The Ultimate Truth ( Book Preview )

The Ultimate Truth

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The blog is the preview of the book, “The Ultimate Truth”. I will take you through the journey of making of a book, and what you can expect from the book.

As the title suggests, ” The Ultimate Truth”. The experience of ultimate truth is an individual experience, and you can only have the reflection of it, from outside. To experience for yourself, you have to move inward.

You see the reflection of the moon, in the river. When you see the reflection of the moon in a river, you can experience the moon in the sky.

In a similar way, when you can have the reflection of truth, from outside, at least you can move in the direction, where you can experience the truth for yourself.

As the subtitle suggest, “The Guide to the path of Self-Realization”. Self-Realization again is an individual experience. Now, let me make it clear here, the ultimate truth and the self-realization is two different experience.

Self-Realization is to realize oneself beyond the identity of the mind, while to experience the ultimate truth, is to experience the source of the self. When you realize the self, you realize the truth behind your identity. You realize the inner process of life. You realize how the individual identity forms inside. You realize the self as pure consciousness, but pure consciousness is not the ultimate truth of life.

The ultimate truth is realized, when even the self or pure consciousness doesn’t remain and merge into its source.

Now, the book will not lead to the realization of the self, but the book will help you to get on the path of self-realization. The experience of self-realization is a destination, while the path of self-realization is a way, that will lead you to the realization of the self.

The book has been made in a way, where each chapter of the book will bring you closer to the self. Once you even have the reflection of truth, at least you can bring the necessary changes to your life accordingly.

You can understand what makes you separate from life and what are the things that bring you closer to life.

Let’s start with the dedication. In the book, the dedication part is important. The dedication part includes the signposts, that lead me to the destination. Without the signposts, the inner journey was not possible. Even when you are on the outside path and wish to reach some destination, you look for the signposts.

The signposts become the guide to lead you in a right direction. Looking at the signposts, you can figure out, either you are on a right path or you have missed the path. The dedication part of the book is mostly about the signposts, that served me to reached to my destination.

Moving forward, from dedication, we come to the first chapter of the book.

Eternal Circle of Life

In the external world, everyone is craving for eternity. Everyone wants to become eternal but nobody is willing to die for it. You only become eternal when you are ready to die.

Now, what is the eternal circle of life?

Your daily life that you live each day is nothing but the eternal circle of life. It’s just that this truth is not clear to you. The realization of self is important in this context. When you realize the absolute truth in you, you don’t move to heaven, but you remain where you are placed now.

It’s just that your view to perceive your daily life becomes different. You perceive every moment of life as a part of eternity. You move with the eternal circle of life. Your life will not chase the past and the future, but your life will follow more of the eternal circle of life.

The eternal circle of life serves the moment. You become one with the life that is happening outside and within you. That is what the eternal circle of life is all about. The book will give you an in-depth clarity about the eternal circle of life and how to become one with it.

Cause and Effect with Life

The next chapter of the book is cause and effect with life. Life moves in a circle of cause and effect. You are the cause and everything that you experience is the effect.

This chapter will serve you to bring you, back to yourself. When you put your mind to others, you think the cause of life is somewhere outside. But when you understand that you are the cause of every experience that you go through in your life, your mind begins to shift inward.

The process of cause and effect with life, asks you to look inward for every effect that you experience in the outside life. When you are the cause of everything than anything that you experience as an effect, has to come out of you.

Life on the Spiritual Path

This chapter is important in the context of the spiritual path. There are many illusions that exist in the outside world about the spiritual path. The spiritual path is considered to be the path that exists outside, but that’s not the case.

The spiritual path is a journey of an individual within himself. It has nothing to do with the things that exist outside. You live personal life or professional life and still move forward on your spiritual path.

Rather, I will suggest that’s the best way to move forward with life, whereby you cherish the outside life, and along with it, you also grow on your spiritual path, receiving more clarity about yourself and the outside world.

This chapter will help you to shed many illusions about the spirituality and the spiritual path.

What is Dhyana or Meditation?

The magic that prevails in the outside world about meditation is, that everyone knows about meditation but no one knows how to do it.

Well everyone talks about meditation but no one really knows, what it is.

