The Present Moment is the Truth, and not the Mind


The mind is a story-teller. Sometimes it makes you feel good, and sometimes it makes you sad. It just like different genres of movies. Few make you laugh, while others make you cry, some are melodrama, while others are action packed.

The mind is the same. It likes to create a story of its own. The quality of the story of your mind depends on the energy that you hold at the moment. If the energy is good, the story is good, and if the energy is lesser inside, the quality of the story too gets affected by it.

The present moment is the truth. Every moment gives you different experience and impressions of life. This is the only truth of life. If you are feeling good in this moment, the one who feels is you, if you feel sad, again it’s you, which is the truth.

You are the one who feels, you are not the feeling but the one who feels. The identity of an individual is very subtle. You think but you are not your thought. You feel but you are not your feeling.

It’s true that you go through different experiences of life but you are not the memories that stored in your mind. You are different from your mind and body rather you are the one who experiences life in you. You can experience yourself separately from everything that exists in you.

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The truth which is, without any modification, without any change, which is constant all the time, and the things around him and inside change constantly and he experiences both the world as a pure witness.

To look into the truth, you have to drop the story-telling mind and simply see and observe life. The mind and senses develop the personality out of the experiences and impressions of life, and thus cannot look beyond its personal self. The personal identity lives for his personal gratification and for one’s own fulfillment.

The truth is the empty space, where nothing exists. Nothing of the past or the future. You cannot trust the chattering mind, as it can never show the reality of life, but you can trust the awareness of the present moment, which reveals all the information that you need for the moment.

The chattering mind and the mind that provides the information is the same, but it’s all about the quality of the mind. If the mind works on its own, it becomes the chattering mind and if it’s guided by the owner that’s you, it becomes the source of wisdom.

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If your life steps, depends on the chattering mind, you always remain lost in the illusory reality of the mind, but when you are conscious about your mind and aware in the present moment, you can direct the mind, in the specific direction of your choice.

The life situation, experiences, and events of life depends on your choice and decisions and this choice and decisions of life, are not made by the thinking mind. When the thoughts are flowing at it’s speed, you cannot make the right choice or decision with life.

The choices are made when you are simply present in the moment. The situation comes and you make a choice, you take a decision. Strong feelings or emotion comes, and you simply act. If the things flow inside out, you don’t have to think much, but you can put your mind behind, and walk with life.

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The chattering mind, never allows you to present in this moment and takes you either in the past or the future. It carries impressions and experiences for everything and if it senses something fresh or unknown, it tries to run away from such situations of life.

You cannot expect the mind to give you neutral perspective, as every thought of the person is surrounded by himself. He only holds a single perception, about how the life has to be, and how the world should move, according his way.

This is the problem of not one mind, but every mind that exists on earth. All the problems and situations of life, seems like a problem for the mind, as it cannot see the world beyond himself and if anything is not according to what he has desired, out of life, it seems like a problem.

“It’s hard to understand life with the mind, as life is an direct experience, while the nature of the mind, is to create thoughts and imagination around such experience.”

Sometimes, all a person needs is a little perspective

Try a little experiment with your life. When you see or observe anything, any situation, person or experience of life, drop yourself out of it. See life as you don’t exist but the world exists.

See your family, your work without yourself. Don’t bring any sort of feelings or emotions into it. Don’t imagine yourself to be dead or carry any negative emotions out of it, but simply observe every part of life without you being into it.

When you look into anything with the mind, the personal interest along with the feelings and emotions enters into the situation.

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When you simply drop yourself, you see the situation, people, and life as it is, without any personal interest or any feelings or emotions and you have a clear view of the situation, people or experiences of your life.

If the life is a mess, you can develop better acceptance towards it, and move towards in making it better. If you cannot see the path ahead, you gather enough courage to be with yourself for the moment, and in that moment, you see the solution for your life. All these things happen if you are ready to drop your personal interest behind.

You always have the life solutions for others, but never for yourself. It’s just that when your personal interest or emotions are not involved, it becomes easier for you to see life with clarity, and make right choices and decisions with your life.

“The present moment awareness is a state of mind, and not what you see or experience outside. The state of mind, where the mind is in the balanced state and doesn’t dwell either in the past or the future.”

An Invitation to Pause: musings from a mindfulness teacher

It’s like a pendulum, neither tilted to the left or right, but simply present in the center. This is the experience of the present state of mind. The mind in the present state looks into the situation, as it presents itself, and gives the best solution to it.

The state of mind in the present moment has all the solution for the situation and for some reason if the solution doesn’t appear at the moment, as it most likely to appear, it neither try to look for the solution neither worries about solving the problem. It simply trusts the moment, and when the time is right, the solution appears by itself.

The life is all about understanding the truth. You don’t have to search for the truth, but the truth is available all the time. The mind creates the layer of the past and the future experiences, that doesn’t allow the truth to appear.

“Look into any situation, people or experiences of life in the present moment, it carries its past. Nothing appears in your life, out of the blue. If you cannot see the past of the present situation, you are likely to create an error with the future decisions.”

Move from the Chaos of the Reactive Mind to the Clarity of the Responsive Mind

Rather for hope or faith look for the understanding of life, and you will surely find the way.

The life is a continuous process, so either with hope or understanding, you have to move forward in life, but understanding brings the necessary wisdom to apply into the future, but with hope or faith you simply walk on the path, moving out of one situation and waiting to get caught in the other one.

You cannot grow and evolve with life, without understanding. The hope and faith only work in the case of devotion to a god or total surrender to life.

Don’t carry the chattering mind everywhere, into every situation of life, as it already carries thousand and one thing about the situation, people or experience you are entering into, and this stops you to look into the reality of life.

The Present Moment

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