The Source for Eternal Life.



Life is an ever-going process. Each individual has a choice to connect with the eternal process of life, and rise above the mundane life, to experience the bliss and wisdom. Experiment, experience, learning & knowledge, sharing and service is the source, through which you can experience the eternal life, when you are present in the body.

Simply going about with life, without understanding it, doesn’t help you to get clear with life, but when you plan and schedule your life, it creates division, and it becomes easier to understand different aspects of life. You come closer to the eternal process of life, only through understanding.

To experiment is the fundamental principles to understand any aspect of life. The only way to understand physical or subtle aspect of life, is to experiment. To experiment is to dive into the unknown. To stay open for life. To try to experiment new things on a daily basis. You grow and expand both inside as well as outside, if you develop a habit to experiment with your life.

Whatever you wish to know with life, first of all you have to be open to try different ways to understand that aspect of life. To experiment means to involve. To get into things, and try different ways to  understand.

All the understanding comes with the mind. The creativity and innovation flow from within, if you can hold your mind, onto the unknown aspect of life, for little longer. To experiment with life, means to walk into the unknown territory on a daily basis.

It’s not that you are a swimmer, and you have to learn the game of football. You need to know your craft, and you have to be open to experiment with your craft. With swimming, you have to have knowledge of the subtlest nuances of it.

When it comes to your daily life, same rule applies. You don’t have to move beyond your daily life, to experiment with life, but wherever you are placed now, simply remain open to experiment with your life.

If you initiate the process of experiment with your daily life, you begin to discover and explore different possibilities around the corner, that you have never imagined could be possible with the daily road routine.

The next thing which is the source for eternal life, is to experience life. Life is all about experience. All the events and situations of your life, are simply an experience and the feelings and emotions in the moment, gives life to all those daily experiences of life.

It may be possible that few experiences may bring joy, while others make you go through pain and suffering, but when you accept all the different experiences of life, without any biased attitude, and with an intention to learn and grow with it, you allow yourself to flow with different feelings and emotions that you experience with different experiences of life.

With the awareness in the moment, you develop higher understanding with the daily experience, that allows you to see the same experiences of life, with clarity, if it comes back again into your life.

There is a difference between remaining open to the experiences of life with the awareness in the moment, and simply passing through different situations and events of life. The awareness in the moment serves you to grow and evolve with different experiences of life, and it doesn’t matter, either it brings joy or sorrows, until it adds wisdom and higher bliss to life.

Facing different events and situations of life with awareness, allows you to grow through them, while simply allowing the repetitive process of life pass through you, is a call for the future trouble, where life simply drags the person, with back to back experience, to which the person hasn’t developed the capacity to face them.

Life follows the process of evolution, whereby each person has to grow and evolve with different experiences of life. You cannot avoid the process of growth and evolution, as when you don’t grow, doesn’t mean that the entire world will get standstill.

The life on earth is more than willing to grow and evolve and billions of souls are into the natural process of life. If you are left behind, life has to take you forward, in his own way.

“Life on the existence has come a long way, and many souls on earth, has already completed their life-cycle and have realized the highest experience of life. You can always learn or gain knowledge from the enlightened beings, who has cleared the path of life, and have the wisdom, for your path.”

Learning is essential part of life. In the initial stage, when the life begins, many individuals has to struggled with different aspects of life, and has to go through an individual experiment and experiences to understand the process of life. We are in the stage of life, where we can learn and have knowledge on different aspects of life, simply by gaining information from the right source and applying into our life.

It’s just like, the scientist is looking to build a website, where he doesn’t have to go through the whole mechanism of it by himself, but he can easily have access to the right information, from the right source, to fulfill its requirement.

The same applies to the learning part of life, where all you have to do, is remain open to the learning process of life, and the life’s wisdom will flow to you, from the source you have never expected.

“The existence is no short of wisdom and bliss, if you are open to life and not afraid to learn and apply those teachings into your life.”

The source of eternal life doesn’t ends with the experiment, experience, or learning part of life, but you add to life when you share what you have gained out of your experiment and experiences of life.

When you need knowledge or learning from the outside source, you too come across the sage or individuals, who have shared their life lessons, with an open heart to others. If you reach to the same stage, life expects you to share with an open heart, so that you get more closer to the eternal process of life.

“Life takes place at different levels. At physical level, it happens through actions. At subtle level, it takes place in the form of thoughts and emotions, and at the deeper level it happens in the form of energy and vibrations.”

The life at all these three levels, exists inside of you, and more you open and look into the inner layers, the more you experience the subtle life.

To experience the eternal life with your day-to-day life, you don’t have to move anywhere else, other than where you are placed right now, as all the changes you go through happens within, and when you explore the inner possibilities, slowly with the time, it becomes your nature and comes into your daily habits.

Once your daily habits comes out of eternal nature of life, your very actions will reflect the eternity in the moment.

You will experience the eternal life, at your very place and with the same personal and professional life, you are in now, and more and more you will connect with the eternal process of life, you will rise above the mundane process of daily life.


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