve the no-mind state.

After the experience, when you don’t find anything inside, you consider the same empty space as an ultimate experience. Coming back to life, again your struggle starts with life. You go through the same pain and agony of life. Even with the no-mind state, you reach nowhere.

With the no-mind state or any hollow experience, you feel in the outside world. The best way to rise above such experience is to be with it. Don’t run away from it. Experience it, dive deep into it. You can rise above the hollowness from outside or within by experience it thoroughly.

When you embrace the emptiness of life, you rise above it. If you run away, you miss the opportunity to rise higher, on the contrary, you have opted for another path. You rise higher when you accept life with all its colors and surrender yourself completely when you don’t understand the part of your life. When you surrender, something within you, rise higher to give you the most beautiful experience of life.

To experience the bliss and wisdom, you have to absolutely empty yourself with the body, heart, and mind. Once you are empty yourself from inside, the next step is to wait. When you patiently wait in utter relaxation, things starts to happen. You have to wait in utter relaxation mode. You allow the things to happen. You don’t force yourself. But you wait patiently.

Once you reach the no-mind state, nothing remains in the mind, but “I” still remain. You become the hindrance for the experience of transcendence.The mind still says I am free, but the “I” remains.

Unless you remain, you are not free. The transcendence happens, when you drop yourself completely. You can realize yourself into the no-mind state. Everything is empty, but you remain. Absolutely nothing should remain within you.

Utter emptiness and then surrender yourself to the existence. You are prepared to an extent to leave this earth, and nothing remains within you to hold you back, not even you. When you stay with the empty space, the magic starts to begin from inside. Your inner energy starts the magic dance within you.

Something from within starts rising up and clean the remaining waste, that was not possible for you to clear. It’s the spiritual energy within you, that does the magic for you.

Unless your intent is, to be absolutely one with the existence you cannot experience the ultimate. Your effort’s count, till you empty yourself from inside. Once you are completely emptied, all the inner, as well as outside efforts, are left behind and all remain for you is to surrender.Then the things happen by itself.

The bliss is of the higher world, the spiritual energy is of the higher world, wisdom is of the higher world and pure consciousness is of the higher world.

The body, mind, and heart is an instrument where the dance of life takes place. When you are with your mind, the dance remains limited to you, but once you become one with the existence, your dance spreads all over the existence. You become the instrument, to bring the higher world to the existence.

The Three Pillars of Zen


  1. We should firstly become aware about Objectivity as well as Subjectivity. All Pervasive Intangibility Of Eternal Pure Consciousness is our inner Substratum. Objectivity & Godhood are two sides of the same coin.When one side of Objectivity gets reversed with the inward withdrawal of our 5 senses, then the other side is simply Godhood . Now Science is the Observation Post of objective compartmentalisation over the All Pervasive Eternity of Pure Consciousness.
    Now Vital Force manifestation from bacteria to man continued along [Eating,Sleeping,,Mating, birth / death cycle], undeterred upto man.Liberation from this manifestation cycle is possible only for man.By destroying these components of the rebirth cycle alone, Man could get liberated ! Here, instead of beating around the bush with logically intellegent blindfolding excuses, the sincerest self efforts of our own EGO,[formed at Eden, time immemorially ] towards happening of 100 % CELIBACY along one’s own tailor made path suiting one’s own traits & natures accrued earlier, is the only way out ! In this context, The Mystical Kundalini Awakening becomes more meaningful . This is too Subtle to be viewed only from a subjective perspective. Objective approach won’t help us the least in proceeding any further beyond this stage of[No – Ego – Zone] of Non Dual Truth,I am Pure Consciousness.

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