The way I came across God


“God is Light & Higher Vibrations”

God for me is the supreme soul, full of light, vibrating at a higher frequency, holding the stars, planets, and different galaxies, with its vibrations. The part of God is not to remember me, but I have to remember him to fill myself up with the power so that I can lift myself up to fulfill the responsibilities, and grow and get better to be in the service of the lord.

Who knows better than the supreme, the fate of each soul. So anyone, who choose to make the difference in life, has to connect to the supreme, by remembering him, at every moment, and should lift himself up, and should also lift others.

“Souls come from the other World.”

There is another world of souls, resides, below the supreme souls, in the form of light, with a lesser vibration than the supreme soul. The soul from this world, out of choice come down on this earth, to play their role, and once their role gets over, they go back to their home.

The interesting fact, of this world, is when the soul chooses to come on this earth, he forgets his past from his memory, and should make again all the efforts to recognize his truth.

“The role of the Existence.”

Then comes the existence, the earth, that has its own law, created by the supreme soul. It’s a play, and a drama both, with its own rules and laws, perfectly placed in order. Every soul who appears on this earth has to follow the rules and the law of the game and be abide by it. The law has its own cause and effect. The cause and effect are limited to an individual soul and has nothing to do with others.

To understand the laws of life, you have to understand yourself from within. You sow the seed and you reap it, and it has nothing to do with anyone else.

Existence is in tune, with the nature of the human’s mind, and it helps the human to manifest the things, as per his desire. The existence itself is the mind of nature as a whole. The existence brings the collective energy together. We attract the similar kind of people, situation, and circumstances according to our individual nature, and create our world, around our thoughts, emotions, and vibrations.

“The Soul has its own role to play.”

The soul, choose to come down on this earth, to play its role. The soul has its own nature, i.e. thoughts flow through the mind. The soul also has emotions, that works through senses, to run the physical body.

When the soul is realized, the person has a complete control, over his mind, emotions and senses. When the person controls his mind, i.e. his nature, he also controls the cause and effect of his life. As the cause happens inside, and the effect is reflected, in the outside world. The soul realized man can control both his inside and outside life and help others to get them to the state of self-realization.

If we go deeper into the soul, the soul reveals its true quality and this way we see and understand the quality of the supreme soul, from the qualities of our soul.

Every soul has its part to play in the existence, according to his karma. Unless the person creates an intent, to free himself, from worldly life, he goes on desiring things, and come on this earth, to fulfill one or the other desire.

“Free-Will to Choose.”

When we make a choice to free our self, the soul shows the path from within, to take us higher, to the stage of divinity. The law of the supreme soul is to give and share what you have and take absolute responsibility for life. The same law applies to the soul.

So the mind of a person, who creates an intent to give, rise quickly, on the path of spirituality, and gets closer to the soul. The soul talks to the person, through intuition, and its the choice for the human, to listen to the voice of the soul, and follow the heart, or create further desires for life.

When an individual develops an intent to move towards god, all his energy, emotions and thoughts are directed towards it, and the existence, serves him to get on the path of self-realization.

The thoughts of the mind, emotions & energy, can be understood, only with the self-realization.

The body, brain and heart have to be prepared first, before it understands the truth of god and doesn’t get carried away with the old beliefs of the past, or in his own imagination.

“To create an intent to Realize the Soul.”

When the person realizes the soul, it rises above the level of mind, dropping the illusion’s of life, and gets deeper into the soul, to get connected to God. The true desire or an honest intent towards god is necessary for the person, to realize the soul.

We all follow our thoughts and emotions, in action, to achieve the satisfaction and happiness out of life.

Even after all the worldly achievements, we fail to understand the true purpose of our existence. The purpose of life can only be understood from within. The material accomplishment is part of the active effort in the external reality. It can give you the abundance outside, but it will never tell you the true purpose of your life, which can only be found out, by working on oneself inside.

The life moves from lower to higher vibrations. The person vibrating at a lower level, with his thoughts and emotions, develops similar kind of energy for his actions and attracts the same type of life in the outside world. As we move higher, with the vibrations, i.e. by developing our thoughts and emotions, or creating an intent to connect to the supreme, we vibrate at a higher level, and create better situations and circumstances for our self, in the outside world.

We can elevate the process of evolution, by focusing all our thoughts and emotions to the supreme, so that we can increase our vibrational level.

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  1. Hi.

    It’s a beautiful article and very good concept indeed.
    I have read this many times, that spiritual journey is inside out. However, if you can also explain that how do I listen to my inner self or how would I connect to my soul. How to remove superficial layers of outer voice and finally how would I get connect to that supreme soul.

    Thanks once again for this knowledgeable article.

    Stay Blessed.

    • I will give you a simple example, that will help you to understand your soul and then it will become easier for you to connect to your soul.

      Now, Imagine a temple, with a closed door. Now, the temple has not been opened for years, say the exact years is your age.

      Now, if you open the temple, you will not come face to face with the statue of God, but you will find many things that belongs to temple and many things, that have entered into the temple.

      Now, to experience God or realize soul inside, you don’t have to add anything, because the statue of God or your soul already exists inside.

      You know the things, that belongs to the temple and you know the dust that has been gathered from outside. So to see the statue of God, you have to remove all the accumulated dust from outside, and you will keep the basics belongings that belongs to the temple.

      Now, soul already exists inside, and along with the soul, there are basic needs of life or basic things, which is useful in your day to day life.

      Now, when you begin your day, each day only keep the things that is useful for you and rest of the things, try to drop slowly from your life.

      Initially you can begin from outside. There are people, situations, and experience. Be more conscious with your choice, and see what are the things that are necessary for your life, keep it, and the things that doesn’t serve you, try to drop it from your life.

      As you will have more time for yourself, it will be easier for you to read, your inner world. Than practice the same thing, with your inner world. Only attach with the things or think about things which is useful and the things that doesn’t serve you, simply take all your energy from it.

      Slowly you will notice that, you will have better clarity about both your internal and external life and than it will be easier for you to connect with your true self. Don’t worry you don’t have to do anything, you simply have to remain present with your life, with the intent to connect, and than life itelf will draw you closer to the soul, provided you create enough space within you, for your soul to respond.

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