To live out of Silence is an Art


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Silence is a place, beyond mind. When mind ceases to exist, one experience silence.

To live out of silence is an art. An art is an expression. To live out of silence is an art & a human has to learn the art before it expresses himself through silence.

To live out of silence is a skill. A skill needs to be developed. It’s not a gift, but it is developed with practice. Once we have practiced enough, we can live with it all the moments of our life.

To learn silence is to learn to fall in love with our self. We look for love in others, only when we don’t know our true self. To fall in love with the self, we should know our self from within. To know the self, its necessary that you become comfortable with the self.

When a man is born, he is a bud. That bud needs to be nourished & cultivated from time to time. If we don’t take care of the bud, it will die & perish, but if it’s nourished in a right way, it will flourish into a flower, & his fragrance will spread all over the place.

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Nobody can blossom from outside. We can only grow from inside. Howsoever, hard we try outside, we cannot blossom from outside.

Life exists inside us. It happens, inside out. If we search for life, at a wrong place, we will only have a by-product of it.

All the outside world is the by-product of the inside world. We try to look for the essence in the byproduct. We grow & evolve from inside. All the outside growth is possible when you know your inner world.

Life seems struggle in the outside world because we don’t know our true self. When the inside world is in a mess, the outside world too appears to be in a mess. The reality is, our inner world is reflected in the outside world.

When the mind thinks too many thoughts, & we look at the outside world, from that state of mind, then even a simple situation appears to be a chaos. The problem is not with the outside world, from what kind of mental state you perceive the world.

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Whatever happened throughout the day, but when we wake up next morning, the whole world seems different. Our life is limited to our perception.

But it’s not the actual truth of life. Our perception changes at every moment of the day. We cannot rely on our perception to understand life.

But when we try to understand the reason behind the changing perception every moment, we experience the neutral state of mind, that doesn’t change with the changing perception.

Your whole life, you focus on manifesting life, but miss to understand the mind, which is the source of all manifestation.

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Silence is possible through meditation, & meditation can happen, only if we learn, how to meditate. Knowledge about meditation helps the mind to understand the practice of meditation.

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Once we know, how to practice meditation, it becomes easier to understand the patterns of our mind. Our mind creates thoughts. It’s a box from where different thoughts originate, at a rapid pace, & before we try to understand, what is happening, with our life, we get carried away by our thoughts.

Our mind creates thoughts. It’s a box from where different thoughts originate, at a rapid pace, & before we try to understand them, we get carried away by our thoughts.

The practice of meditation helps us to slow down the pace of our thoughts. Once we can observe the gap in between our thoughts, it becomes easier to read what goes into our mind.

The quality of thoughts depends on the flow of thoughts. If the thoughts flow at a rapid pace, you not only miss to read your thoughts, but those thoughts too remain of a lower quality. At the same time, when your thoughts flow at a slow pace, your mind produce higher quality of thoughts.

More we experience the space of silence, better the quality of our thoughts become.

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All the activities of the day depend on the quality of our thoughts. What we do on a daily basis define’s our life. The quality of thoughts is improved with the practice of meditation.

A person can go deep in silence, & create the world of his desire. Life is a choice, & one can only realize this fact once he creates his life out of choice.

To move into silence requires sincere & dedicated practice. Anything can be fun in life, but before we reach the level of fun, it demands a high level of practice.

If we don’t bath regularly, we start smelling bad, in the same way, if we don’t practice each day our craft, we start losing our grip on the craft.

If we really want to live closer to God, silence is the way to God. The real growth of life is a vertical growth and not horizontal. We grow vertically inside, & the same spreads horizontally in the outside world. Silence helps us to grow vertically. When we grow vertically, we are always in aligned with the law of nature.

” If you go on looking for perfection, you will always have something to be perfected. The perfection is an illusion of mind.”

Zen Mind, Beginner’s Mind: Informal Talks on Zen Meditation and Practice

When we live outside, we create things in the outside world, without knowing its source. Not knowing the source adds fear to life. With silence grows awareness. With the awareness, we receive clarity and the ability to make correct decisions out of it. When you learn the art of silence, you develop a sense of knowing. Not knowledge but knowing. Knowing is the direct solution in the moment. The wisdom of life too comes from silence.

“Yoga is the cessation of the movements of the mind. Then there is abiding in the Seer’s own form.” ― Patanjali, The Yoga Sutras of Patanjali”

The Yoga Sutras of Patanjali
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