The Realization of Spirit & Soul, in the Body.

spirit and soul

The soul is a constant phenomenon in the body, while the spirit is the subtle body that allows the functions of body, heart and brain. The spirit is connected with the physical body with the sensational body. The sensation is part of the spirit. The astral, subtle body, or spirit is the same.

The life cannot be known, at the level of logic, reasoning, imagination, intuition or say at the level of brain. The truth of life can only be known, when you can reach life beyond mind.

When the attention of the mind is directed outside, it can only think, or imagine things of the outside world, but when you direct the same mind, inside, nothing remains for the mind to think or imagine, but it directly begin to experience life.

Either you live or experience life in the moment, or you can live in your mind, and go on thinking or imagining things, and create your own world out of it. Life never takes place out of your thinking, but the existential truth is always different from your thoughts and imagination.

When you bring your attention to yourself, that means to your breath, sensation, feelings or thoughts that’s going on inside of you, in the moment, you begin to experience life, in the present moment.

This is not an easier task, because if you are going through the most painful situation of life, than directing your attention inward, will aggravate the pain and suffering, and this path may seem more pain giving, rather than the soothing experience. Everyone is always in search of happiness, but nobody wants to know the truth of life.

The life that is happening in the moment, is truth, and has nothing to do with the joy, happiness or sadness. Truth is truth, if it gives joy to you, that’s fine and if it creates pain and suffering, than too, truth will not change for you. To know the truth, its not necessary to drop all the pre-conceived ideas about life, and directly jump into the experience.

The wisdom is to get one with the truth, because with life only truth remains constant, and different thoughts, feelings and emotions change moment by moment.

“The truth can be known by experience, and never by thinking or imagining things in the mind.”

The thinking or imagining can happen later, in the first place, you have to go for the experience. Later you decide, whether you like to have more of, such experiences into your life, or you are looking for something else.

When the attention of the mind is directed inward, you connect with the existential experience. Whatever that takes place outside in the form of experiences and impressions, you experience it directly inside, in the form of sensation. You sense every incoming and outgoing of your breath, and feel each of your feelings and emotions, while going through different situation, events and experiences of life. More you move inward, more you connect with the inward process of mind.

When you connect with the subtle world with the attention of the mind, you are less interested in whats happening outside, and more interested, in the changes that takes place, inside of you, because of different situations and events that takes place outside.

You go through pain, and joy in the moment, in different situations. Slowly as you move forward with life, you don’t carry your today’s pain or suffering or say happiness or joy of life tomorrow, but with the inner attention, you experience everything in this moment.

This allows you to unburden yourself from inside, and slowly you drop all your past experiences and impressions from your life. When your attention is outside, you only accumulate more and more experiences and impressions, and your idea too remains, to acquire much of it, into your life.

Only with the inward attention, you realize the pain and suffering you go through, by accumulating different experiences, or holding onto the past, that doesn’t serve in your life, or the dreams and desires for the future, that doesn’t lead you anywhere, but important enough to create hallucination in your  mind. With the inward attention, you tend to drop, everything that you experience in the moment, and doesn’t carry anything of the past, or the future, and simply move forward with life.

More and more you move inward, more and more you reach to the state, where you don’t experience, any thoughts in your mind. The mind becomes absolutely empty. You begin to push your attention in the emptiness. More you push the emptiness, more you begin to see the path ahead into the emptiness.

At the state of emptiness, you rise above all the pleasures, different desires, fear, insecurity, feelings, emotions, thoughts and images of the mind. In reality, as your attention shifts upward, the control of the sensation over your body, too gets loosen up.

You don’t get carried away by the momentary impulse, when you are in control of your sensation. In the state of nothingness, you are absolutely free from sensation. The physical body is attached with the spirit or astral body, with the sensation.

In the state of nothingness, when you are able to rise above the sensation, you experience the movement in the backbone, and the energy, i.e. locked at the bottom of the spine, gets free, for you to experience the spirit in the physical body for the first time.

Only with the realization of the astral body, one can know the truth about his existence, beyond the body, heart and brain. You can never realize, you have the subtle body, just by the information or knowledge, but you have to get into the experience by yourself, by taking the attention of your mind inward.

When you realize the spirit, you realize the source of brain, heart and body. The functions of brain, heart and body is possible with the energy of the subtle body. The subtle body carries the sensation that allows different functions of brain, heart and body.

The inside as well as outside flow of breath too is part of the subtle body. The realization of the spirit, allows you to drop all the beliefs and ideas, related to life and you experience life in its totality. With the mind, the world is visible through senses and the perception that’s created, comes out of the experiences and impressions from the past.

With the realization of the spirit, you experience third eye, that allows you to experience life, without the interference of the mind. You directly look into the situation, events and experiences of life. You look into the past, present and future of the thing. You don’t cling to thing, as the entire existence remains available to you.

The mind is part of the individuality, while the spirit with the realization of the soul, becomes one with the existence. The existence cannot be limited and so does the life, with the spirit and soul. The third eye, looks at things out of the natural principles, and thus can recognize the truth out of everything.

On the existence, everything carries its nature. The nature is a set of patterns. The life on existence too has its patterns, and everything that exists on earth, comes out of that patterns. Once you recognize the patterns of things, you can make the necessary changes with it, to bring it closer to the nature principles of life.

“There is no success or failure with life, but its all about, how you aligned yourself, with the natural principles of life.”

The more you are away, from the natural principles of life, more you experience the failure and setbacks, that results into pain and suffering. The only solution to rise above all the pain and sufferings, is to understand the patterns of life, and become one with it, and i.e. possible only with the self-realization.

Self-realization, awakening or enlightenment is a state where you unlock the spiritual energy and spirit, i.e. the source of brain, heart and body, third eye, and the soul, i.e. pure space of vibrations into the body.

Yes, you have the pure space of vibration, i.e soul. The spiritual energy that flows through the spirit into the body, comes from the soul. The vibrations of the soul, fills the spirit with the spiritual energy and the rest of the functions of the physical body takes place.

The pure space of vibrations is a power house and is the source of life. The moving spirit can become one with the soul, i.e. constant. The spirit is habituated to work through brain, heart and body and thus it takes a long effort, to completely seclude, oneself from the functions of the brain, heart and body and become one with the soul.

Once the spirit is realized in the body, all the attachment with the physical body along with the personal identity that’s been developed over the time gets dropped. You only associate with the movement of the spirit and make all the effort to be, one with the soul.

The spirit can either move into the body and begins its repetitive functions of life, or it can focus on soul, and makes efforts to become one with the soul.

All the daily tasks of life, is effortlessly met with the self-realization, and you give more to life, as your attention shifts in giving rather taking, when you, yourself flow with abundance.

With the self-realization, you make a choice with your task, and only pick the one’s i.e. essential for life. You don’t indulge yourself with everything, but you only pick the one’s that satisfy your present needs of life, the tasks that are more closer to the natural principles of life, and the activities that will keep you, more and more with the soul.

With the realization of spirit and soul, you associate yourself with the spirit and strives to be, one with the soul. All the attachment with the physical body, gets dropped, except its maintenance, as spirit and soul resides in the body.

To create actions that are closer to the natural principles of life, and to follow the activities that brings you closer to the self-realization. The self-realized man assist others with the above two activities, so that they too, can experience their true authentic self, and rather taking a full circle of life, by following the activities of the mind, they can create a path for themselves, that can directly lead them to the state of self-realization.

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