The Relationship between the Source & Life (Mind)



The life on earth is an ever-going process. The mind too is an ever-going process. With the mind, you keep on expanding with life, but there is something else beyond mind, which is the source. Everything has a source in life, and mind too has a source.

The source is the beginning and end of the process of this life, the world, and mind. Life never ends with the mind, but when you connect with the source of mind, you get the way, to drop the mind and merge into the source.

It’s just like when the person dies, life continues, but it ends for the person, the same happens when you realize the source within, while you are alive. You figure out the way, to move out of life and get back in, out of choice.

The process of life with the mind begins, when you come down from the source to the level of mind, and the process ends when you rise above the mind.

The time you close your eyes, the outside world tends to disappear at least for you, although the inner world of thoughts & emotions still exists. Once you move within, at least you disconnect yourself from the outside world, and then whatsoever happens in the outside world, doesn’t matter to you.

The only world exists for you, is your inner world, of thoughts, feelings, and imaginations. With the power of observation, if you are able to leave your inner world behind, you realize the source of life and mind.

When you experience the world with the mind, the god or the source remains simply in the form of image or somewhere at the top of the sky.

“No way you can convince yourself that god or source of life exists, at the level of the mind.”

If someone comes and tells you that god exists in you, you may agree either with trusting the person, or simply out of fear or ignorance, but no personal understanding lies behind it. God or higher world cannot be understood with the chaotic mind.

“Only the No-mind state can experience god, soul, source, spirit or anything of the higher world.”

The mind out of its nature is incapable of understanding outside life unless it directs its intention in the direction of understanding.

“Either you act first and understand life, or observe your past actions for the understanding, but you cannot simply go on living life, and understanding towards life comes to you, out of the natural process. It asks for the sincere and dedicated effort to understand life.”

The source is the space from where life begins. It’s necessary to know the source and figure out one’s own way to connect with the source.

Imagine the person choose to begin the journey, but forgets the starting and ending point, and simply hovers in the middle, without any purpose, running after, to fulfill the little desires. One desire after another comes up from the mind, and the mind makes you keep chasing your own tail. You simply move in a circle.

Although the natural process of life, allows the person to grow and expand and improve upon his life, he never realizes to know the source.

It’s not possible to connect with god or life directly, but certainly, you can opt for different ways, that can serve you to connect with the source of life.

With the mind, you simply expand with your different desires, with no end. If you connect with the source along with the desire, you can keep control over your desire, and simultaneously grow and evolve with life.

Unless you realize the higher source, you can begin the process by connecting with, what you understand at the level of mind. If the mind tells you, your body is the source, connect with the body, make it the source.

Spend time each day with the source, before you proceed with the day. The mind out of its natural process will allow you to expand outside, but when you connect with the source, it will help you to make the higher choices with life and you not simply expand, but you also grow with the understanding of the process of life.

The people who get lost in the world are the one’s, who are neither aware of their beginning nor end.

The process to connect with the body as a source doesn’t end, but it initiates the fresh process to lift you higher from inside. Your physical body becomes the vehicle to connect you with the outside world and to the higher source.

When you come out of the source, you learn and understand different lessons of life and natural principles that govern the life.

With the mind, your intention simply remains with the outside life and expansion in the outside world, but when you connect with the source, your view with the outside life becomes clearer and your choices and decisions pick the best of life, out of understanding. You simply not expand outside, but you understand life with the inner growth and then make the right choices outside.

Once you learn to connect with the physical body and spend time with yourself each day, you explore the deeper layer to connect with the higher source.

The breath and sensation too are the subtle sources, within the body. Once you connect with the body, slowly the life itself takes you inward, to the breathe & sensation.

The breathe and sensation is the subtle source within the body. The breathe sustain ‘s life, while the sensation allows you to go through different types of experience with in the body. By connecting with the subtle source, your life shifts from the physical to the subtle form, in a unique way.

If you are simply not aware of the journey of life, you can move in any direction. Only with the conscious choice to connect with the source, you simply bring awareness to life. By connecting with the source, you become more aware towards your daily life, and the time you connect with the breath and sensation, you become more sensitive and alert towards everything that happens on your inside as well as outside life.

When you make a habit to connect each day with your breath and sensation and begin your daily process with it, soon you experience your connection with the breath and sensation, with your daily experiences of life. This will keep you alert throughout the day, while you going through with different situations and events of life.

As you get deeper with the breath and sensation, slowly your energy along with the breath and sensation moves higher to the stomach and further to the heart region, where you experience different types of fear, insecurity and all different types of feelings and emotions, that you tend to experience in the outside world.

Once you make the heart, your source, in your day-to-day life, anything you experience in the form of feelings and emotions, will be more alive in the moment. With the source, you cannot post-pone your life from the present moment to the future, but everything and every moment of life become alive for you.

You learn the lesson’s from the situation and experiences of life in the moment and don’t post-pone anything for the future.

“The child touches the burning coal once for the experience, and as he experiences the effect, he never in life, gets near to it.”

This is what happens when you connect with the heart and make it your source. Anything, that you don’t make you feel good, you start to leave those things behind.

With the source, you never stretch or expand with not so useful thing, but just like a child, one experience with any situation or event is enough to learn the lesson out of it.

When you move deeper to connect with oneself, you lose your identification with the outside situation, events or experiences of life, and what happens within you, becomes the priority of life.

When the mind experience, the subtle part of the body, be it breathe, sensation or emotions, it loses its identification with the body, and rise higher from within, to connect with the deeper source.

After experiencing the heart as a source, you connect with the thoughts and images of the mind, as you rise higher.

“All the scientists, genius, innovator and creative artist, considers the mind as the source and create life out of it. When you connect with the mind as a source, your concern with life remains, to present what you carry inside, rather than what already exists outside.”

When you connect with the mind, you shed many illusions of life and create the straight path into your mind to follow. The mind-map gets created into the mind, and not outside.

As you grow and evolve from within, you move into the direction, to connect with the higher source. The source of outside as well as the inner experience of life is certainly the mind, but the mind too has its source, and you too can connect with that source.

When you can connect with the mind, you can also connect with the source behind the mind. Every human, like mind, also has the source within him, to which he can connect from within.

Once you connect with the source of your mind, you create the space within, to realize the higher source, which is the source of everything that has been created in the cosmos.

The process of growth and evolution is to connect with the deeper source of life each day and to present oneself outside to nourish the outside life. The heaven on earth can only come out if each one presents itself directly from the source.


  1. I find it interesting as you put it that source is the “everything”. Those who chose to experience a physical life cannot truly become pure positive light or energy because of the denseness of the physical vibration so no need to push yourself too harshly.

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