The state of Mind, is more Important than Your Schedule



You might be obsessed with too many things happening simultaneously in your life, and for that, you plan life in advance, and schedule everything, but when the time comes for execution, the whole schedule goes haywire. It’s because the schedule is prepared with the mind, and unless you don’t have a balanced state of mind, in the moment, you cannot keep up with the schedule.

Your state of mind is more important than your schedule. The schedule is your daily tasks of life, that includes all you need out of life, while the state of mind is the balanced state, you carry in the moment. If your mind is out of balance, it’s easier for you to go out of balance with your schedule of life, but with the balanced mind, you can carry of any task of life.

It may ask for more to keep up with the schedule, but rather working hard on schedule, if you can manage your state of mind, the schedule of life, can easily be taken care of.

All the planning as well as the deviation, from the schedule, happens with the mind. If you can hold the right state of mind in the moment, you can carry on your schedule with ease, and give best of yourself to life every moment. You prepare yourself with life into your mind. Unless the mind is clear with what you want out of life, all the scheduling and planning gets failed.

People tends to prioritize their life, looking at the outside needs of life, but they forget the source, that serves them to fulfill their needs. The mind is the source. If your priority is the right state of mind, the needs of life gets fulfilled, with ease. The struggle of life happens inside, but the ignorance about oneself, allows you to fight in the outside world.

If you make sure to do all the tasks of life, with a balanced state of mind, and not the schedule, but you make yourself the priority, you can keep up the balance with different aspects of life.

When your focus is on the schedule, your attention always remains outside, and outside situations and events of life comes out of many probabilities. But if you maintain your inner state of mind, no matter how many times, you have to flip your outside schedule, you still remain calm and peaceful from within, at any given moment.

With the outside focus, even little thing out of the schedule is enough to put you off the track, and then it gets difficult to catch up the schedule entire day. When you direct your mind outside, there are fair chances for you to get carried away with different situations and events of life, but when you stay with the inner state, no matter what you face in the outside world, with the inner balance you can anytime come out of the most difficult or challenging situation of life.

“The schedule is important to set the priorities of life in order, but you can never be rigid with the schedule, as the things takes place in the outside world out of many probabilities.”

The mind is the place, where you grow and  evolve with life. You can improve and get better with the outside things only with the mind. The mind is the medium between manifesting outside life, and for the inner growth and evolution.

Life takes place not only in the outside world, but its blueprint develop in the subtle world, that is inside of you. When your attention is only outside, you go too far away, from the natural process of life. Everything that exists on earth comes out of you. You are the source of everything.

So, other than you, if anything else is your priority then you remain away from the natural process of life. The process of evolution is to come closer to yourself, i.e. to understand your body, mind, and heart. The more you feel connected to yourself, the more you grow and evolve from inside, and when you express yourself outside with your inner state of mind, your life grows ten folds in the outside world.

The life is more of an inside  thing, and in today’s time many of the souls, have come to the state to realize it. The process of self-realization too is to experience the entire life within and understand everything that goes inside of you. The self-realized person can connect with the natural process of life, and rather go through life with all the efforts, he simply flows with the natural process of life, embracing everything and rejecting nothing. He understands that all is one and one is all.

The life cannot be understood from outside. You can always have a glimpse of life, that too directs you inside. All the philosophical queries of life come from inside. The right query towards oneself also serves you to realize the higher self.

The life is more about experience and understanding.  When you experience more and more with life and be open to understanding life, through different mediums, you get clarity with life. Everything that comes out of nature, follows the same process of life. When you make an effort to understand yourself, slowly you develop an understanding towards everything that exists on earth.

In the outward appearance, everything differs, but from inside, from its very roots, the process of creation of life remains the same, for everyone. It’s just because the creator of all the source is one. Thus when one person realized his true nature, he shares his wisdom and become the guide for others, so that others too can look within themselves to get closer to their true nature.

“The process of life remains complicated for those, who are looking for complexities and remains simple for the one’s, who try to understand and experience life with simple things.”

Everything exists in you. You don’t have to look anywhere else, for anything in life. All you have to do is, simply trust yourself and know each and everything that takes place inside of you, and you will be surprised to know, that you can understand the entire lives on existence.

The time you connect to yourself, strangely you connect with every living being on this earth. It’s hard to separate yourself from anything, once you transcend your identity beyond your personal self.

The mind is not the place, where you experience the wisdom of life. The mind is just an instrument, i.e. used wisely, to reach to the state, from where the wisdom of life flows from within. The mind is full of thoughts, i.e. part of your experience and impressions that you have accumulated over the time. When you prepare yourself to drop all the thoughts, and allow the natural process of life, to take place, you see life, in its natural form.

Life is affirmative, as you rise higher with your understanding and connect more with the natural process of life. The understanding towards oneself connects you with the natural process of life. When you understand yourself well, you rely less on the outside things, and more on what’s happening inside of you, to perceive life. When you perceive life from within, the things, situation or people appear in its natural form.

“The law of attraction works with your inner energy. When your inner energy, rise higher from inside, you attract the people, situations and experiences into your life, of a similar kind.”

Life is more about exploring and discovering oneself, rather getting too much indulge in the outside things or situations. When you discover more of yourself, you certainly able to present yourself better to the outside world. Whatever you give comes back into your life, out of cause and effect.

If your intention with life, is to connect with your higher self, everything serves you on the path, while even if you follow the more strict schedule, but without any purpose, it will make you empty from inside. Right things done even without understanding bears the right fruit, in life.

The life is a process, and the important thing for the human is to connect with the right process of life. Then you don’t have to worry about the schedule, but simply keep up with the inner state of mind, and the process of life itself will fulfill all the desires of life.

The inner state of mind is directly connected with the life itself, and you can directly connect with the process of life, from inside, while allowing the outside  schedule of life to take place, following the natural order. With the balanced state of mind, actions take place, but more in alignment with the  natural process of life, and with the natural order you don’t have to force yourself to accomplish things, but as you move on with life, the things show’s up, at a right time.


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