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If you are looking for something on the north side, I can direct you in the north direction, and if you are looking in the south, I can direct you in the south direction, but what if you are looking for God?

Then, can I direct you in the north, south, east, west or up in the sky or beneath the earth?

God cannot be found anywhere other than inside. The way to God is inside. That’s the only way you can have an access to God. It may seem strange, but the way to God is from inside. The one who looks outside wanders, the one who looks inside, awakes. This is the magic of life. All the mysteries of life get resolved when you move inward.

The way to God is inward. Now, you can use multiple tools to reach to your god. Do anything that is suitable to you that can help you to reach your goal. No fix instrument works to take you towards your goal. You can create your own instrument or you can pick anything either from externality reality or from your internal world.

You can experiment with everything and anything that can bring you closer to God, and remember, more you come closer to God you receive the confirmation from inside, and thus you don’t have to worry about, either you are on a right path or wrong path.

Simply with the intention towards God and taking an inner path, you can never go wrong at any point in life.

All the path leads to God, but you have to choose one for yourself. To move inward seems difficult for many. When you close your eyes, you don’t find anything inside, only darkness. The path only comes out of this darkness.

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When you form a desire or hold a dream, in the external reality, how much efforts, do you put, to achieve your dreams or desire?

Now, to realize God is the ultimate desire of life. No other desire remains, beyond the desire of God. So imagine, how much effort is required, to fulfill the ultimate desire of life. On top of that, you have to create a path from the darkest of the valleys that exist inside. You have to learn to connect with yourself.

It may seem absolute darkness, but the point is, you never tried to look beyond that darkness. There is not only the light of God exists beyond darkness, but the signs too are available inside, to take you forward on your path.

It may seem absolute darkness, but have you ever bothered to look beyond darkness?

There is not only the light of God exists beyond darkness, but the signs too are available inside, to take you forward on your path.

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There is only light of God that exists beyond darkness if you really look into it. The way to God also carries the signs on the path. The signs may direct you either outside or take you to the deeper reality inside.

The inner journey is worth an effort. It’s not only worth an effort, but if you really crave for adventure, or you really think you have the courage to experience, the ultimate truth of life, then this is the only journey, which can give you the ultimate fulfillment of life.

The way to God goes through you. This is not the path for the dumbest souls, who think they are the most intelligent people, exists on this earth, but this path is for the ones, who are not afraid to drop themselves, and looking for life which is much bigger and much grander than the elusive reality that they hold for life and  about themselves.

When you look at the external reality, you may assume you know everything, but when you close your eyes and try to look into the darkness of your internal world, all the knowledge of the external life fails to create a way out of the darkness.

Living the Wisdom of the Tao

In this moment, you realize the limitations of your external knowledge, and all the big ideas, you carry about yourself. On the inner journey, you again become the layman, and you have to start from the scratch.

The way to God goes through our breath, sensation, feelings, emotions, dreams, desires, thoughts, and imagination. Initially, when you look inside, it seems difficult to find all of the above things inside. The only thing you experience is darkness.

But with the time, when you learn the art to stay in the darkness, all your subtle reality begins to come to the surface. You experience the subtle part of the external reality, inside of you.

God is the most boring word if you try to understand him in the external reality, but if you really begin to walk in the direction of God, you cannot find anything more interesting than God himself.

All the beauty, joy, fun, happiness, love and life you experience outside, come from the same God and it’s not even a drop of an ocean, in comparison to the experience of God himself. Every step on the way to God is magic in itself. The magic doesn’t lie only at the end of the path, but every step is magic on the way to God.

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External reality and internal reality simply rotates in a circle. When the day, or month, or a year gets over, it seems like too many things have happened, but when you really look at life, from the perspective beyond mind, nothing really happens, and you simply rotates in a  circle, even after days, months and years.

We identify life with our physical structure. Our idea of life is limited to our physical body. We only see things, in terms of growing young or old. As the time moves quickly and we think that the body is getting old, we wanted to achieve everything quickly.

We never try to understand the reason for our existence, or why we grow from child to young and from young to old. We only see the passing phase and simply run accumulating whatever we see in the external world.

Life deceives you at every point if you simply live with your own idea about life. If you think you know everything, life deceives at every point, and your understanding towards life is so covered with your own understanding, that it seems difficult for you to figure out, the repeated errors within your life.

Whatever you have lived up till now, can be seen as a reflection in the darkness of your internal reality. Unless you can see what you carry inside, you cannot go beyond it.

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If you don’t look inside of you, you will never realize what’s going on, in your external reality and whatever different situations, events or experience, in which life simply throws you; and you too participate in a repetitive process, without understanding a bit of it.

It’s impossible for us to realize that we simply react to the situations, events, and experiences in which life throws us. We never do anything from our side, but we react to the life’s situation, events or experience, in which life puts us into.

We may carry an illusion that we are making different choices and decisions with life, but when you look inside, you realize that all your choice and decisions too comes out of the impressions, which life has put you in.

Unless you prepare yourselves to walk into the dark valleys of your internal world and figure out the light inside, whatever you do, simply remain the half truth and the ultimate truth will always remain hidden from you.

It’s important to know the whole truth, or at least, make an effort in that direction so that one day we expect ourselves to experience it. Life doesn’t happen in the external reality, but it takes place in that half truth which we are never bothered to know.

The words that express the way to God, always fell short to describe every experience that happens. The person who is really interested to know the truth have to travel his path on its own, and no other thing or person can serve him to take him to the other shore.

The journey towards God has to be travel on your own. All the fear, setbacks, motivation, inspiration has to be pulled from inside.

Encountering God

All the failure has to be faced by you and all the accomplishments have to be cherished by you. No other person can ever be available on your inner journey. Yes, you can find people that too are searching for God and the ones those who are on their way, to their inner journey.

You can sit and relax with them. You can share your inner experience. Those one’s will be your companion. You can find solace with them. But again you have to pick yourself and begin your inner journey alone.

Remember the way to God is inside, and it can be taken while experiencing the external reality. Everything that exists in the external reality can serve you to take you to the deeper level if you are really inclined to reach to the truth of life.

You can make the most out of, every situation to take you to the deeper truth. The way to God is not something that is specifically designated, to a particular set of people, but everyone who is curious to know life and the one who is really interested to know the truth of life can initiate the journey for himself.

You at any moment in any given situation are absolutely free to choose your own path. Sooner you begin, earlier you reach your destination.

The Dhammapada
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