The Relationship between Source, Spirit, Mind, and Body

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The source is the seed in you that becomes the tree. The spirit is the roots of the tree. The life energy or the spirit nourishes the mind and body. The spirit is the spiritual web in the body that can be arranged and rearranged itself in as many ways possible.

Each person’s spirit is arranged in him, according to his nature. The spiritual web or spirit in the body comes from the source. The sensation in the body is part of the spirit. The spirit carries the mind with it. The mind too is part of the source and comes from the source.

All the karmic impressions of life get stored in the mind, and thus the physical structure of a body has formed accordingly. Your physical appearance depends on the past impressions of life, and the time you work on yourself, you can definitively improve your physical appearance.

The spirit in the body takes exactly the shape of a physical form in the body to form a life-cycle. The life-cycle is the life energy that rotates in a circle in the body.

The way you experience life it gets registered in your mind and the spirit gets arrange within the body according to your experiences. The spirit and mind are interconnected. The mind experiences external reality through senses and the spirit works according to the impressions of the mind.

The physical brain, heart, and body are nourished by the spirit. All the sensational experience in the body is experienced because of the spirit. The outside experiences of life can be experienced in the body in the form of sensation, but the sensation in the body can only be experienced, when the spirit, mind, and body come together.

The physical body holds the main nerve that is directly connected with the spirit. The spirit nourishes the physical body through the main nerves of the body.

The mind remains interested in fulfilling the desires of life and thus never gets access to what lies inside. When you direct the attention of the mind inward and look beyond the surface of the mind, you experience the inner treasures of life.

The Inner Matrix: A Guide to Transforming Your Life and Awakening Your Spirit

The life happens in a circle. You come with the body on earth, and the body has its needs. To serve the need of the body, you look for the things outside. Once the need of the body is served, you explore the outside world as the outside world is full of treasures.

Many treasures are found in the outside world, and you enjoy those treasures of life. Life progresses with it. With the progress and growth with life, you realize that you have a short period of time on earth. You cannot explore and enjoy the treasures forever, as you are on earth for a shorter period of time.

The time comes for you to leave the earth. You come on earth, experience life and leave the earth. The circle forms with life. You come to life; explore life, accumulate different experiences and impressions of life, enjoy life and then the time comes for you to leave.

Everything that you experience outside gets registered in your mind. When you come back to life, you explore more, and you discover more with life. The man grows while exploring and experiencing life. He comes on earth again and creates the reality of its own. The life grows and multiplies and each one explores life out of his understanding.

Now, out of the life-cycle, you come to this earth, experience life and leave this earth. The life-cycle gets formed inside. Your birth is preceded out of the life-cycle that you carry inside. You attract the similar experiences of life, that is already registered inside, out of your previous births.

You experience life outside, and the outside experience stored inside. Again you look for more experience outside, from the inner impressions and it forms a circle. The life-cycle moves inside out and outside in. Outside experience goes inside, forms a circle, attracts similar life outside.

Your life moves in a circle. When the mind is still searching for more experiences in life, the circle gets stronger inside, and you go on accumulating more and more experiences with life.

Till the time, you are enjoying the outside process, everything seems alright, but when the real questions arises of life from within, you search for the deeper meaning of life.

God’s Answers to Life’s Difficult Questions

You search for the truth of life. No pleasures of the external reality fulfill you. You wanted to know the truth. You want to understand life-cycle of birth and death. You wanted to know life beyond the physical reality. You look for the truth in life.

More you search outside, more you are thrown back to yourself. You take your attention inward to know the truth of life. You find the life-cycle of past, present, and future in you.

You realize that life is not limited to the identity of the mind, but you have something more in you that allows the process of life. You realize the spirit in the body. With the realization of the spirit, all the illusion of the personal identity gets shattered. With the mind, you have limited understanding in relation to life.

With the mind, you can understand everything, but you never bother to take the same mind inward. Your mind simply follows the circle of the external world. You never look for the source of life.

The life is not limited to the external reality but the external life, has been formed for the human’s experience. The time you feel you are done with all the experiences of the external life, you have a choice to move inward.

Inward Revolution: Bringing About Radical Change in the World

The inward journey of life is to move back to the source. On the path of truth, the meaning of life is revealed. The unfoldment of life itself both in the internal and external reality holds the meaning of life. There is no other meaning then unfoldment of life. The process of life itself is the meaning of life.

When you understand the life-cycle, you don’t ask why the life-cycle, but you ask how to get out of it, or how to become one with it?

Life is an open source that gives you what you want with life. You have to be clear inside, what you want with life.

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  1. It seems like the goal in all of life is not to take it for another spin, to live a different life, but to become one with Source. When this is realized and achieved, the ultimate has happened to you. There simply is no going back.

  2. I enjoy your words of wisdom and also your dedication to make this world better.

    On Friday, 10 June 2016, Modern Age Spirituality wrote:

    > Modern Age Spirituality posted: ” The source is the seed in you that > becomes the tree. The spirit is the roots of the tree. The life energy or > the spirit nourishes the mind and body. The spirit is the spiritual web in > the body that can be arranged and rearranged itself in as many ways p” >

  3. “What is the relationship between the physical matter of a human (the body) and the spirit? Ancient Greek philosophers saw a paradoxical association between the pure ideal of the spirit and the imperfect realization of the physical body. They sought to resolve it.
    Their most accepted explanation was found through understanding that the ideals of reality existed in a perfect spiritual realm. This “reality” projected pureness and wholeness into the imperfect physical realm, providing a model for humans to aspire to — even though their separation from the ideal doomed them to executional failure. ”

    Excerpt From: Mike Stair. “The World’s Favorite Bible Verses.” MS Peabooks, 2013. iBooks.

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