The state of Awareness is Pure Presence in the Moment


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When the child looks at the world, he doesn’t carry any idea for life. He looks at the situation, that is in front of him and act spontaneously. This is awareness in the present moment.

To be in the present moment is not to hold any idea for the situations, people, personal or professional life, but move into everything with the open mind.

You have the schedule, goals or life path or purpose to achieve, but it does not necessarily suggest that you have to follow a single path to achieve your goals. If you are completely present at the moment, you can use as many paths as possible to achieve your goals. You remain flexible in life.

If you are just aware in the present moment, you use all your energy for the situation and give everything to it. When your mind is focused in the moment, it doesn’t bother to think about the past situation or people.

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When you are open to life, you go into every situation, with an open mind, and once you move in, you give the best shot to life and move further on the path. The mind needs to be trained to remain aware of the present moment.

You have to stay aware of your mind all the time. The time your attention shifts from your mind, it knows how to take you for a ride, into the past as well as the future.

To remain aware of the moment is no knowledge, but pure intelligence. It’s like you hold a magic bend of awareness all the time. You are so sure of life, in the moment that if you need something, it will arise or you will figure out the path to get what you want in life.

Everyone is more interested in knowledge, but nobody trusts the pure intelligence that lies inside. This doesn’t mean you don’t plan or schedule your life, but every action you take should serve you to act free in the present moment.

Discovering a Life of Wonder by Embracing Uncertainty

You cannot stick to the fixed plan that you carry for life and should be ready to mold your ways at any moment of life. Surety and security with life come from experience and experience can happen, only when you are open to experiment with life.

The mind opens up with different experiences of life. This is one of the methods to open the mind and experience the enlightenment state. The state of enlightenment is the glimpse of a no-mind state.

The only difference between the child and the enlightened being is that the child state of mind is naturally curious and later on beliefs and thought process develops into the child’s mind, while the enlightened being drops all the chaos of his mind, to attain the child-like state of mind.

When you already carry the future in the mind, you miss the present moment at every step.

With the open mind, you carry an open future in you and looks at the situation from all the three dimensions, i.e. from the past, present and future.

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When a child makes a castle across the sea, he does it out of joy without any purpose. This is the very purpose of life. To live and create life out of joy, not for the purpose but for the joy of life itself.

Imagination, dreams, curiosity, creativity, right query, innovation are part of the mind that brings novelty to life. It doesn’t appear from the past experiences, but it comes from the different space of the mind.

You have to create a life path by living it. The path is created in your mind. The bridge has to be created inside from the old nature of the mind to the mind that is completely fresh and open to life. You enjoy every moment of life and allow your joy to pass it on to another moment. It’s all about the state of mind.

The awareness in the moment starts outside with the action on hand, and slowly it shifts inside. This is how your awareness expands in the moment. Then you are less concern with the outside action and more concern with the joy that is happening inside.

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Awareness brings joy to life. The present moment doesn’t hold any sadness of life. All the stress and pain and suffering only lies in the past, or in the future, but never at the present moment.

The moment is always fresh and new, and so your awareness in the moment keeps you happy, and slowly as your awareness develops in the moment, your happiness expands in the moment.

The awareness of the external world or the awareness of the internal world, both remains the same. It’s the same awareness, that remains aware of the outside world and the same awareness that is aware of the inner world. When you begin to remain aware of the inner world, you experience more love and happiness with life. This love and happiness remains less dependent on the outside world and remains more part of your inner world.

To grow & evolve with life, is to shift the attention from outside to within.

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