The process of Manifesting Desire takes time


If you want something in life, learn the art of patience. Desires are not a problem, but your approach towards desires is the real problem.

It’s how you approach life decides your chance of success and failure.

Life happens in a certain way, and we have to learn the ways of life to manifest’s our desires.

Unless you learn the art of patience and learn to hold yourself at the moment, it becomes difficult to see the truth of life at the moment. Your perception of the mind is different and the life that is happening at the moment is different.

If you only view life out of the perception of your mind, you stay away from the reality of the moment.

You can manifest anything in your life out of clarity. You have to have a clear picture of what you want in your life, and once the picture gets clear to your mind, you can take active steps towards it.

Many people simply move onto things without clarity, and when they face failure, they simply drop that thing and jump to something else.

The success comes with the things when you stay with it little longer. On top of that, just staying little longer will also not help, unless you figure out different ways to do things.

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Patience is the way of life. You have to show patience with life, and hold onto your desire. When you hold onto your desire, the desire gets clear into your mind. You figure out the path to move forward towards your desires.

The process of manifesting your desires takes time. Your whole system has to arrange and re-arrange itself, to manifest the desire. You attract and achieve according to the life that has been grown in you. The real life’s work is required inside.

The art of patience allows you to grow your desire in you.

Whenever you think something, it’s not the desire; rather it’s only the seed of the desire. When the seed turns into a full-fledged tree only then you reap the fruits out of it. The same applies to the thought of the desire. You have to allow the thoughts to grow in you and fill those thoughts with the positive energy to grow and manifests into your life.

We expect too much from life, without following the process. If you don’t follow the right process with life, it’s hard to attain the success that you have desired in your life. The success in life comes when you align yourself with the process.

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The process of life takes its own time for the things to unfold. The process of manifestation happens, but it takes time. Nothing happens all of a sudden, but you have to nourish and water your thought before you experience it in a physical reality.

Whenever you form a desire, there are many similar desires take over your mind. These are the moments, where your life comes down to the choice. You have to choose, what you want out of your life.

You have to drop all the unnecessary desires, and keep your attention on the things that you really want out of your life.

When you stay with your desire, the life energy that is constantly working in you, serves you to manifest your desire. You always get a lift, when you stay with the things.

It takes more than the action to turn the subtle thought into a physical reality. The timing has to be right, and the right timing can only be known out of patience.

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When you hold yourself back in life, you realize how life unfolds. You see the patterns of life. Once you understand the patterns of life, it becomes easier to adjust yourself to the ways of life.

When you hold patience in life, you stay open to the ways of life. Life doesn’t hold a definite path to your desires; rather it can take you through the multiple paths. When you stay open to life, you stay flexible to life.

We all know the path of attachment, but we don’t know the path of detachment in our lives. The path of attachment binds you with life, while the path of detachment separates you from the things of the moment, and gives you a clear perspective of life.

When you experience life with detachment you experience the same life with a different perception. You see the truth of the moment.

If you consciously learn to hold patience towards your desires, you will notice that life happens on its own to you. You don’t have to follow your desires; rather your desires come to you.

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When we are engaged in too many things, the attention of the mind gets lost. Unless your mind is focused it’s not possible to achieve anything in your life.

Life is happening into the mind. It’s the mind that makes or breaks your life. You have to stay connected to your mind and listen to your mind. We never take time to read our mind; rather we remain lost in the worldly things and thus remain disconnected from the life that is happening all the time within us.

When we learn to hold ourselves at the moment, we learn to read the life at the moment. The only thing we have learned in life is to run, to manifests our desires, but we never know the ways, where we can simply hold ourselves back and simply allow the life to happen.

When you align yourself with the natural ways of life, you don’t have to chase life, rather all you need to do is, align yourself with the ways of life, and the life of your desires will unfold on its own.

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