In this chapter, you will receive step by step method to move inward in meditation.

If I have to talk in a nutshell about meditation, then meditation is an act to observe. If I ask you to observe the light of a candle, then that very act to observe the candle is meditation.

The process of meditation is such that, when you observe the subject or object, with the mind, the mind begins to move in itself. The whole process of meditation is to bring the mind back to itself.

The mind at its natural state is pure consciousness. Meditation helps you to transcend from the individual state of mind to the mind that is whole, i.e. pure consciousness.

The Mind is a Reflective Mirror 

This chapter will help you to understand the power of the mind. How every aspect of life happens with the mind and even the spirit, or the life energy follows the mind.

The mind is life. Even if you say that still it’s correct. Even the ultimate truth is experienced by the mind.

The mind that is used in day to day life is nothing but the repetitive patterns that happens on the very surface of the mind.

At the depth of the mind, the mind can be realized as a whole. The state of pure consciousness is experienced, when you experience mind as a whole. The mind is not limited to your brain, but the mind is spread all over the body.

The base of the mind is just like a reflective mirror. The state of pure consciousness is nothing but the state of mind where everything appears in its natural form. In the chapter, you will experience altogether a different aspect of your mind.

The Experience of Life Energy or Spirit

Spirit or soul is a mumbo jumbo thing for the mind, but out of an experience, let me tell you it exists. It not only exists in you but it’s only the spirit that makes life possible in you. Spirit is the life energy. The experience of the spirit is certainly different than what you understand with the mind.

With the mind, you understand the spirit in a different context altogether, while experiencing the spirit and to live with the spirit is a different thing. Life energy or spirit is a subtle thread in the body that works within the body, to allow the process of life to happen.

All the subtle aspects of the body that you don’t understand but happens in you is only because of the spirit. With your intelligence of the mind, if I ask you, what you understand about yourself, then the truth is nothing.

You don’t understand anything that goes in you. Absolutely nothing. You simply go on living life, without knowing who are you, or how life functions in you.

This chapter will mark the light to the subtle aspect of life, that happens in you. The physical is possible only because of the subtle and every physical aspect of life carries its subtle aspect of life in it. This truth can only be realized if you come face to face with your own subtle body. But for that, you have to move inward.

The Realization of Source

The source in you is the sacred space, from where the mind and the life energy enters in the body or you can say creates the whole structure of the body.

With the mind, life is nothing. You don’t even come closer to life with the mind. With the mind, life happens to you. You are thrown into situations, events, and experiences of life and you seem like you are doing everything on your own.

The realization of the source, not only shed the myths of life, but it also sheds all the myths that you carry about yourself.

The important thing here is you have the source of life in you. The life that you experience doesn’t come from above the sky, but it exists in you. You have the choice to connect with the source. The source is the God, Allah, Christ whatever you name it, can be found out inside.

This chapter will reveal the in-depth experience of the source in you.

Life after realization of Source

This is the most important chapter of the book. As enlightenment or awakening has become the taboo in the outside world, this chapter will break all the taboo, that your mind holds in relation to the process of awakening.

Life after the realization of source. Certainly, your life cannot remain the same. You are one with the eternal process of life. It’s magical. But the magic is not something that you are familiar with the mind. This magic is absolutely different.

The life after the realization will be absolutely simple. Yes, but one thing that will add to that simplicity will be freshness. You will experience life as  fresh all the time.

Life doesn’t end will the realization of a source. With the realization of the source, it’s certain that life is known to you. But now, you cannot deviate from the process of life.

The life that you see outside happens out of a process. Life simply happens out of the process. When you know the process of life, no matter what happens in the outside world, all you do is, simply follow the process of life.

How the life unfolds after the realization of the source, will become clear to you, in this chapter.

This book from beginning to end will reveal many secrets of life and will help you to look into your own life. Unless you know, how you separate yourself from life, you can never make an effort to come closer to life. You may live into the dreams of your mind and go on chasing your desires, that may lead you nowhere.

But once you know the truth, at least you realize that the change is needed inside and not in the outside world. You begin to make the efforts in the right direction. Once you sort the things inside, the outside world will automatically get in place.

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The Ultimate Truth: The path to Self-Realization.

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