The Source of Life is in You.



The source of life is in you. You have the power house, that provides you all the supply of energy, that allows you to run life. All you have to do is remain connected to your source. Everything has a source in life. Nothing exists on earth without source.

Know your source, and connect with the source. The source lies in you. When you look inside, you may find only breathe, than that’s your source. You may connect with your physical body, than that’s your source. Whatever your understanding allows you to relate to, that can become your source.

For some, it’s easier to connect with the sensation, and for some to their feelings, and emotions. If you move deeper, you can connect to your thoughts, and if you can allow the thoughts to subside,  you connect with the pure silence, that resides within you. These all are the source of life, that allows you to present yourself into this world.

Imagine, the person who doesn’t know his roots. He don’t know where he comes from, and simply moving into the existence. This is the condition of today’s human.

No one is born with the understanding of life. But even after going through different experiences and situations of life, you don’t learn or not even make an effort to understand life, than you simply waste time, repeating the circle of life.

The mind makes you move in a repeated circle, if you don’t know your roots. Life starts with you, and ends with you, while the outside life continue to exist, even if you are long gone. Connect with the source, and then expend as much as you want.

When you connect with the source, you develop power. You move with more confidence with life. The confidence develops, when you know your source and are connected to your source. You always have to return to your base. Insecurity develops, when you live without base.

The base is not something that you know, but even when you don’t know something and you are sure about it becomes your base. People believe in god, as they find their base in him. Each one worship in his own way. Each one makes his own way to connect with the source. Atheist find their base in not knowing. Both are right at their stand point.

“The problem arise, when the atheist considers him atheist, and deep down inside believe in god, while the person may believes in god, in his outward appearance, but deep down inside, doubts god.”

The source is always one, and its not necessary to believe it, unless you experience for yourself. But if you don’t believe something and still hold faith in it, it allows you to grow your confidence.

“Its not necessary that in the moment you know the source, but an intent towards the source, gives you an end goal. You know where you are heading towards with life.”

Either you have the source to begin with, or you have a source at the end to reach to. If any one of this thing is clear in your life, its easier to cover the middle path.

Connection with the source, serves you to create path. The nature of mind is to wander into different directions. The source directs the mind, to be on the path.

You have all that need to survive on this earth, be it the intelligence, feelings, emotions, or energy and mind you everything lies in you and nothing outside. All you have to do is synchronized everything within you, to get the best out of it. If you can make that possible, you can create anything out of your life outside. The meaning and purpose to life comes from within.

The source of life is one, and the mind too understands the language of one path. The practice of meditation is to focus and concentrate mind on one thing. One is the source of everything. With one, you can achieve anything.

“The life comes from one source, expand itself into many, and get back to the same source. When you connect with one source, it’s easier to expand into many, but without one, if you choose to expand in many, there is a fair chance for you to get lost.”

You cannot act out of every thought. Be sure enough with what you want out of life. When you come out of source, you allow the life to flow through you, and you accept all the situations and different experiences of life with gratitude.

There are times with life, when you use all your efforts, to push yourself out from the chaos, and than the time comes, when you simply connect with natural process of life, and flow with it. Life is like day and night. You have to go through the heat of the sun, to experience the coolness of the moon. Unless you have experienced the hotness of the sun, the coolness of moon becomes irrelevant to you.

“To come out of the chaos of life, you have to use all your energy, and efforts to put the things in order, and once you get the things right, you align with the natural process of life, to let the things happen.”

The things come to you when the need arise. This understanding develops when you observe the life closely, and read and notice different situation and events of life. When you force yourself on life, there are fair chances of you to slip back with life.

The pain and suffering of life is due to ignorance. When you don’t understand life and neither you make any effort to understand it, you run after the things that you may not desire, or you create wish out of life, that calls for the suffering.

When you look for the understanding, you set a path for yourself, that takes you more towards the wisdom. With the right path, you can save yourself from all the unnecessary troubles of life.

Remember all the path of life is a right path. The condition is, that the path should be one. You cannot sail on two boats. You have to pick one thing. Always choose one thing, and go with it till the end, and you never regret with life.

The path is less important, but the idea you carry about life in your mind, is. When your idea is clear with life, no matter what path you take, it always serves to take you higher with life.

The farther you go away from yourself, the more you get into the illusion’s of life. The best way to understand life and make the most out of it, is to stay connected to the source, i.e. you.

“As you move deeper and deeper within you, you tend to receive all the solutions of life from within. You don’t have anything to understand with life outside. All the wisdom and bliss of life lies within you.”

When people don’t understand, how to connect inside, they look for the joy and happiness outside. There is nothing wrong in searching for happiness, but to get stuck with happiness, is to call for the downfall. To get stuck at one point, is to stop the natural flow of energy. If you are ever-flowing and exploring life, and move further into life, slowly you come closer to the source.

When you look for the things outside of you, mind always comes with several options, and than its hard to make choice in the moment. But when you connect inside, the understanding towards life, allows you to surrender in the moment and rather allowing to make a choice in the moment, out of the sense of surrender, the solution appears on the surface.

“There is a difference when you chase life, to get what you want, or keep walking on the path, and allow the life to appear on its own. When life brings the things to you, action in the moment seems effortless, while when you move out to get things done, you call for the struggle.”

Although both are necessary part of life, and are important for the stage of evolution. The struggle is important, when you don’t understand anything, and you try all the options of life, to reach at some point. As the understanding grows, you connect more with the patterns of life, to allow the things to happen, while you simply follow the natural path of life.

There are two ways to look at life, inside out or outside in. The process starts with outside in. You view the world through the senses, and as the need and desire’s of life arise, you move on to fulfill your desire. As your understanding grows, you make better choices with life, and your choices and decisions allows you to grow and evolve from inside and improve & get better with life outside.

As you grow and evolve, you create the space within to move inward. When you move inward, you connect with different situations and experiences of life and notice the internal change with different situations and experience of life.

The process of life is to recognize the source and to live with the source. Once you realize the source, the entire process of life becomes clear. You understand the process of life, on earth.

With the natural process of life, you flow like a river, serving the need of all of those, who come across the path, and just like a river who gets merge into the ocean, in the end, you too get merge, by being one with the source.


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