The Way a Warrior creates the Life’s Path


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The life is all about to reach to the top of the mountain, and come down to pick others to push them forward to the top, show them the way or help them whichever way it’s possible so that they too can experience the truth of life.

The top of the mountain is just a symbol for the journey of life, that each one has to carry inside. Every experience you encounter in the outside world is just a sign of that which is happening in your inside world.

Every person knowingly or unknowingly follows the path. The life’s path comes out of experiences of life. Few people are courageous enough to follow their heart and develop the path that brings more excitement and thrill to their life, while some follow the process of evolution and allows the life to take place by itself.

For the warrior, the most important thing is not him, but the life’s path. He chooses his every move and decides his every act, and after experimenting and experiencing the same path over and over again, he creates his own path for life.

The path of a warrior has nothing to do with the world, but he tries everything by himself before he makes something a part of his life.

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He doesn’t believe in anything and doubts everything before he understands things and puts his trust in it. Once he trusts something, he never allows the doubt to take over and moves with more confidence.

To create the life’s path, the warrior goes through the real experiences of life and doesn’t believe what others say. He experiments on himself and if the experience seems important to him for his growth, he includes in his life’s path.

He very well understands that tomorrow doesn’t exist, so he doesn’t plan anything for tomorrow, but he is more interested in fulfilling all the needs of this day, and make each and every experience of this day of his life better.

For the warrior, what exists is, this day and thus he spends all his energy to live and make the present moment and the present day better. The life simply follows a circle of day and night but the circle too happens in a day. You experience no life beyond this day. If tomorrow comes, again you experience the present day.

He considers each day of his life, as his last and doesn’t leave anything for the regret. The life’s path of a warrior covers all the obligations of life, and he uses all his life’s experiences of the past to fulfill his obligations of the day.

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The warrior is never in a hurry to make the things happen, as he knows that everything has a right time to manifest, and unless all the probabilities of life come together, the things don’t manifest itself. The warrior knows what is possible from his side, and what is needed from the life’s end, for the physical manifestation.

The warrior doesn’t believe in imagination rather he lives in the reality of the moment. The moment is the only truth exists for the warrior. The warrior knows his past, present, and future and thus remains relaxed in the present moment.

Before proceeding with his path, the warrior clears his path in his mind and once the things are clear, only then he proceeds further with his path. The warrior is never afraid of an unforeseen situation as he very well understands that, its a part and parcel of life. The warrior trusts his life’s path, as it comes out of his experience.

The warrior never depends on anything except himself, as for him the only thing that is trustworthy is his own efforts. He takes help from his circle when in need and always keep in mind to return the favor.

The warrior makes sure that he is always on his path, and his life’s path is his only protecting shield.

Even the life situation throws him out of the path, he reminds himself all the time about the path, and as soon as the life allows, he again gets back to his path.

The warrior reads the process of life, and thus he never resists the outside situation and accepts whatever comes on his path.

The warrior never considers himself separate from the life on existence, and so it becomes easier for him to trust the existence.

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The warrior doesn’t follow the road routine, but always carries the excitement for life within. He always seeks love and happiness within and is never dependent on outside source. He always has more than enough to offer everyone and this is the source of joy for him.

He knows how to get in touch with the inner abundance and so he is never afraid to give and share with others. He trusts life so much that he knows that when he needs something, the existence will be kind enough to serve his needs.

You will never find a bigger master, than what’s lie within. It holds all the answers of your life.

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No problem or query of life seems bigger for the warrior, as it holds all the solutions to life within. The warrior develops a habit of taking bolder steps with life.

He rejoices in every moment, and no part of life makes him sad. He sees life as a process and considers himself to be a part of the process. He uses all his knowledge, experience and support to overcome any unforeseen situation of his life.

He knows the essence of life which is love and excitement, and thus he never allows himself to feel low from within at any moment of life.

When the warrior reaches to the top, he realizes the truth of life, where everything is no more than a dream. Still, he chooses to live and play into the dreams wholeheartedly.

Life is a dream and to wake yourself out of the dream is the purpose of life. Once the inner light lits up in a warrior, he uses the light to serve him on the path.

Carry On, Warrior

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