The Power to Action comes, when Acted at a Right time


Actions seem effortless when it synchronized with the inner flow of energy. The right moment serves the action. It’s all about managing your life. You have to align your life steps with the inner flow of energy. The life becomes effortless if you follow life. The life only becomes a struggle when you try to go against the wind.

Intelligence is not to follow your plan, but to follow life’s plan. When you understand this truth, you don’t fight with life, but you simply follow your inner flow of energy and become one with life. The sages follow the daily rituals. The rituals are not something, that comes out of blind belief, but it’s well experimented with the natural process of life. The sages know, how to read the life energy.

Everything happens in life out of energy. All your thoughts, feelings, and imagination is part of the energy. If you are too much attached to yourself, you cannot read the energy, but you follow your own idea for life, but if you remain flexible from within, you can read the different movements of energy at different times of the day, and align yourself with it.

The sages wake up early morning and do all their activities, before the noon time. During the noon time, they take a rest and devote their time to studies. In the evening time, they again become active with their physical body. They create and follow their daily activities, according to the law of nature. They make their plans for life, by reading the natural movement of life energy.

The morning time is the appropriate time to do the mindful activity. It’s advisable to keep the physical body at rest, after lunch or dinner as the inner system does its function to digest the food. Once the food is digested, the body and mind are again active to do its task.

The daily schedule of life should include all the task, from mindful living, to mental, from emotional to physical. This is a sign of healthy living.

The appropriate time to remain mindful and do the mental task, is the morning time, while to express your emotions, the best time is in the evening and the night time. Noon time is  best suitable for the physical activity.

It takes a time to align your daily life in natural order, but once you understand the importance of it, and inclined to live complete and wholesome life, you certainly put it into your practice.

It’s always useful to keep the daily or weekly check of all the aspects of life, so that you can add or reduce your time, according to the need of the moment.

The power comes to action when it’s followed by a proper order. The randomness of the act derives the random result. The action comes from the mind and the mind understands the order.

The best way to train the mind is to experiment. If you experiment, you learn to do the same action in a different manner and chose the one that serves you well. The mind understands things better with the practice. When you practice, you recognize which action works well at what time, and thus you schedule the action at its appropriate time.

When your focus is on the result of your action, your attention deviates from the present moment to the future. The quality of the action can be achieved, only by focusing on the present moment, and the quality of action itself derives the result in the future.

When you follow the life’s plan, anything on the existence becomes effortless and you flow with life. Struggle with life happens when you push the things around to manifest before time. When your actions and efforts are in accordance with the law, you see the desired result.

When you fail with life, it’s only because your actions are out of order. Try to understand your actions and figure out the best way to act. The law of nature is nothing, but the happening of events in the sequence of an order. If you miss the sequence, you don’t get the desired result.

The laws of life never fails. Its the human who fails to understand the laws of life.

When Buddha attained the enlightenment and found perfection with life, it wasn’t that everything was perfect at that time, but he figured out the way for himself. The way exist through him. He has attained the state of mind, that looked at the same world with absolute perfection.

The external reality can never be perfect, but you can have the perfect state of mind, that can see through the perfection out of the imperfection. When a mature looks at an amateur, he not only see the immaturity but he also sees the maturity that the immature will acquire, after going through the process of life. It’s the state of mind, from where life is perfect with its imperfection and even with its imperfection moving towards its perfection.

With the matter, life can never attain its perfection, and thus the perfection can only be possible with the state of mind.

The life flows through us if you learn how to allow it to flow. The singer sings his songs, and actor emotes his inner expression. The painter paints the pictures, and the writer writes down his imagination to share with the world. No author, painter, singer or even a scientist like Albert Einstein can claim his creation. Every person is a part of the creation, and when the life energy flows through us, we become the medium for the expression.

Try to insist yourself to do things, with the feeling that you are the doer, and you will turn the most beautiful act, as a piece of shit. It’s only the sense of surrender, that allows the miracle to happen through people.

In spirituality, it’s believed that, when life’s energy moves upward, the person’s intelligence grows and he performs extraordinary acts.

Life energy continuously flows through the body. You have to decide, how to make the best use of it. You can use the same energy for some creative work or emote your inner expression to the craft, or you can also waste the same energy on the outside  desires. You always have a free-will to do and make anything out of life.

The inner life energy remains the same, but its form changes as you make use of it. In the direction your thoughts and emotions flow most time of the day, you make those things as a part of your life.

Many times, people fail to understand life, because they only see the outside happening events of life but miss to get in touch the inner reality of life, that exist in all of us. With Life, there are many possibilities opens for every individual, if each one looks into himself and move out to create his own world. Each one carries his own universe within him if he chose to explore.

Most of the people on earth live the life of others. Everyone wants to be like someone else but nobody has interested himself. You too carry all the special skills and talents, if you look within and try to discover them. Nobody has to be like others, as each one is special in his own right.

When you look at the special talent in others, you don’t appreciate them, but you appreciate that mysterious energy within that is waiting for you to explore.

The source of all the dreams and desire’s resides within us. The mysterious energy directs everyone to chase their dreams and fulfill the obligations towards life, so that on the path after all the life’s experience, the person can recognize the source within. It’s our own resistance that stops the natural flow of life.

Try to control your thoughts and emotions. It’s an impossible act. The mind and heart follow its natural process. Everything is part of the natural process, but when you think you are the doer, you disconnect yourself with the life force and call for the struggle with life.

The problems are our own thoughts about the people and situations, and no separate problem lies outside in the existence. The existence gives us, what we ask for or what we offer to him, in the form of energy and vibrations.

If you work on correcting yourself, with every action, you come across the perfect state of mind, and from that space, you only see the perfection, in the existence.

The life’s energy is directed in four parts. When you direct your energy in any of the direction, you attract the similar energy into your life.

The first part is the world of pleasures, and the second is the world of actions. When you rise higher, you come across the world of emotions. The last part of the world is the world of the mind. You can choose the direction of your energy.

When all your energy is directed in manifesting the physical world, you disconnect with the source of it, i.e. the inner world. The life is effortless with its source. The source of life lies in us.


  1. आप बिलकुल सहि हो भगवान यां कुदरत अपने आपको व्यक्त करनेके लिए नजाने अपने कितने रुप धारण करेंगी यह कोइ नाहि बता शक्ता है न कोइ सोच शक्ता है, क्युंकी हर​एक जन उस परमात्माको व्यक्त करने वालेका हिस्साभर है। हम सब से पहले एक पूरी चेतना, एक गैर खंडित चेतना है।We first of all have a whole consciousness, a non-fragmented consciousness; this whole consciousness is of timelessness, this source of consciousness also has no barriers or limitations at this stage. This is due to it’s stillness, it has no movement or interaction or a push and pull effect, in this state of wholeness it just is. 

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